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Anonymous 44092

why would someone actively encourage me to get into tinder and dating? is it cause they see me as a socially left behind autist?

Anonymous 44093

Anonymous 44094

im aware of this. im believing they think hookups would be good for me and a part of normal life. i hate it so much. how do i explain to them how pathetic this culture is?

Anonymous 44095

You don't. Just find new friends. There's no point in arguing with normals.

Anonymous 44096

you're hanging out with trash

Anonymous 44097

Install meetup or something else like getting into some martial arts class or ballroom dancing classes or get a job to meet awesome people. You don't start dating out of the blue with a horny stranger from Tindshit fuck that garbage.

Anonymous 44098

Getting a part-time job is surprisingly a good way of meeting people and getting to know them fast.

Anonymous 44107

>is it cause they see me as a socially left behind autist?

Since it comes from a social source, their analysis is accurate. Being that those you actually socialize with most readily see your social skills. Your OP image tells me you don't like being this way, so I recommend either learning how to be okay with being socially inept, or learning how to be socially competent, as opposed to the quagmire in between.

Anonymous 44109

Was it a moid? Maybe it's their only option that works for them and they manthought they were being helpful.

Anonymous 44125

it was

Anonymous 44178

Moids when presented with a problem try to solve it in the most straightforward, brainless way, without thinking of context, feasibility or very real and immediate negative consequences.

If you presented to him something like the problem "I feel lonely", then his primitive brain computed "then you should date", and then he computed "people go to Tinder to date, lots of guys there."

There was no actual thought involved.

Anonymous 44351


flashbacks to all of the moids that told me to "masturbate more" when I told them I was depressed.

Anonymous 44352

OP didn’t say they were looking to meet people. They’re annoyed that people are telling them to, which you obliviously just did again like a true normie.

Anonymous 45315

If you apply context to that exchange and they're willing enough to continue process of elimination style, the back and forth that results may improve. I think, if you actually seek advice, it's important to recognize that everybody's on a different page and operate on the premise that your perspective is fundamentally alien to them.

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