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Chads are the worst Anonymous 44252

They have all the regular terrible qualities of men (aggressive, promiscuous, violent, narcissistic), but in addition to that, they will also look down on you because they believe being good looking means they are the pinnacle of human life (ironically, their fading looks are all they have to offer the world, never having had to work for anything.) Ugly women merely existing offends them, i.e.
>That landwhale just smiled at me! She should be put in her place for thinking she’s worthy of my attention!
They were born with opportunities most people will never get laid out at their feet and they use it to be giant assholes. Even the ones who use their image to spread good (their subjective ideals) are just acting out a self-righteous masturbatory fantasy. The best thing a chad can do is look pretty and shut up.

Anonymous 44253

Yes. They are slightly better than incels to be fair but that's not saying much. The narcissistic sociopath gene must die these kind of people don't deserve your effort as a woman.

Anonymous 44262

Self-centeredness is a male trait. Even the ugliest man thinks he is the pinnacle of human life. I would say that the Chads are the best: less creepy and more handsome than the average male.

Anonymous 44277


Tell us your story. You got cheated on or knew a girl that got sociopath'd by a Chad type?

Anonymous 44278

That sounds like accepting defeat moids will never change if you don't teach them that it takes two to tango in a relationship. The most Self-centered people need to die. If moids don't want to change don't give them the chance to reproduce it is that easy, I'm judge and jury of this and there is nothing they can do. What you need to look for is the traits that make a good father being a narcissistic sociopath that cheats on you and has two families or more isn't one.

Anonymous 44320

Chads aren’t any less creepy. You only perceive them that way because of how they look. And while some ugly men still believe themselves to be all-important, they are more likely to have low self-esteem than the chad. This is why chads are the worst, they are just as trash as other men and still think they are worth something.

Anonymous 44324

>Chads aren’t any less creepy. You only perceive them that way because __________
you are a moid*

Fixed it's what you should have responded to that poster. I can smell moids from a mile away I'm getting good at spotting them any post with incel jargon and insecurity always assume that might be an insecure /r9k/ moid.

Anonymous 44334

I only have to make two clicks to realize that the incels are the most creepy men. Ugly on the outside as well as on the inside.

Anonymous 44335

You think incels are the only ones with those thoughts about women? Chads think that way too. You’re just seeking out content from incels and experiencing confirmation bias.

Anonymous 44340

Chads don't blame women for all their problem at the very least

Anonymous 44341

No they just rape them and beat them up instead.

Anonymous 44343

Anonymous 44346

I agree with you. Incels are overhyped as a threat.
99% of moids who hurt women are not incels.
Leaking nudes online, domestic violence, roofies and date rapes, … not the work of incels.

This is like rape statistics.
The popular image is that you are walking a dark side street, a stranger drags you into an alley and rapes you.
The real rape statistics show that it is much more likely to be a close friend, family member or coworker/supervisor/boss.

Anonymous 44349

The work of incels are the bigger crimes like school shootings or some killing spree that happen when they get fanatized too much with the "beta upraising" trash ideology and its mostly because America is retarded and doesn't ask for college ID when selling a gun to a young adult (thats all they need to do to prevent that shit just see if the man is still enrolled in college) but all the smaller crimes that happen to women daily are from regular moids or sociopath dudebros. Don't get me wrong getting killed is the worst thing it can happen but getting raped, cheat on, robbed, assaulted, punched, etc sucks too. Most moids are evil two-faced pieces of shit that commit 99.9% of the crime despite being only 49.1% of the population.

Anonymous 44360

He is very ugly. And that happens when women trust men: they end up stabbing you.

Anonymous 44431


what´s wrong with those jobs? or low iq jobs for that matter?

Anonymous 44434

They dont pay that much, I guess. But thats probably not what whoever made that image meant, it was just a way of calling that character stupid.

Anonymous 45925


Here is how Chads end up 99.9% of the time. I don't get why stupid incels envy this kind of man… Oh wait its because incels are even more retarded and are just the opposite face of the same porn addicted cumbrain misogynist coin as pic related
They will never learn, all cumbrains should kill themselves.

Anonymous 45930


Anonymous 45943

It probably depends on the military unit, but I knew men from special forces and they definitely weren't low IQ. You can't be low IQ in this job kek (I'm not a militaryfag, just saying).

Anonymous 45947

It's a common misconception about the military, I think. Most people don't realize things like engineers and… Hell, what would you call them? General repair persons? And also medics/doctors are apart of every branch. You could be a Marine and something seemingly benign as a water purification specialist. Or you might work on actual tanks. Or fly a helicopter. It's all over the place.

Anonymous 45969

You can be high IQ while having a low IQ job

Anonymous 45975

>Hell, what would you call them? General repair persons?
Anon, I think the big word you are looking for is simply "mechanics".

Anonymous 46004

where the fuck are the good men?you keep saying they don't exist but i don't want to believe,that'd be too bleak,im not a lesbian and i don't want to die alone,i want the embrace of someone that won't end up harming me or betraying me,why is that so difficult,what am i supposed to do?

Anonymous 46005


Racoons follow the guide on how to get them.

Anonymous 46011

Link to the guide?

Anonymous 46012

tfw raccoon-widowed :(

Anonymous 46016

Anonymous 46028

Stop spamming your disgusting fetishes, you fucking moid.

Anonymous 46033

Pretty sure it’s a chick.

Anonymous 46038

Get out of my thread you degenerate.

Anonymous 46042

I have dated Chads and I gotta say the ones I knew weren’t any worse than regular dudes. The only reason they were better is because they were good looking though.

Anonymous 46154

>low IQ jobs don't pay that much

I live in Australia and tradies and doctors live side-by-side. True low-IQ work is packaging shit, retail, or kitchenhand stuff. I worked in a kitchen during high school, and not only is the work dull and horrible, but the people are morons who can't into abstract concepts (e.g. the idea that if all 12 of them banded together against the manager trying to make us work unpaid overtime, then they wouldn't get sacked because you can't replace 12 employees overnight). Low-IQ jobs suck because they don't challenge your brain (early onset dementia) and the people in them are morons who can get easily exploited (come home feeling like shit and need to take it out on someone for some reason).

How much you get paid doesn't really determine how good the job is. Nurses get paid relatively poorly here, and I think it's a better profession than being a lawyer, for example. What makes a job good is whether the person doing it enjoys their work. Most tradies don't enjoy their work that much because they blow all their money on slot machines, cigarettes, and alcohol. Fuck being married to that lol, sorry to anyone who is.

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