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Anonymous 44438

Why is life so unfair? I literally cant wear the types of clothes that i want just because im not the type to wear them and would look straight up weird in addition to unattractive. I dont wanna live if my chances for achieving the social status im wishing for are limited. I cant help but feel like some people are fundamentally defects. Why has nature come to create beings unable to achieve what they strive for?

Anonymous 44441

Nature's got nothing to do with it.
You are brainwashed by whatever media you consume into wanting something totally outside of your sphere of existence.
I suggest you stop consuming so much media about strangers on the internet and to instead start focusing on your real life. That way your ambitions will realign with your actual existence.

Anonymous 44450

So basically my ambitions will only align with my existence if i am to forget everything i know and start viewing life in a narrow-minded manner. And natures always got everything to do with human behavior.

Anonymous 44452

Don't worry about it just have the weight/frame for it and just wear it.

Anonymous 44454

Fr, what kind of life is that

Anonymous 44455

the other day i saw a literal landwhale walking around in high waisted short shorts and a belly shirt. trust me, you're not gonna be the ugliest one in the room in 2020. the freakshow left the circus a long time ago.

Anonymous 44461

Because nature doesnt have a will. Things just are. Things just happen. There is as much reason to why nature made you the way you are as there is to why nature gave some rock the shape it did. The only response to why questions outside of the stories we tell ourselves is "causality".

Anonymous 44501

Not OP, but that's what I actually find sad, the complete indifference kek.
But it could also be comforting, depending on how you see it.

Anonymous 44509

Most of us aren't born as aesthetically gifted Stacies, but it's still possible to get something out of this life.

Anonymous 44531

Nothing stops you from wearing whatever you like, only normfalfags care about what others think of them.

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