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Anonymous 44471

>catch myself only finding men with feminine or androgynous traits attractive
>keep pushing it off
>keep dating men and be miserable
>realize one day i need to face the fact that im attracted to women and that ill be happier when i do
>nah thats for future me to worry about

how the fuck do I get over all my internalized misogyny. majority of my friends are male or trans women because of my interests. Didn't have many female figures in my life. I browsed image boards for too long and absorbed too much incel culture. how do you make woman friends? how do you allow yourself to be able to be emotionally intimate with another woman? I just want to be happy dammit.

Anonymous 44472

Since you acknowledge you are mentally fucked why do you take your "attraction" as something that isn't also fucked.
Work on fixing yourself first and then figure out later whether you're truly lesbian.

I suggest getting off the internet for a start.

Anonymous 44476


Incels are wrong.
Trannies are wrong.
You are right.
Also it's ok to be bisexual, if you are then welcome to the club and femme men are really attractive so just enjoy yourself and embrace everything that you are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Anyone that disagrees belongs to one of those sperg camps you just mentioned.

Anonymous 44528

What made you miserable with them?

Anonymous 44597

lesbian master doc, anon?

Anonymous 44648

>I'm attracted to feminine and androgynous men
>does that mean I'm into girls?
It means you're into men who are feminine or androgynous.

Anonymous 44649

Anonymous 44657

Exactly, i'm into twinky looking men, doesn't mean i like pussy. That thought process is kinda oldschool, op.

Anonymous 44892


OP please listen to >>44472 and fathom that not everyone is a lesbian and you just like feminine men.
If you were truly lesbian, you would have masturbated furiously to your own body (like how male homos "joked" about losing their virginity by having sex with an exact clone of themselves) and you would have been into tomboys and "reverse traps" like Kino a long, long time ago; even before you discovered hentai.

Christ, why have we, as an entire civilization, have not developed some kind of psychological test to determine if someone is truly a homosexual/bisexual so as to not make people force themselves into a homo/heterosexual relationship with someone.

Anonymous 45130

On the Internet, yeah. Take your face away from the screen and search outside.

Anonymous 45152

me on the right.jp…

Move to a more conservative state or settle down with an androgynous bisexual.
I understand what you're saying, though. The most beautiful are beginning to have less and less children while the uglier ones tend to have more children, for some stupid reason.

Anonymous 45163

>If you were truly lesbian, you would have masturbated furiously to your own body
Where the fuck did you get your idea of lesbians from? Jfc. Please, we're not degenerate moids, don't project their shit on us

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