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Anonymous 44507

I'm 26 now and someone very important to me who's been there for me for the past decade is now gone
I feel lost

Anonymous 44514

I want to say something comforting but I don't know how. I experienced the same situation. Hang in there.

Anonymous 44561

you should play silent hill 2

Anonymous 44564

That is too spooky.

You should play a game where you can just zone out and not care about the world until covid is over. Like for example modded Skyrim or Fallout. Or a longish J-RPG any of the Final Fantasies does.

Anonymous 44575

RIP Donald Trump

Anonymous 44589

I've nothing to add except same, OP. So sorry to hear. I feel fucked up and contemplating suicide just to make everything stop. Just so I don't have to think of it all anymore. I miss her so much after all this time, how am I supposed to live several more decades like this? I'll manage, somehow. You will too.

Anonymous 44602


thanks man
good advice i'm going back to play FFXV

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