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Anonymous 44662

How do I cope knowing most men are incapable of love without sex?

Anonymous 44671

Why do you have a problem with it? Are you asexual?

Anonymous 44673

Would you want a romantic relationship whithout sex? I mean it's a pretty defining thing in how a relationship is labeled. The difference between friend and friend with benefits or a marker for how far you are in a romantic relationship. If someone told me he loves me but wouldn't want sex with me, without explanation, I would assume that there is something wrong.

Anonymous 44675

You can't separate romantic love and sex, they're two ingredients of the same recipe.

Anonymous 44676

Is your problem with sex? Or is it that men don't wait to get to know you before wanting sex? Some even expecting it right away.

Anonymous 44679

leave moid

Anonymous 44680

You mean the importance that they place on it? eg. will leave if it stops happening due to sickness, partner gets "unattractive," etc.
If so, I have no advice. If you're bisexual in any way, date women.

Anonymous 44699

It’s time to give up on men, and learn to love yourself and God.

Anonymous 44707

Source of this pic? I think it looks neat.

Anonymous 44713


Anonymous 44714

I'd like to know too. I don't want to have sex with a man but I want to be in love. Sex disgusts me and it seems that all relationships require sex and if that's the case then I'd rather die.

Anonymous 44716

Men have needs, that’s just the simple fact of the matter. They think love is shown through sex, so if you don’t have sex with them you don’t love them. There is no way to convince them that this is not the case. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Anonymous 44720

Romantic love can exist without sex.

Anonymous 44722


I really don’t get how you could differentiate between your best friends and your lovers without sex. Maybe if you were planning on adopting some kids??

Anonymous 44723

The feelings of love and friendship are way different. Plus, there are other forms of intimacy besides sex. There’s kissing, cuddling, carressing, spooning, etc. I don’t tell my friends that I’m in love with them either. There are plenty of older couples who no longer have sex or have significantly reduced the amount they have, and that doesn’t mean they stopped loving each other. The loving, trusting, and devoted bond is still there.

Anonymous 44725

It's less common today but I think there are "passionate friendships" had by people where they do engage in a lot more intimacy between same sex friends, without them necessarily having same sex sexual desire or still desiring sex from the opposite sex. It seems more cultural or individual how people define these things.

Anonymous 44751

This. I had a bf who thought I didn't want to have sex with him because I was disgusted by him.

Anonymous 44793

Guess, I'll start dating girls then. Men are a lost cause.

Anonymous 44794

Just stay single and have friends, its ultimately the better choice.

Anonymous 44799

stupid tranny image OP

Anonymous 44800

Yeah maybe I should start there. I don't have any friends that I go out with or talk about interests with so maybe making some would help me feel less useless.

Anonymous 44807

I have a crush on a guy in my yoga class, but I also have never had sex. I just want to hug him for the next thirty years, is that too much to ask for? I just want an asexual romatnic bf? Is that too much to ask for?

Anonymous 44808

>can't be moody or dissociative without troons coming up

Anonymous 44820

Loving or accepting yourself is anti-christian

Anonymous 44822

Depersonalization syndrome is completely separate from being a tranny and is a well-documented phenomena.

Anonymous 44890


Become a nun and devote yourself to Catholic mysticism?
Or perhaps date someone who no longer has a dick, but is also not a tranny?

Just FYI, don't listen to the lesbo groomers if you do not have an honest attraction to women; they keep posting the same shit everywhere and remind of how tranners convince tomboys and fujoshi online into "transitioning."
It surely looks like one IMO.
You could always be right…

Anonymous 45200


if you figure it out, let me know

Anonymous 45217

The desire for sex is just natural. If you absolutely have no desire for it, you need to talk about it with your partner and compromise.

Anonymous 45220

By opting for open relationships. If sex doesn't matter if it's him doing it with you why does it matter if it's him doing it with someone else?

Anonymous 45250

so fucking redpilled

Anonymous 45251

Do you not want sex?

Anonymous 45276


No it isn't you illiterate dummies.
But the idea is surely anti-Jewish, and most likely anti-Islamic, as this idea of loving oneself is exclusively Christian.
This idea also implies that your ego shouldn't be super high, and you must still be humble about such self-love and self-acceptance and never forget that God made you perfect and related Christian ideas.

Anonymous 45278


Oh and FYI I'm not that Anon, and I know all of this because I am a religious studies major.

Anonymous 45328

death cultist pls go

Anonymous 45416

1453762065110 (2).…

If we go how will we be able to set you up with a gentle & dutiful church-going man of God? We've got all types of good boys…

Anonymous 45469

Sex is part of romance, and it's how a lot of men feel close to women. Sex is more than just fucking it's being naked and vulnerable with someone. It matters to a lot of people, even more so to men. Men love each other without sex, and their mothers, so it's not impossible but probably unreasonable to demand from them.

Anonymous 45487

Except men don't feel vulnerable during sex like women do, also men are incapable of loving women like women love men (in most cases). They see women as property.

Anonymous 45497

>and their mothers

Wanna bet?

Anonymous 45537

Well the majority of human history shows they do see women as property. Don't tell me I'm "no better than men", scrote. Women as a class never gave men the same treatment as men as a class gave women.

Anonymous 45541

men say the same thing about women.

Anonymous 45543

>You're no better than they are

Unless we seriously ramp up our rape and violent assault numbers, we are objectively better than they are.

Anonymous 45654

No better than men who claim to know what women think, not better than their rape statistics or ancestors you retards

Anonymous 45961

>They see women as property
Depends entirely on the cultural values the guy is brought up with. I'd wager that the average progressive moid in urban Scandinavia doesn't think this way.

Anonymous 45966

sure, social norms can affect some men to a certain degree. but that's their natural tendency.

Anonymous 45984

all the men I've ever dated taught be to always be available for sex if I wanna be treated nicely

Anonymous 45987

You could also make the case that women have a propensity toward submissiveness. Broadly speaking that may be true, but there will always be outliers for whom this doesn't apply.

Anonymous 46030

Same. Why are they like this? Is sex really a necessity for them?

Anonymous 46031

Despite making up only 49% of population, men are responsible for 98% of violent crime and 96% of homicide, as well as the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults. You are biologically a violent savage with little humanity. You don't belong in this civilized group.

Yes. Some moids even say that sex controls everything they do and decides what they do.

Anonymous 46085

It's the instinct that ensures survival, it's as old as hunger. I'd be surprised if I ever find a man that can go a month in a relationship without sex, barring something long distance

Anonymous 46120

You're probably alive today because of that instinct driving them to beat the odds and make babies for thousands of years

I want to die everyday so I don't really appreciate that instinct that brought me into this world, but I understand the causality of it

Anonymous 46122


Saw this image yesterday and felt it deep.

Anonymous 48100

Posts like these really do reinforce the notion that this place is just the other side of the coin from r9k.

Anonymous 48101

This is the most cringe thing I have seen in my life

Anonymous 48115

>"Women are basically dogs, you can't treat them like people."
>"Those men don't think we're human."


Anonymous 48116

>"Women are basically dogs, you can't treat them like people."
I've seen posts just like that here though? And just like the post I was originally responding to, too.

Anonymous 48117

This is a flat out lie. My bf shies away from sex sometimes but he still does lots of other things for me that shows he loves me. He told me that his first time was forced out of him, that he felt pressured and emotionally manipulated into it, so to say they can't be vulnerable either is untruthful. Try telling a guy midway through sex that his dick stinks, that will show you how vulnerable they can get.

Saying that men are incapable of loving women like women love men just sounds like a primary school argument. Some men love women more,
some women love men more. There's been a lot of great art throughout antiquity of men loving women, which was enough to convince me that good men can exist. I know guys can be jerks, some see women as "property", some see us as whores or sluts for showing our ankles and wrists, but if you want to find love, you need to believe that some guys can be good, otherwise you'll reject every one that comes your way and you really will never find a good guy. I hope you find one eventually

Anonymous 48118

>if you want to find love, you need to believe that some guys can be good
And you need to be attractive, too.
At the end of the day, love is reserved for attractive people. Men love pretty women, women love handsome men. Some pay more attention to inner beauty but if you have neither, you will never experience love.

Anonymous 48133

>women love handsome men
no, scrotes are allowed to be fugly

Anonymous 48137

if you don't know what a scrote is you're either one yourself or you didn't lurk enough

Anonymous 48140

I think anon means she doesn't understand "men are allowed to be fugly", and is trying to say that fugly men don't have success either.

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