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Anonymous 44728

Have any of you girls ever have success with getting a cute bf by becoming an arthoe? I feel like my current fashion style is too generic to stand out. So I might try it or maybe the goth look idk

Anonymous 44730

anon please don't change yourself just to become someone's uwu arthoe/goth gf

Anonymous 44731

I dress like I make art (have been told this too, AND I actually make art to back it up) but haven't had luck with men or women.

Above all else I believe social skills are most important in dating.

Anonymous 44737


If you care about nothing else but attracting a male, ANY male, the basic bitch/thot aesthetic is the way to go and most universal. All men like it more or less, even the ones that say they don't, they are only coping.

Anonymous 44743

good luck with that, OP. If you can get a bf out of this plan, he'd find out soon enough that you're faking it anyway. I suggest to dress however makes you feel confident and comfortable about yourself. A not-so-bad moid would like you for the amazingness of a person you are, regardless of your fashion sense.

t. fashion enthusiast

Anonymous 44753

I think I'm okay in the social skills department but all my friends are prettier than or stand ouut more so whenever we go out boys flock to them. I just feel like I might stand a better chance if I "peacock'd" and at least had a different fashion sense. The basic bitch look does not appeal to me at all so its goth or arthoe for me. I hope it'll make me more confident.
Maybe I'm just being dumb or something idk.

Anonymous 44756

consider ripping off jojo characters.

Anonymous 44767

Unironically this.
Grow your hair out, wear tight, feminine clothes. Do instagram make up and shave your whole body. You'll attract 99% of men! Long hair is especially important, i got 0 attention from men when i had short hair.

Anonymous 44818

I don't want to attract those kinds of men :c

Anonymous 44831

Art hoe is a bit overrated and not as liked by men as you think, but not necessarily a bad choice. Many like the goth look, though some men consider them to be sluts and often mistake them for depressed self-harming emos. What I suggest is getting a nice haircut that compliments your face (men notice that) and creating your own unique style that is not too generic not too bland and not too peacocky. There’s always that golden middle.
Oh and never wear chokers.

Anonymous 44833


The goth gf look is basically an edgy version of the basic bitch aesthetic.

Anonymous 44840

are you going to be her bf?

Anonymous 44852

Rip off the male characters instead then.
Fishnets underneath a sweater, with purple pants that cost no less than half your annual income.
A white dress jacket with a purple blouse.
A loincloth.
the possibilities are endless.

Anonymous 44868

If you actually want to be fashionable, I suggest you rip from a recent character than a classic one, so sweater onesie with a dickie under the neck, wear with Disney Flounder hat. Make sure you have a big butt to pull this off.

Anonymous 44889


>goth/arthoe look
The most relevant style today is either the e-girl look or what >>44737 said.
>cute bf
You probably won't get a cute gf by taking one of these two looks.
But like one Stacy that is around CC said, "just talk to them" and, adding this myself, make sure to look good too if you're going to attempt to do that.
NTA, but I would if I were a cute biological male.

Anonymous 59216


Anonymous 59224

The numbers Mason, what do they mean?

Anonymous 59241

who let /fa/ shitpost in ?

If you dress like an arthoe you will probably attract fuckbois more than anything, because men see arthoes as kinky crazy bitches that are only good to be used.

Anonymous 59284

worst advice ever you will look like a clown. dont listen to this weeaboo freak

Anonymous 59422

that's not depressing or anything

Anonymous 59473

>kinky crazy bitches that are only good to be used

So Basically anything remotely feminine

Anonymous 59487

this thread makes me sad because it makes me realize it's going to be over a year before my hair is long enough to even be loosely feminine. i regret being androgynous. i just want to feel femme.

Anonymous 59546



Anonymous 59578

based biochan

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