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Neet thread? Anonymous 44922

Is anyone else a neet?
>How long has it been?
>How do you spend your days?

Honestly i'm so hopeless for the future and sad that i do nothing these days. I used to watch tv shows/animes/read mangas to cope when i was younger but they bore me now, same with video games, i never finish them. I despise social media so i don't have them, imageboards are fine sometimes but i feel like the toxicity is getting to me. I just stare at the ceiling and listen to music these days.

Anonymous 44928

Just wait for covid to be over. Keep your hopes up. There is always hope.

Anonymous 44934

I used to go on the computer and watch shows literally all day but I had to cut down because I got repetitive strain injury on my wrist from the computer and sciatica (nerve pain in legs) from the sedentary lifestyle. NEETs should try to do a variety of activities away from the computer because the effects of sedentary lifestyle are no joke. Also, don't give up anon, the coronavirus is making the pain of being NEET 10x worse right now.

Anonymous 44954


>tfw years of internet has destroyed your attention span and reading anything longer than a forum post has become impossible

Anonymous 45031

>almost 5 years
i need friends

Anonymous 45153

>2 and a half years
>Playing video games, watching mindless youtube, and browsing mindless imageboards
I want to die every day.

Why would covid affect neets? It hasn't affected me at all, literally done nothing but give me some free dosh. I live in the midwest and no one has bothered me about a mask the few times i've gone to the grocery store despite the signs saying it's required.

Anonymous 45154

The anxiety I feel every time I even think about doing something, anything is eating me alive. There is no escape, and there is certainly no hope.

Anonymous 45218

You can't have anime/shows/manga be the main "meat" of you life, it should complement your life like how salt adds flavor to your food.
Seems like you are missing a hobby or two in which you are engaged in, consuming media is kind of passive. We get bored/irritated if we don't balance out the passive/active actions in our life (my pet theory, disregard if it sounds like bs)
Active actions can include: socializing (zoom meetings count), exercising(light walks around the neighborhood is fine), learning something new etc etc.
I also league once in two days, even that shit game, is enjoyable if done sparingly.
And it doesn't have to be a grand ceremony or anything just different enough to knock you off of the rutt you are currently in. You can do it anon.

Anonymous 64990

Same feeling.

I have ADHD I'm certain the internet has played a part in that.

Anonymous 65084

I used to be just like this and even went to a psychward once which i feel kinda pathetic for. Im still a friendless neet but atleast i exercise and and have regained my interest in tv shows, video games and youtube i guess. I like to pretend im achieving something by participating in anything and aquiring new skills and knowledge. I know there is no actual end goal but as long as i stay in the zone and keep my brain active like that im capable of having fun

Anonymous 65088

I'm a NEET again since this year, currently trying to stop getting distracted every single fucking day with imageboards and start studying art to stop feeling terrible about my skill so I can make a living out of doing commissions
Wish me luck
Same (except for the psych ward, I went to therapy, have done it at different points in my life, I get better but after a year or two everything goes to shit again and then I go back to therapy)
There is little to no future out there for young people like us in a world like this so why stress about not being a "useful member of society"
This is about survival

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