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Anonymous 44958

I have drank two fairly big glasses of wine and that has caused me to become too afraid of dying in my sleep to go to sleep. Why am i like this?

Anonymous 44963


I used to make hot wine with spices and drink a fair amount of a bottle so I could fall sleep quickly with a warm feeling. I'm missing it right now. Shit, I love winter.

Anon you'll be fine.

Anonymous 44976


>two fairly big glasses of wine
>too afraid of dying in my sleep to go to sleep
You're still able to type without any grammar errors, so you will be fine.
You only die in your sleep if you pass out very hard; i.e., drinking over "two fairly big glasses" and with high ABV spirits like bourbon instead of wine.
Unless, of course, you take certain meds and you are a huge retard who had the audacity to drink alcohol despite knowing the dangers of doing so. Or you're simply underage and you shouldn't be posting here.

Anonymous 44995

Have some more wine and you’ll fall asleep anyway.

Anonymous 45115

Or short enough that you could be mistaken for underage.

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