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Advice for someone looking into dating other girls Anonymous 45170

I've gone on a date recently with another girl, she's adorable and we have a good amount in common and I can see myself dating her. But I have no idea what the protocol or how exactly courting a girl would work, I'm also really worried that we'll eventually reach some hurdle that a girl/girl couple would struggle to get over. I'm also really worried that when you're dating a woman and you're walking home at night you won't be as safe with another woman than you would be a man, I like this girl but I really am worried of the difficulties that may arise from it.

Anonymous 45336

I don't have That much experience with it, I only had a girlfriend for about a month so take this with a grain of salt

I've found that dating a girl,it's more like dating a friend where you occasional do more coupley activities with.
While dating guys it feels more sexual and focused on the relationship.
Really I've found that all relationships have a hurdle to get over regardless of the sex makeup.

So weirdly enough the best advice is probably date her like how you would date a guy and combo it a bit with how you would hang out with your friends?

Also If you're worried about being safe at night without a man, I would highly suggest moving somewhere safer

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