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Being bullied in childhood/puberty Anonymous 45223

>oh no, anon's here
>what did she said?
>stop following us
>what do you want from us?
>we're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you
>I'm not joking, I wish to offend you
>you're not one of us
I wished to die or kill them all each time I heard it. Have you anons been bullied too?

Anonymous 45230

I went to an all girls boarding school. Bullying started ruthless with things like stealing my clothes, spreading rumours and constant mocking, but then evolved to physical abuse. Stabbing with compass points, burning my arms and following me in a group so no one can see them when they cut me.

I was on the verge of suicide until my cousin taught me how to hurt them back and get away with it.

Anonymous 45232

OP here. I was in girls boarding school too, the worst they did to me was setting fire to my hair and pushing down the stairs. How did you fight back? I didn't, there were too many of them.

Anonymous 45233

Taught me how to fight against groups and target them anonymously. I made them miserable by sabotaging their most cherished belongings, having my cousin melt down one of their beloved charm bracelet into blobs. I learned how to steal passwords and used it to access their phones and laptops to post their private pictures/emails/messages to the school network. The most effective was staining and slashing their clothes, forcing the school to lock them up in cabinets they could only access during class hours, meaning they could never sneak out on the weekend. It got to the point where one left after she begged her parents to let her come home.

The best thing I ever did was save up peppers from lunch and bake out the capsaicin to grind it into a fine powder and store in tiny pouches of clingwrap. The next time they tried to crowd around me so they could drag me off somewhere to torture, I just cupped one in my hand, slapped one of them in the face and ran. I got a few particles which hurt, but they were screaming and crying before being rushed to the medical campus. After that I visited one who was under observation and threatened to grind it into her eyes and blind her permanently.

After all that, it was just 2 that kept bullying me, but by that point I'd been training with my cousin during visiting hours for weeks, so I knew how to fight dirty. I was so upset I kind of went a little overboard the next time they poked me with a compass. I grabbed her hand, got a hold of her finger, yanked her hair back to drag her down and started bending her middle finger backwards as I spat in her face repeatedly and forced her into the dirt. Once she was down I must have slapped her 20 times as hard as I could, because her cheek split open and I left her a blubbering, bloody mess in the fetal position.

Anonymous 45234

being femsperg was a death sentence in middle school. mostly brought upon myself by oversharing and naïtivity

>boys in the hallway joking "hey, my friend says he wants to date you!"

>making painfully awkward jokes/family guy quotes that nobody laughed at

>girls being friendly to entice me to overshare with the intention to gain ammunition to tease me about

Anonymous 45235

Yeah, I had similar things happen to me. The saddest part is that I was emotionally abused at home as well so I just took kids treating me like this as "normal". I didn't like it but didn't occur to me that I was being bullied. Like it's hard to know that you're not happy when you haven't really experienced being happy. Pretty much everyone in my life growing up was hot/cold, scapegoating, or only being nice to me when they wanted something (in the case of school, it was to copy my work). I guess I thought bullying more as physically being hit or being called names everyday or something. It's only really been about 10 years after graduating that I was able to put my finger on what was wrong about everything or why I didn't feel bad that I never saw anyone I used to hang out with again after the last day of school.

Anonymous 45240

That's impressive, I hope you didn't have any police problems because of this
I was abused at home too, but not so heavy. My older sister always treated me like shit, pushover and took her frustration out on me, but my mum was good for me, even tough she favored my sister

Anonymous 45241

>we're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you
holy shit some stacy said this exact line to me
i hope she got the plague. bitch made my life hell for no reason

Anonymous 45242

Yeah, this kind of lines is not easy to forget

Anonymous 45243

>girls being friendly to entice me to overshare with the intention to gain ammunition to tease me about

A girl did that to me at a party in my last year. She told everyone something embarrassing I said in passing. It was weird when I said it, her eyes literally widened in excitement like she couldn't wait to tell everyone. We had been friends and I knew she used to talk about me behind my back and make fun of me or even ditch me for someone better to my face. I guess I had always felt sorry for her as she wasn't well liked and also her dad used to dump her at my house as he didn't want to look after her.

On one of the last days of school (which also happened to be her birthday) I confronted her in front of all her friends. I asked what was wrong with her and told that I had always tried to be nice to her but she had always thrown it back in my face. I didn't bring up about her own dad hating her but I wish I had. She threw down what she was eating and stormed off. Never saw her again after that apart from one time in a shop where she and her mother pretended not to see me.

It feels nice that confronted her in person and let her know she wasn't as smart as she thought she had always been and that she was my pity friend when she thought she was better than me.

Anonymous 45252

Sorry that happened to you but also
>having a pity friend
Do you realize you're the same as the people talked about ITT?

Anonymous 45258

>having a pity friend
Do you realize you're the same as the people talked about ITT?

I see the point you’re trying to make but this girl basically used me and thought I didn’t know. If someone else came along she would dump me or run away from me then be all friendly later when it was time to walk home together. My very first day of high school I found out that she had told people in my class about something that had happened to me when I was 6 (I’m still really curious how that played out as she wasn’t even in my class, how did the topic come up?). I meant “pity friend” as I didn’t let on to her that I knew she made faces at me behind my back when I spoke to her and never mentioned the thing about her dad. Most of the time in high school she flat out ignored me as she had other people to prey on, who I suspect were also just putting up with her. She was horrible but I let her do it as I felt sorry for her and I don’t think she realised that I knew what she was really like. Basically I let her low-key bully me and think I wanted to be her friend my entire time at school because I knew no one else liked her much. I never spoke to anyone about this apart from when I blew up at her, which I would never have done if she hadn’t told everyone about something embarrassing about me for the second time (that I know of, I could believe it happened more often).

Anonymous 45259

Why didn't you?

Anonymous 45262


Anonymous 45305

Well played anon, I hope you dream like a baby at night.

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