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changing what you are attracted to Anonymous 45302

I think the short guy fetish I've always had completely ruined my (already very slim) chances at losing my virginity. I live in a country where average male is 6'1. The rare short guys I've met were visibly disgusted by me and reacted negatively when I approached them/asked them out.
Is there any way to get rid of your fetishes/standards? The only thing I can get off to is art or hentai w short men. I've tried masturbating to stuff with taller men but it's like fapping to the thought of a chair. Completely unappealing. I can read romances featuring taller guys (like Kamisama Kiss), but they never get me feeling really excited, I never get the "God I wish that were me" feeling while reading them. Honestly, lots of tall guys I've met irl were super cool, and I'd be all over them if they were short. I'm rlly angry at myself for being so shallow. I know some manlet chasers miners here struggled w the same problem, how did you manage to resolve it? I'm so tired of being constantly rejected by men. Let's help each other out.

Anonymous 45303

there plenty of men with a giantess fetish, you're just looking in the wrong place.

Anonymous 45304


I'm not tall enough for those men (5'8). Plus I'm not really into femdom, I just like vanilla and maledom.

Anonymous 45309

Men with giantess fetishes have a minimum height of 5'11.5" and a standard height of 6'2".
If OP wanted a taller-than-average bf then that could have been a solid recommendation.

Anonymous 45342

>Is there any way to get rid of your fetishes/standards?
No you can't.
But you surely can widen them regarding the former, and lowering them a little for the latter; just don't get them too degenerate and too low like eventually becoming an actual pedo and dating a serial kiler, respectively.

Anonymous 45398

>tfw no fun-sized bf

Anonymous 45683

Threads like this really support my theory that the vast majority of posters on this site are just male incels LARPing as their ideal woman.

Anonymous 45684


For real. No woman ever talks this shit. Those are just dudes, it's clear

Anonymous 45704

seriously, what is with the "i won't be able to lose my virginity!!!" posting on here? like, women are definitely far more disadvantaged and genuinely marginalized, but if you consider the ability to lose your virginity an "advantage" (that does virtually nothing for us, so, not an advantage at all), we do have that virtually regardless of how we look. if these posters are not men, are they just fishing for compliments or what?

Anonymous 45707

The only way you will get a shorter moid to accept is by dating younger (but legal) and if they have a dommy mommy fetish so go look them up.

Since you are so tall it must be that you are from Europe some of the Scandinavian northen countries or the Netherlands, you need to look for him on the internet definitely and it's really good to date younger moids since they grow up with you, you can form them however you want they will adapt to your taste. The only failed boyfriend, cheating uncommited older moids aren't even worth your time. You need your pet boy and guide his life path so he doesn't spoil himself like many moids do.

Anonymous 45760

Bigger woman size difference is super hard to attain in hetero relationships. Not to mention men just suck in general, so you're really out here searching for a cryptid if you want a manlet who is a) secure enough to date a taller woman and enjoy it and b) a quality partner.
Luckily I'm into women and live in a liberal country so have no heavy pressure to be bihet, but if I were stuck being straight I'd search for a LDR after failing to find luck irl. Maybe lurk in some communities where men vent about height and message the ones who seem to have interesting personalities otherwise. This almost worked for me but I chickened out when we were going to actually exchange discords though I'd do LDR for a woman which makes me wonder if men were ever even my preference…that's a me issue, tho

Gl, op. Rooting for you.

>women who have fetishes I don't have don't exist!!!!
Did you never interact with weirdo fujo girls growing up who had femboy/"uke" fetishes? I ran into a lot online and was one myself. It's not farfetched to see this preference as an extension of that.
And femcels exist, angsting about not being able to get a relationship because men have absurd standards (and suck). It's rarely about getting laid itself, but the context.
Are ugly and/or awkward women not women now?

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