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Anonymous 45360

anyone else miss being younger even if getting older has its perks? i miss my childhood the most even if it was bad, and i even get nostalgic on the last few years - i remember when id post here all the time asking for advice on my life, in the end it seemed to fall quite short. and my life is getting progressively more worse in multiple aspects - im getting more isolated and disconnected, both of my parents are tragically ill, ive been through a lot with drugs and i have a horrible eating disorder and not to mention i am terribly ugly. i miss the days when i had more hope, even if things seemed terrible back then too.

Anonymous 45361

i used to post here about people at school and my crushes, looking back at it they were all just making fun of me..

Anonymous 45364

yup, mine was too in all honestly but i still had sparks of denial in my dissociation from the world and when i had more imaginative leeway for my future. maybe im just not quite there yet though

Anonymous 45382


same, anon. my childhood and school years were great, everything went downhill after college. it's a little better now that i live alone and i'm more independent but life still sucks anyway.
i miss when my only worry was doing my homework and studying for exams. i never had any plans for adult life and i still don't despite already being an adult. i don't really give a shit about career or getting married and forming a family. i'm also isolated and disconnected from reality. i still have some friends but nowadays i barely talk to them, even less meet them. i feel detached from everything and constantly empty. i feel lonely but i don't have the energy to try to connect to people.

Anonymous 45383

I know that feel.

Anonymous 45386

Everything felt a lot more brighter when I was younger, I mean I still am young I'm only 20
But everything just felt so different when I was a child, almost like the world was happier.

I feel like I'm just old enough to remember a time before we hit this whole smartphone culture we have now, but even then it's really early memories that just feel like they're a haze

Anonymous 45412


I'm 31 years old with an ironically tough past. I thought I would be happier now but I'm sorely mistaken.

I always thought I would choose better but I'm in love with someone that is not good for me. Lel. A+

And the woman I spent the majority of my life absolutely hating made the 2017-2019 the best years of my life.

Honestly, life can go fuck itself.

Anonymous 45420


>this can't be good for me but I feel great!

Anonymous 45424


Yes, although I was bullied a lot as a kid/teen I still had some friends to have good times with. I barely have friends now and don't know how to find new ones and either way I don't know if I'd be able to connect with them. I had more interests and hobbies in a variety of subjects while today I have almost none. Life seemed brighter and I had more trust people. I didn't feel the hatred that so many people/groups have towards each other in today's society. There seemed to be more fun subcultures to participate in back then which I don't see much these days. Even the city around me is becoming some shitty gentrified place that feels alienating and it's too expensive for most normal people to live there. I also have eating/weight problems that are just becoming worse every year and it makes me want to die.

Anonymous 45437

I miss childhood but not my childhood.

I was forced to grow up quicker than I liked due to an early puberty and life circumstance but my life before that was frankly garbage as well. However, I’ve always been mentally “immature” despite my physical maturity. I relate to kids and young people more than other adults in my life circumstance and have always had immature interests compared to my peers as a teen/young adult.
In some ways I feel like I need to force myself to become mature for my future spouse and children but in other ways I think I’d make an amazing mom since I haven’t lost my childish side.

Anonymous 45442

I don't remember being a child at any point, so no I don't miss it.

Anonymous 45443


31 as well but I can't say I've had a traumatic pasted at all. I regret spending my 20's being a hermit and doing nothing with my life. At least I'll actually be starting a career within the next year so that's good I guess?

I've been thinking a lot about moving to a different state and starting fresh.

Anonymous 45542

Congrats for getting out of that hermit life. How did you manage to start a career after the hermit period? How did you explain it to your (future) employers?

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