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Anonymous 45462

i almost have no friends or people to talk to in my day-to-day life. The only person I talk to regularly is my boyfriend. I'm too intimidated by people I guess and even those I talk to probably find me annoying :/ I'm also extremely ugly so I guess that scares most people away .. w/e

Anonymous 45478

You're in good company. I'm lucky that I talk to people every day because it's part of my job, l think it's probably the only thing keeping me sane. Are you a neet?

Anonymous 45483

i was like that, then i lost my bf and there was no one left. please work on your self esteem. ugly people have normal lives. they have friends, bfs/gfs, jobs. i doubt you're even that ugly since you have a bf. please try to connect to other people. what about your family?

Anonymous 45484

I'm currently studying at a university. But the only time I speak to anyone at uni is when I'm doing TA..

Anonymous 45485

I'm definitely ugly I think my bf is just kinda delusional regarding my looks. my parents are my only family and I have a good relationship with them. I really want to connect with people but I have no idea where to go or who to talk to. I'm trying to work on my self-esteem - I started paying for a really nice therapist a couple of months ago and she has helped me so much I definitely feel that it's worth the money.. but my self-esteem is still so low

Anonymous 46782

Any updates, anon? I'm in an almost identical situation: my boyfriend is the only person I talk to, and I struggle with low self-esteem too.

Anonymous 46783

does your boyfriend have any friends?

Anonymous 46819

I literally have no other friends except my boyfriend, brother and my cat. I either spend all my awake time with my bf or me, him and my brother do stuff together as a trio.

This works for me and is fun till they both are asleep and I'm alone. That's when I feel so lonely and bored.

I used to have more acquaintances and entertainment in online games but the toxicity there brought my sensitive soul and brain to breakdown and I abandoned everything. I'm scared of other people because they have given me so much suffering and insecurity. I'm more or less a creep that doesn't belong to this world. I often feel like an outcast even among outcasts. I'm lucky to even have my bf and brother.

Anonymous 46839

> I do have lots of birds and toads in my garden that I feed everyday,
This is soo kawii
Oh and I totally agree with what your advice was.. if anything being ugly means you will make better friends when you make them.

Anonymous 46843

Yes, two of them, and we talk regularly, but something feels wrong about my only friends were made through my boyfriend. Also I feel like I need to find girl friends somehow.

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