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Pretending to be Normal Anonymous 45917

I appear to be a fairly normal person on the outside. I function in life just fine, I have a job, go to school. I look normal. I keep in touch with friends. Sometimes I have coffee with coworkers. Although I can get really bad anxiety at times that makes it hard to do things I eventually do them. I've traveled and worked abroad. I have funny stories to tell people that make me seem interesting. People tell me I don't talk much and am shy.

Despite all this I'm not actually very normal. I live with my parents in my late twenties. I've never dated a man. I don't actually have any deep friendships. I haven't gone out in over 3 years. I live in my head all the time where I've actually created entire fictitious worlds. I worry at times that I'll never manage to fully live like a normal person getting married, having kids, having responsibilities. I feel like I'm not really living.

Anonymous 45918

you're a perfectly normal introvert. you have a job and go to school, so your life doesn't sound completely devoid of purpose. im also a shutin and relate to a lot of what you said and tbh the best advice i can give is move out. im sure you know this having travelled but living and working on your own is the best way to get your life moving. is there a reason you can't or are you just demotivated?

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