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Anonymous 45935

Anyone feels sadness and feelings in general too much?
I feel sadness in my stomach so much it's so painful I don't know what to do…
I just started feeling feelings like a year or two and every month my feelings keep being more extreme.
I'm so tired of this pain in my stomach everyday.

Anonymous 45937

Are you a heavily anxious person? Because anxiety fucks up our stomach so bad. And after a really intense episode it comes The Big Sad and it really sucks.
I feel that too, anon. Not only stomach, my whole body doesn't want to get up of bed.

Anonymous 45939



Anxiety doesn't make me feel like that, only sadness.

Anonymous 45965

i feel you, anon. whenever im hitting rock bottom i start doubling over in pain and (tmi) seriously feeling like i need to shit. whenever i'm even slightly hurt or offended (like things normal people would be able to brush off, i used to as well) i get this horrible piercing feeling in my heart that kind of zaps down to by uterus area. i keep trying to find out what that could be but it's so weird and hard to describe.

Anonymous 45985



Anonymous 45986

yea sadness and anxiety are the only things i feel most of the time since age 14 and i've always had problems with my stomach

Anonymous 50976

Anon I'm still struggling did you find why and what is this

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