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Anonymous 46027

I am way, way too sensitive and emotional. How can I get over this? I know i’m being dramatic, I don’t lash out at people, but over time I just accumulate stings from things they did that hurt me without meaning to, and they never understand how bad it hurts. And because they don’t understand how bad it hurt, their apologies always seem half-baked to me.
What do I do?

Anonymous 46034

Especially since this is basically a misogynistic trope. Women constantly get told that we're taking something too seriously or that we're overreacting. Now that I think about it, this is THE misogynistic trope, being called "oversensitive" or whatever. Gaslighting is a type of manipulation related to this.

Anonymous 46039

I'd recommend breathing techniques, but if you're in public these fucking makes will make you hyperventilate. Nearly gave myself a panic attack trying to calm down.

Anonymous 46040


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