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Anonymous 46257

why did I break up with him? I just miss him every day now

Anonymous 46263

I don't know. Why did you break up with him?
Like for real what did you tell him and did it line up with what you felt?

Anonymous 46278

tfw no Link bf

Anonymous 46291

If he was a cheater its for the best, never go back to him

Anonymous 46300

raugh riot.png

That feeling really only takes time. But it'll ebb and flow until it's only a distant memory.

Anonymous 46305

I thought I could do better, I didn’t think he was mature enough and that he put his toys before me. Now he’s dating one of my friends and I feel awful.

Anonymous 46310

Men are worth less than the shit on your boot. Stop being mopey. Just install tinder and find a hotter guy.

Anonymous 46312

>Tinder to replace an ex
That's a one way ticket to trainwreck town

Anonymous 46313


Life's too short to not be a trainwreck for at least a year of it.

Anonymous 46348

Is he? It was 6 months after I dumped him and she stopped being my friend before that… I feel like they’re better off without me

Anonymous 46355

Yeah, Im sure youd avoid dating the person you like because theyre friends with your ex.

Imagine this thread was about a girl whos bf broke up with her because he thought he could do better and now op fell for a friend of his and dates hin. Would you tell her shes a bad person for dating him?

I hate how hypocritical some of you are. As for OP, don't listen to people who tell you to makerself feek better by putting others down, even if its only in your own mind. Thats how you end up a bitter loser with no friends. Accept what happend and distract yourself from the bad feelings with hobbies, friends, entertainment or dating. Nothing else you can do.

Anonymous 46358

your ex doesnt sound like a good person, maybe its for the best you separated.

Anonymous 46362

You don't come back from being a train wreck

Anonymous 46368

Or how about OP realises that her happiness isn't dependant on a moid she happends to date?

You'll get over this OP. Find a hobby. Appreciate what you already have. Listen to music. Take a walk. Workout. Life is good.

And don't touch that degenerate program Tinder. It's only for sluts and manwhores.

Anonymous 46372


I already have anon I’m sorry

I don’t know why I dumped him anymore, he was so excited to share his hobbies with me

Anonymous 46373

if he wanted to be with you more than your friend, he'll say so. at this point, if being with you made him happier, even if you broke up w him, he'd still try to get with you. and why would you want to be w someone that enjoys being w other people more? idk why you're crying over someone that prioritizes their toys over you, either. he sounds very replaceable so far, honestly


Anonymous 46376

He’s been the only boy who things worked well with T-T I just don’t know what I was thinking anymore

Can I even message him if I dumped him?

Anonymous 46377

why wouldn't you be able to? message him if you want. keep the line of communication open if you really feel like you miss him. how many guys have you dated or tried to date?

Anonymous 46378

Two. The first guy ghosted me.

He blocked me on most stuff and it’s been nearly a year since we last really spoke hahaha ha ha

Anonymous 46388

I'm sorry this post is just awful.
>if being with you made him happier, even if you broke up w him, he'd still try to get with you.
I know this site is designed for shitting on moids but they're not like aliens. They don't want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't like them back any more than you do.

Anonymous 46400

lmfao the people that fantasize about raping and possessing women through porn and popular media are sooo preoccupied over the thought of whether or not a girl actually likes him and not about whether they can have her regardless, sure. she broke up w him because he put his toys over her. that leaves an opportunity for him to change if he really wanted to mend things and keep her, assuming she made some mention of this problem at some point. he apparently hasn't and is content to date her friend so he doesn't have to put down the games. if i wanted to be with a guy and he made it clear my hobbies coming first always doesn't work for the relationship, i'd change. again, assuming she has told him at some point, if he wanted her, he'd offer to change and try to mend things. it's one thing if she said they can't be together because she isn't attracted to him and thinks he looks like gargamel, no, she just wanted him to put down the toys. if he takes that personally, he's a moron or just using it as an excuse to get with someone that's okay with his lifestyle, and/or he likes more.

there's a reason why men are obsessed with "the chase", and i've personally found this to be true as well. they frequently want what they can't have, so it's not that they're uwu so rejected and realize they're not wanted and respect that. of course not every guy is like this, but seeing as how he appears to be doing fine with her friend, it's likely not that he's feeling so wounded over being dumped because he's more into his games than anon. it's a pretty simple fix, should he have wanted to fix it.

Anonymous 46404

I never told him it was about the toys T~T

but I told the girl he's dating now I hope they aren't laughing at me behind my back

Anonymous 46530

Why do you think people should care about you after breaking up, especially if it wasn't something that person wanted and caused them pain?

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