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Anonymous 46292

How can I make my boyfriend appreciate his first time?
He says he doesn't care about firsts and stuff but I want to make him appreciate it?
What should I tell him to make him change his opinion?

Anonymous 46294

If he isnt a bitch about having a proper steamy time and aint insecure at all finish him off by fingering his butt to rub the g-spot while giving a succ. This is I kid you not the greatest amount of pleasure moids can feel. How? Because you are doing it to two sensitive spots at the same time it's science.

Anonymous 46296

Why does he have to appreciate? Virginity is a toxic concept. By all means make him comfortable but don;t force him to feel things he doesn't want to feel.

Anonymous 46303

Fujo-tier advice. Most straight men would freak out if their first sexual experience included being fondled up the ass, that's for later on and definitely not to be done without talking to him first. A tense bf is not a happy and relaxed bf. I swear some of you have let yaoi rot your brains.

You can't change his opinion. If he doesn't care about firsts, that's just how it is. He might be coping because he's afraid of not performing too well, or he doesn't want you to stress out, but unless he outright tells you that, you won't know. I'd try to get to the bottom of it. If he simply doesn't have the same values that you do, then that might be its own problem entirely. But I wouldn't worry too much about it, I think it's always a bigger deal for women emotionally - for men, the first time is more of a point of pride and achievement, whereas for us it's more tinged with vulnerability and commitment. I hope this doesn't mean he won't treat you well during and after, though. If he doesn't care, that's fine, but he should still make an effort to make you feel special.

Anonymous 47360

he lied to you and this is not his first time. By saying "first times are not that important" hes already grooming you into believing it isnt so bad you werent his first for when you will find out

Anonymous 47361

If he's a nice guy then he's probably saying this so that you won't feel nervous or pressured to perform well. He's probably feeling a bit nervous himself. Maybe not though, virginity is just a societal construct etc etc.

Make it special by connecting with him? Be gentle and romantic. Look into his eyes and stuff. Sorry if that's kinda gay lmao.

Also please don't put your fingers in his butt.

Anonymous 47363


>He says he doesn't care about firsts
He only said that so you wouldn't think that he thinks that you are a whore.

Anonymous 47368


Just fuck him anon-chan

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