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Parasocial Relationship General Anonymous 46314

Parasocial Relationship
>Is a one sided relationship where one person knows a great deal about the other, but the other person knows nothing about them.
This term is founded by Donald Horton and Richard Wohl in 1956

What are example of parasocial relationship ?
>Youtubers/Streamers and fan
>Celebrity Crush
>Stans Culture
>2d/ Fictional Character crush
>Vtuber and fan

Anons,What is the best way to maintaining a healthy parasocial relationship?
What is your experience with parasocial Relationship

I recently develop a lot parasocial relationships as coping from my loneliness because of the quarantine.

Video releted to Parasocial
>The Parasocial Problem with Livestreaming
>parasocial relationships in kpop
>FAKE FRIENDS EPISODE ONE: intro to parasocial relationships
>FAKE FRIENDS EPISODE TWO: parasocial hell
>How Fans Treat Creators
>The Lonely Fans of OnlyFans
>Why Are Celebrity Crushes So Intense?

Article related :

Anonymous 46316

>having parasocial relationships with ANYONE except fictional characters

Terrible idea. I have a lot of SJWs who use youtubers to fill the void left by real relationships in their lives, and they've all gotten their hearts broken when those youtubers said one unprogressive thing or another.

Anonymous 46317

Please find better ways to pass time

Anonymous 46318

What are you referring to anon

Anonymous 46321

>What are you referring to anon

Standard lolcow shit, like Contrapoints refusing to validate enbies and PewDiePie paying Indians to hate Jews. It's funny when you're not attached to them. But if you've built a relationship with these people in your head and then it turns out they're not their character, it's a crushing disappointment.

Anonymous 46322

I'm not suprised anon.
Have you ever been in parasocial relationship anon?

Anonymous 46323

Lmao what the fuck. I get doing it with 2D where you have absolute control, but doing it with real people is just retarded. The safest bet with real people would be shit like K-pop idols who have little freedom of opinion.

Anonymous 46324

I mean how do you manage to get out of it anon?

Anonymous 46343

Already a thread.
Still love my Youtube guy and my husbandos and I just don't care.

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