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only positive stuff that happened recently Anonymous 46558

hi girlies!
let's talk about positive stuff that happened to you recently!
you can talk about anything you want, it just has to be positive!

Anonymous 46561

Ran all my errands today despite being sick!

Anonymous 46566

I got to see a friend I haven't seen in a while today.

Anonymous 46581


Finished a few drawings and I'm really proud with the results

Anonymous 46586

Give us a peek anon

Anonymous 46592

Seconding, I really love seeing artwork from people we interact with

Anonymous 46611



it's mostly sketches on paper, I left the speech bubble blank since i don't know what to put in it

Anonymous 46616

this is so good i love you keep it up

Anonymous 46627

My professor said my work was good and used it as an example for the class. Felt nice.

I like this

Anonymous 46803

Started dating a guy a few weeks ago who has been super nice and sweet across the board. Really supportive of me, has such a calming presence and he makes me feel safe. Told him today that I wasn't quite ready to go straight into sex, and spent all day dreading telling him that because I was worried he'd get mad or get dejected or something but he was 100% cool, told me he didn't want me to do anything I'm uncomfortable with and told me he's enjoyed dating me so much that things staying the way they are for a while is completely fine with him.
Honestly after him reacting that way, such a massive weight is lifted off my shoulders and I feel like I could kick off from the ground and just fly right now. He's been so patient and helpful to me getting over my last breakup, right now I'm feeling really, really secure and confident in my decision to give him a chance and go out with him. I think he might be the one.

Anonymous 46804

I was observing my bf teach his nephew to slaughter chicken and last night he made a fire in the hearth when I said that it was getting cold these days. It's so manly.

Anonymous 46806

That's disgusting and you and your bf are gross

Anonymous 46811

Anonymous 46813

how tf r u posting from the year 900AD?

Anonymous 46814

City folk just don't get it.

Anonymous 46815

McChickens aren't picked off a tree. Someone's bf has to slaughter them. Why not have it be your bf?

Anonymous 46818

I don't eat chicken, none of my bfs have either, and you can bet your ass that most people would be horrified to personally have to witness the killing of their food. Less people would eat meat if they had to see what goes into the making of their McChickens. It's precisely because they're so detached from the food supply chain that they continue to eat meat, so people personally doing it (when they don't have to), is even more alarming. I would be extremely turned off if I found my boyfriend even had the ability to compartmentalize to that degree and personally kill any animal.

Imo, there's a difference between "we have to kill animals, it's sad and horrifying but that's the way it is, unfortunately" and anon swooning over her boyfriend murdering chickens because it's "so manly". There's just a huge difference between coming at a situation in a sad but matter-of-fact way, and romanticizing the slaughter of animals because she thinks it makes him "so manly". Just lame, and seeing as how she finds it noteworthy to slaughter a chicken or light a fire, it's likely that she isn't in the position where her boyfriend has to slaughter chickens for them to survive.

Anonymous 46821

The sad and horrifying part about thinking animal slaughter is manly is that it's sex essentialist and ahistorical. Women can, did, and should slaughter their own meat.

Anonymous 46822

>Less people would eat meat if they had to see what goes into the making of their McChickens.
I'm sorry but you're wrong. We wouldn't have existed this far if our ancestors didn't raise and slaughter their own poultry or cattle themselves. In fact, if people were to directly see the slaughtering of animals for food, I am more than certain that they will be quick to accept that it is simply the way things are.

The way people raise and slaughter animals for food in the rural areas, is actually done with care for the animals as they are raised in free-ranges with lots of room to roam about, and are fed quite generously compared to corporations who squeeze them all together in tiny compartments and overfeed them.

I would also like to add, that it isn't simply the slaughter that's manly, but also the fatherly kind of teaching to his nephew which is a big part, actually.

Anonymous 46833

While I love animals and am horrified by industrial farming, I am fully supportive of hunting and raising your own meat. It's much more humane and teaches you to respect the animals (unless you have Amish-tier mentality). I think people are far more likely to be horrified at industrial slaughters rather than personal ones.
Not sure if I would find it romantic, but I do think it can be an admirable skill. It certainly is something I could never do.

Anonymous 46837

eat meat.jpg

Can I preface this post by making it clear this is just an opinion of mine on veganism and not the people who adhere to it so please do not take offence.

If you are a vegan for moral reasons do you support killing off all living lifeforms on earth because living is suffering for animals even more so than humans? animals have to eat many other animals and it ends when they get sick/injured and starve to death or eaten themselves.

I always found this position vegans have strange and hypocritical because just by existing they are contributing to the suffering of other animals even if they do not eat them and if I was a vegan I would simply kill myself to stay true to my ideology unless I was actively doing real world activism.

I also find it strange that vegans do not seem to think of humans as just another animal and anything we do even factory farming is completely natural.

>how the fuck can someone sleep at night knowing they have killed so many innocent creatures with their bare hands.

I imagine just like anyone else would lolz
We are al capable of killing animals for food but we just have not needed to do it ourselves for the most part.. if you were a farm girl or seen animas being killed on a farm you may have a different opinion.

I take your stance as well.
We should be more concerned about making sure not to be cruel to animals we eat I totally agree.
Not many people actually know this but it is in our own interest to kill animals humanely as the stress an animal feels before death can make the meat lower in quality.
BTW fuck kosher and halal meat that shit needs to be banned

Anonymous 46838

me again >>46837

>you can bet your ass that most people would be horrified to personally have to witness the killing of their food.
How can you be so sure about this? if anything when I seen cows dying on a farm I felt more fine with eating them because they are happy one moment and just fall over the next.

Anonymous 46840

You don't dwell on it. Like most things, doing it gets easier the more you do it. Additionally, I would think that the industrialization and urbanization of areas are far more harmful and I believe that it kills more animals and it does lead to the extinction of some, but we don't exactly lose sleep over it either.

In any case, I'm not looking to argue, just trying to explain. I don't mind that you're a vegan either.

Anonymous 46854

Omg this conversation got derailed. Isn't there a vegan/diet thread somewhere y'all can take this to?

I start my winter job next week (same place I worked at over the summer) and I got a pay raise :D
And I started brewing my own kombucha again. I'm excited.

Anonymous 46860


I have been enjoying my solitude now that I do not have to go out for therapy so I get to listen to music and lay in bed.

Anonymous 46867

I was able to reconnect with an old friend. It's been really nice being able to talk to them again.

Anonymous 46887

Hanged out with my friends twice this week. I'm still socially capable this is good.

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