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Anonymous 46715

>mom and dad are arguing again

Anonymous 46719

It's gon b ok calamari.
Plug your ears and listen to some music,

Anonymous 46739

I am sorry this i happening anon, my parents used to argue too before they finally divorced. The main thing you should do is stay way from this as much as possible, sometimes you might feel like you should do something but trust me, you're already doing your best.

Anonymous 46776


Anonymous 46779

my life for 21 years until recently. they had a huge break up, almost thought they'd divorce. i know how stressful it is for you anon. are you still a student? you can live on your own if you can, peace works wonders for your mental health

Anonymous 47516


>tfw you used to beg god everyday to divorce them

Anonymous 54975

and what happened?

Anonymous 55122

>that panic when you hear their footsteps coming up the stairs
ever since i moved out ive started to truly realize what was taken from me growing up in an environment like that. i will never be a normal person.

Anonymous 55140

I remember when I was a kid my parents would argue so much I got scared they'd divorce. One day I asked them tearfully "are you gonna get divorced?" and they just laughed at me.

They're still together, I really don't know why.

Anonymous 55152

you really just have to stay away from it and just vibe tbh

Anonymous 55168

Nothing, really. There was a moment when separation was a topic on the table but it was brought up in the heat of the moment during one of their fights. They're still together and my mom says that my dad's changed but honestly, I don't know if I buy it. It's hard for me to move past the unstable childhood I grew up with.

Anonymous 55873


God I feel you all. It was so exhausting growing up. It got to the point where I got sick of being my mom's therapist only for her to go back to my dad and act like nothing ever happened. I wish they separated long before I even knew how to speak. She sometimes still tries to guilt trip me about how I stopped being there for her when I was around 15/16. That's when I would go out with my old friend, and if I wasn't doing that I'd stay in my room all day because I would get sick of the constant fighting. They don't argue as much these days and when they do I don't even react anymore. I hope you're doing okay, OP.

Anonymous 55874


There's a persian saying that goes "Married couples will argue, and fools will take them seriously." Arguments and conflict are normal parts of all relationships. There's nothing normal about a relationship where two people 100% agree with eachother on everthing. Conflict is sometimes necessary if two people want to solve their problems instead of avoiding them and pretending everything is perfectly fine. The only thing you can do as your parents' child, is sit back and try not to take things too seriously. Unless, of course, the arguments involve physical violence. Then you should definitely intervene because that's not normal or healthy at all.

Anonymous 55875

There's harmless bickering and then there is a constantly negative environment that is created in the home. It's not children's fault if they are "fools" for taking that seriously and are hurt by it. If they can't keep their arguments away from their kids most of the time that's already a bad sign. I just really don't think people with happily married parents who just bicker sometimes are the ones complaining about this.

Anonymous 55879

There's a difference between ordinary arguments - which I agree are a normal part of all relationships and often a component of solution-finding - and the kind of arguments (most) people are talking about in this thread.

Anonymous 55931

Anon. Screaming at each other is not normal. I hope you're not settling for partners you don't like just because you think that's how it should be lol

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