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Coming out as lesbian to bf Anonymous 46770

I want to break up with my boyfriend as I have realised I'm a lesbian. However, I'm conflicted as I don't have any friends besides him, so I'll be alone if I go through with it.

To give more context, this is my first relationship, and I mostly went out with him because I was lonely. When we met I didn't have any friends and I liked him a lot platonically, but when he developed feelings for me I went along with it because I didn't want to lose him.

Now we've been dating for 2 years, and I've tried my best to convince myself I like him but I just feel unfulfilled. It's not even his fault, since I can't imagine myself being fulfilled in a relationship with any guy.

He's a really nice person so I don't want hurt him, but I feel if I stay with him it would be more dishonest and more likely to hurt him in the long run.

I want to end things in a peaceful way that we can remain friends if he wants, but if he doesn't I'll respect that too. I was kind of hoping he would find someone else, but I can't just wait around hoping that'll happen.

Anonymous 46771

I suggest you find a day and explain the situation to him straight up, because staying in that relationship is just going to hurt you both.
Personally, I don't think you'd be able to remain friends after you break up though.
>but I can't just wait around hoping that'll happen
It's not your job to find him a "replacement girl", don't bother.

Anonymous 46772

Sounds like you should've never entered the relationship in the first place, but props for deciding to not keep going with the farse
I'll tell you right now, there's no way to not hurt him as he will think to himself "I am the guy so bad he made his gf a lesbian", and that's what people will think of him too.

Anonymous 46824

Op if he loves you he would want you to be happy and if you are not into him sexually because lesbos then there is only two solutions.
1)you continue to play this meme out and it hurts him the longer it goes on as well as hurts you meaning you likely wont have him as a friend.
2)you take a chance to be happier in the long term by telling him the truth and explaining yourself fully.

Life is tough and complicated.

Anonymous 46826

Like the others have said, you should end it soon, the longer it takes, the harder and more painful it would be. Keep it simple and honest, and just be prepared if he doesn't want to remain friends.

Anonymous 46864


Yeah, don't expect to remind afterward, he is going to be you because he basically is "the guy that managed to be so bad at sex that his girlfriend turned lesbian" and everybody will see him that way.

Anonymous 46865

*Sorry my auto-correct is going apeshit
Yeah, don't expect to stay friend afterward, he is going to hate you because he basically will become "the guy that managed to be so bad at sex that his girlfriend turned lesbian" and everybody will see him that way.

Anonymous 46866

That's pretty much what I said…

Anonymous 46868

So bad at sex he turned her lesbian is just a joke, at most actualy used towards shitty people.

Anonymous 46870

Actually I have seen this in real life.
My dad his friend had a wife that decided she was lesbian and my dad would seriously say he must have turned her gay lolz but he is an idiot so..
Also my aunty had a husband who decided he was gay and left her for another man and people said the same thing.

Honestly just fuck what people think they are so rude judging everyone without knowing anything. (about the people making the gay memes irl not you guys)

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