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Anonymous 47201

My boyfriend is into crossdressing and wants to become a tranner. I said I supported him but he started trying on my clothes and it makes me rather annoyed and uncomfortable. Why do I feel do awkward and uncomfy? What should I do? He seems dysphoric but he also joked about being a kink to him. He also wants me to call him degrading names (like slut, etc.)

Anonymous 47205


Anonymous 47206

No, I'm being for real. My boyfriend is actually considering transitioning and I just feel uncomfortable. I'm not LGBTphobic but it's just yucky to me.

Anonymous 47208

Zoomers and their mental illnesses..
Drop that autogynephiliac.

Anonymous 47209

>Drop that autogynephiliac.
Nearly all tranners are exactly this nowdays.

Anonymous 47210

My bf is also into crossdressing but I haven't heard him talk about transitioning. I find the crossdressing hot though but if he were to come out as trans I don't think I'd be with him anymore. Our relationship seems to be falling apart anyway so that'll just be another reason to break up.

Anonymous 47219

Why do you think it is this way? Why can't they just be normal?

Anonymous 47221

I read a book man interrupted that discussed porn and its effects and although it did not mention trans stuff specially it stated that studies aimed at seeing the effects of porn consumption were impossible due to researchers finding everyone watched porn.
Why are men such coomers? Every male with a pp watches porn now even shotas and no one seems concerned.

You made some great points anon.

Anonymous 47223

life as a straight woman is truly fucked. we're probably not going to see many popular books that zero in on the way porn has influenced men to troon out because it's such a problematic thing to say (despite it being completely obvious), and whenever actual sexologists try to speak about it, they're harassed and abused. their children have been harassed too. and ty anon. <3

Anonymous 47224

a lot of millennials are like this too

lol this is so gross. idk why anyone thinks this is hot. it means at least a few things:
a) he thinks being a woman or RPing as a woman, or taking on gender roles "meant" for women makes him a slut, a whore, disgusting, and meant to be degraded. if he's actually a tranner, he thinks our actual role and existence is one of degradation and objectification.
b)he's pornsick. it's disgusting, porno influenced behavior that rots relationships and degrades romantic and sexual connections.

it's just nasty, anon. that's why you're skeeved out. it has nothing to do with natural and healthy things like homosexuality. troons are gaslighting us by trying to say we're homophobic or bigots for recognizing that we don't want to fuck pornsick men. it's just porn induced behavior. you don't need to date a guy that's this influenced by porn.

it's also very likely that you're not actually a consideration or a major player in these interactions you have with him. you're disposable. he's focused on how he seems himself during sex. you're just there to validate his role, to degrade him because he's acting out his idea of what it is to be female. that's why very straight, very masc male tranners who have no actual sexual interest in men, date both men and women after "transitioning", because the other participant is not what is really turning them on and the other person doesn't actually matter at all to their sexuality. sexologists say they have "erotic target location errors". for normal people, the erotic target is the other person, the other person is turning them on. but for troons, the target is themselves and their role in this fantasy and this roleplay, that turns them on.

Anonymous 47225

Just wait a decade when nearly all the tranners hit the great wall of china and realize they do not look like anime girls and an hero.

I usually try to give well thought out replies as well but my mind is mush and I am glad someone else did.

I hope no one thinks that the solution is dating someone that does no fap because that is another giant meme.
The rare few of guys that do not watch porn and fap continually are not the type who had such a problem with masturbating or porn they tried to ascribe holy powers to abstaining and think not fapping is some type of achievement.

Both normalfags and anons are mired by porn.
What are your thoughts on men who only look at 2D erotic stuff?
Some 2D stuff is truly disgusting and an outlet for their perversions but aside from that I personally do not think it is as gross.
Watching some woman whose circumstances or low self esteem may well have led her to doing porn (or literally a slave) which is in reality being abused on camera is disgusting.

Anonymous 47227

As mentioned it is porn and a mix of other things but their misperception of what being a woman means.
They literally fell for so many memes they chop their dick off.
>the absolute state

Anonymous 47253

id like a cute boy who acts like a man in public but becomes my sissy subby slut in private but has zero interest in sincerely trooning out and does actually care for me nutting and satisfying me too

Anonymous 47254

I hope he necks himself

Anonymous 47258

>I hope he necks himself
Hash but tranny types are likely to kill themselves or attempt it.

Anonymous 47375


Anonymous 47376

Dump this freak immediately.

Anonymous 47377

Miners claim to hate men yet doesn't want them to become women, pretty hypocritical if you ask me.

Anonymous 47379


>become women

Anonymous 47389


Cutting their dicks off and growing manboobs won't make them women

Anonymous 47400

Happy Remy.gif

Is nobody seriously going to give any advice to OP?

OP, I think you should be able to find someone to counsel your boyfriend regarding whether or not he should transition.
If he does, break with him ASAP and try to end it nicely so as to not end up in the news about the most recent femicide by a tranner; it is also very likely that he may be a homosexual if he never loved you nor cared for you that much, so the breakup shouldn't be that painful if so.
Have a cute picture if you still feel terrible about those news, OP.

Also, to everyone ITT talking about wanting a man to crossdress, take it to another thread or board "please."

Anonymous 47402

>so as to not end up in the news about the most recent femicide by a tranner
>implying the news would dare report on that.

Anonymous 47414


Anonymous 47415

they'll still have the XY genetic defect

Anonymous 47416


based anon

Anonymous 47431


True that.
But OP should still take her bf to therapy and tranner counseling, buy a gun and get trained to shoot beforehand and get ready for the breakup since I am assuming OP's bf knows where she lives, so it may likely that he may or may not murder her for the breakup in the middle of "transitioning."
Like, come on, OP seriously needs to get away from him since there are so many redflags on him.

Not going to lie I smirked a little, but there is also some truth in that as the persons being murdered/sexually harrassed by the troon often get forgotten–and even mocked–for their relationship with the troon """victim""".

Anonymous 47436

Are you a moid?

Anonymous 47438

tell him the truth that femboys > trannies everyday anywhere in this universe. Then say "stop being so autistic". There you go.

Anonymous 47439

Because nobody can "become a woman" they only do irreparable damage to their bodies, nobody should want their loved ones to go through that retarded tranny pill scam.

Anonymous 47441


Anonymous 47443

Tell him how you feel first. Why you feel uncomfortable? Because you were with him when he was at his most masculine phase. When he was the straight boyfriend. And that changed, its okay to feel weirded out or grosses out, etc. Because you didn't see this coming and he kinda shattered that hetero boyfriend image of his. In a way kinda ruined the trust between you two.

But let's not get too deep there, maybe you can talk to this with a hetero female or male therapist. They know a lot more about human psyche. If you truly can't accept this new thing of his, please be honest to yourself and make yourself happy and find another hetero stable man. He can find others of his own culture too. You both won't be happy if he presses this stuff onto you and doesn't respect you. And if you don't feel comfortable with him. It's not wrong to find someone who you are comfortable with and who you will understand. If the person I love currently, suddenly or gradually, changed into a similar gender role of mine I too would be weirded out. Remember there is difference between hate and having their own desires. If anyone isn't capable of differentiating between the two, they clearly out of reality. Take care.

Anonymous 47446


literally the only quality post worth reading in this thread

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