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Anonymous 47601

I'm so overcome with fear at the thought of going to university Judy because of the debt.
I know that where I am, is fortunate since school debt is one without interest and quite lenient but it will still be stuck with you for life, unlike for the previous generation.

I would be fine with a job that doesn't require a degree but I will never get to have that uni experience and fulfill mundane but desirable goals such as living in a dorm or getting to actively study what I'm passionate about.

I also think that I just want an academic career, or one that requires higher education, just because I will have validation that I am intelligent and that I am capable. And the kind of person I want and the friends that I surround myself wouldn't want the type of person I am currently heading to become.
Mostly just a vent but any advice from people with similar experiences would be very appreciated.

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