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My boyfriend keeps forcing PDA on me Anonymous 48253

I have no problem with hugging, cuddling or kissing him in private, when it's just us. But he keeps doing PDA, when I am with friends and even my family.

It's annoying and embarrassing. He thinks it's "cute", but at this point it's almost humiliating.

A few of my friends also think I am showing off and one no longer wants to hang out with us.

Anonymous 48254

Tell him that there is a time & place for those things… Stupid moid doesn't listen.

Anonymous 48255

Have you tried tried talking to him and explaining that this is making you uncomfortable?

Anonymous 48552

I think it would be a good idea to just tell your boyfriend about it, and if you don't have the courage to, you can confide with one of your friends and ask them to be there with you when you tell him for moral support.

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