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I would like to propose an idea Anonymous 48279

I want to start an internet addiction support group. Obviously don't want to post on 4chan about it because of all the moids that would join, but an all-female discord server about it would be a nice idea I think. I don't really know how it would function or how discord servers even work, so I'm not very qualified.

I think it's safe to say a lot of the people who still use image boards have some level of internet addiction. What do you guys think? Would you join? How would it work?

Anonymous 48280

>Break your internet addiction by continuing to use the internet

I guess it could work, but only if the server were to find people near you to hang out with. Idk how well people would trust each other (no offence I just wouldn't trust someone I met online, it's the boomer in me). It might just be easier to join a hobby group.

Anonymous 48281

I think it would work if we made a rule that we couldn't use certain websites for x number of days and had to try and spend no more than x amount of time of Discord and stuff like that.

I know it's pretty ironic but I think it could be helpful.

Anonymous 51168

This thread might be about something but I wouldn't know because I cant take my eyes of that tasty looking box of fruit.

Anonymous 52775

i think itd be nice, my academic life has been really affected by this

Anonymous 52776

Does a tiger in a cage have a pacing addiction? Or do we all compulsively use the internet because we cannot afford to do anything else? I would love to travel or go museums or keep a saltwater aquarium. But those all cost money and I have none.

Anonymous 52781

I think the term is used more for people who have other things to do, like academics or career goals to work towards, but who procrastinate by using the imageboards or social media sites. Not so much people who just use it to pass time when bored.

Anonymous 52804

This same logic could be applied to people that just live in their house and do meth all day.
>well they have nothing better to do except be bored so it's not really an addiction

It's an addiction if you don't like how it's effecting your life and how it's effecting your time.

Anonymous 52805

I don't think that's really the same thing.
Internet isn't physically addictive, you brain won't literally stop working if you miss a dose like you do with hard drugs. And it's entirely possible to function fine during the workday and then come home and just spend your free time online.
You can't just do meth all day and still function fine in society. Which is why drug addicts tend to be homeless, not just living in their house as you claimed.
But I do see your point that internet can be considered an addiction any time it's effecting you negatively, even if you do only use it in your free time.

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