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how do you get over being obsessed with a guy you are not in love with? Anonymous 48290

i get butterflies whe he is nice to me and want to cuddle and suck his dick but i dont like him and his charachter,would never see us together
(maybe its because he gave me attention and now im attatched?)

cant sleep cause thinking of himm,or think of much else other than him wtf

Anonymous 48291

just hump n dump

Anonymous 48292

i want that but he an e boy

Anonymous 48293

Where do you get all these e-boys??
Don’t tell me it’s /soc/.

Anonymous 48294

killme i am mental

Anonymous 48295

Anonymous 48303

no one is saying u have to marry or date him

just hook up with him it's not some binding task

Anonymous 48304

That actually is what love is.

>i dont like him

You do, or you wouldn't be losing sleep.

Anonymous 48313

Since it's an e-boy you can just block him on everything and ghost him and you'll move on eventually.
Worked for me.

Anonymous 48314

i dont have the ovaries to,would make me feell like shit hbu

Anonymous 48316

Not gonna lie it took me like a month to build up the courage to do it and I felt bad at first especially since I forgot to block him on Steam and he had already messaged me on it literally 10 minutes before I remembered to block him there too.

Anonymous 48372

if its just a /soc/ he's likely just after a quick screw anyway so i wouldn't beat yourself up over it too much

Anonymous 48389

THIS. This is exactly how I got over an e-moid I was obsessing over for almost 3 years. I got tired of thinking about him and checking all his profiles multiple times a day and just feeling heartache all the time. I wanted him so badly but I knew he wasn't into me at all anymore and has forgot I existed and move on. It eventually lead to a breakdown where I just snapped and deleted and blocked him everywhere. It's gonna sting at first and you might even regret it, but it'll go away and peace will replace it. At the end my only real regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I feel free and like I can enjoy life again. Sometimes you really just have to let go and stop dwelling/obsessing.

Anonymous 48392

Anon… that's what love is.
It's like you've never been in a relationship before. You're not supposed to like or agree with every part of the other person.
He probably doesn't like certain things about you too, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you.
If you didn't love him you wouldn't think about him at all lololol just stop being so afraid and tell him that you like him

Anonymous 48393

All of the anons that keep repeating "that's what love is" have to be like 18 at most

Anonymous 48394

>just wait for the person who is 100% how you want them to be or it's not real love!

Anonymous 48789

The only way to avoid this happening is to just not talk to men unless they're 100% your type (which is impossible). Sounds like a typical crush to me.
My last resort for this situation is to just tell them how I feel. Once I'm rejected it's easy to block and move on.

Anonymous 48856

is said moid a YouTuber? It's ok to have internet crushes. Happens to everyone.

You should keep hitting on him even if as a playful friendly thing and not seriously because it's entertaining and it will lift your and his mood at least. If I find somebody pretty online I cat call him with all the confidence in the world, throwing compliments at people is a good thing even if they don't lead to a relationship so keep doing what you are doing.

Anonymous 48962

I don't have to worry about it, I'm not a catch so they just leave me even when I want them to stay.

Also people saying that's love are dumb. You can be infatuated with others without thinking it's gonna be long term or anything serious.

Anonymous 48979

I don't know, but keep me updated because inquiring parties need to know. A very cute guy who's e-famous showed me attention and now I'm falling apart. I want to simp so badly.

Anonymous 49052


>This thread

Anonymous 49134


I want to believe it is just quarantine hitting these anons hard, and they normally wouldn't think like this.

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