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Anonymous 48405

Explain why you think your life is a mess right now.

Anonymous 48470


Because when im not doing my soul crushing job all I do is doomscroll, watch tv, and smoke weed. It's not satisfying or where I want to be but it's comfortable enough for now. I'm just waiting for something to happen that will shake things up and force me to do something different or find something new. My job is only temporary and there's a lot of things I need to work on if I want to get a job in my desired field. I feel like my standards and expectations of what I want in life have been lowered significantly - which isn't necessarily a bad thing because I used to sit around feeling anxious and guilty about it until I realised I'm the only one who's expectations matter and I can set and change them as I please.

Anonymous 48472

it's all self inflicted and i'm scared of failure so i let that stop me from pursuing a lot of things. i'm not where i want to be at all and i can't stop living in the past.

Anonymous 48473

The real problem is within myself and there sure is a hell of a lot wrong with my life but sadly I have nothing to reach for as anything I grasped felt fleeting and superficial.
>be normalfag try that out and was shit
>go back to being shut in loser
fuck it just need work up the courage to an hero as existing is not something I am cut out for.

Anonymous 48576


I'm the female version of this meme.

I dropped out of seventh grade because of PTSD despite being a straight A, intelligent student.

I got my GED though, and I want to go to community college and get a degree and fix my past and not let my abuser win though. I just hate myself, my entire body is scarred, and feel like I already "ruined" my life

Anonymous 48578

Anhedonia. It's more mental than anything else because sex does pleasure, but that's it. Everything else is a drag. I force myself to draw, to read, to do things that are "productive", but everything feels like it is for nothing.

Anonymous 48580

Anon, we're like twins except that I do work, now. But I'll always be the black sheep for dropping out in HS and for skipping college entirely. I want to go, but I know if I'm chastised for any reason I will have a mental breakdown that will impact my ability to work and support myself. I have literally no motivation but to keep my lights on and sleep. It's so strange to hear about college and people having motivation to go into a given field. As far as dropping out goes, couldn't put up with daily abuse and dysfunction at home, only to be penalized by my teachers who treated me, for no reason, like I was just being an apathetic asshole despite it being debilitating anxiety and constant fatigue from stress. If they gave a shit they would've seen I had been dealing with the department of children and families for years due to the abuse. My family denies the abuse still and acts like I'm a loser.

I had a 4.5 GPA and went to a highly selective school and was basically told by my guidance counselors to get the fuck out bc "there are other kids who want to be here". I dealt with years of nastiness from teachers though who thought I was a spoiled brat when I was showing up to school crying after being beat, so any type of schooling or teachers make me frightened to the point of uselessness. It sucks. Like you, I used to do well and enjoyed academia until it was ruined for me. I was extremely sensitive to all criticisms from my teachers because they were the only ones who saw any value in me, and the way other teachers treated me ruined that. It sounds petty, but when you're in an abusive environment as a child, and you start to feel like the one area of your life you have some support in, starts turning against you, it's additionally and deeply traumatizing. It has kept me away from going back for years and makes it so I can't focus at all anymore when in academic environments. I just blank and start having panic attacks. Even with benzos, it only addresses the physical response, not the blanking and inability to concentrate.

Anonymous 48585

Really sorry in advance for the wall of text, I had to get this out of me once and for all. Phew.

Anonymous 48929

Because I grew up in a broken family

Anonymous 48977

basically had every possible door slammed in my face and i'm just sitting here kind of numb

Anonymous 49273

A vast government conspiracy to take me down.

Because only a vast government conspiracy can hope to take me down.

Anonymous 49274

because i have no job, no bf, am autistic, and have poor hygiene. i'll never reallly feel ok with myself and i have hair like the pic you posted in op

Anonymous 49278

I must be at rock bottom to now have resorted to spending all day refreshing lolcow in a hope of actually feeling like i’ve got some form of socialization but ultimately feeling worse becoming more toxic surrounded by other toxic people. I would love to spend more time here but it’s not as fast paced I guess. Don’t really hear from my friends much anymore and they kinda just ignore that I’m feeling depressed to talk about themselves if they do even reply. I’ve been isolated completely on my own for the majority of the year working from home, had no boyfriend in years and I’m becoming mega ultra FAT since pandemic comfort and boredom eating, not being able to go anywhere to burn anything off. FML huh

Anonymous 49401

mentally raped and dead inside

Anonymous 49403

They were likely deleted because you could find the poster

Anonymous 49404

i have no friends at all and i have extreme paranoia i have a long distance bf but im extremely scared to meet up with him - ii desperately wanna change my looks and find a female best friend aswell but everday it seems more like a fantasy i feel awful

Anonymous 49405

It's kind of nice that the mods try to stop mentally ill posters from fucking themselves over, I've never seen that on an imageboard before

Anonymous Admin 49406

I deleted the comments at the poster's request because users were talking about finding details about the case. While I believe that everyone is responsible for their own posts and I won't go around cleaning up after users, it was leading towards leakage of personal information, which is against the rules (even though it was the user herself who started it) and I made an exception due to the severity of the situation.

Anonymous 49407


I dropped out of hs from extreme anxiety due to classmates ignoring me, stomach problems, overall depression I only realized I had last year. Enrolled in online school, almost failed all my classes procrastinating until a few weeks before the end, bought a sewing machine last January but didn't start learning until now, set a goal to learn basic Japanese by 2019(didn't do it),can't math when I want to work in tech and vidya, long for love and romance but am repulsed by the thought of other people,have 0 real friends, live in a shitty town, still in NEEThood after 3 years.
2020 gave me a lot of self-confidence (still have some anxiety in new situations of course) and I've been slowly working on my life but there's still this pervading feeling I've had for years: "I'm going to die anyway at the end of all this so why should I even bother" even when I've accomplished something, or at my happiest moments "This is all eventually going to end". So what I end up doing is playing vidya or mindlessly browse sites until I realize I actually don't care and leave. I'm extremely lucky to have a loving family but I'm scared of change so I cling to them out of fear when I should be making a name for myself. And this all started a few months before 9th grade because some ghetto girl, guy, and 1 of my friends threw stuff at me and I embarrassed myself by crying before class ended and I could leave to cry in the bathroom, and I overheard people making fun of me for not standing up to her so I isolated myself from the entire class I saw everyday.
Thanks for coming to my PSA :).

Anonymous 49408


And my fucking glasses snapped in the middle but the eye place is holding my prescription hostage so I have to wait until the end of the month with tape digging into my nose everyday to get new ones.

Anonymous 49410

I have a chronic illness and some mental health problems that resulted from it, I had a good job but lost it due to issues with my coworkers after a long hospital stay. I started receiving disability benefits but didn't keep up with paperwork so lost it again, then lost my apartment, all of my belongings, moved to another city, have absolutely no friends there, lost a good chunk of my long distance friends due to not staying in touch when I was at my lowest point, no motivation, no money, no idea where to go.

Anonymous 49473

No friends, no money, mentally ill, boyfriend wants kids but doesn't want to get married.

Anonymous 50136


>probably a neet
>fat/ugly body
>wasting time on internet, hobbies, masturbating, things I do for fun
>sleeping and waking up late
>social anxiety
>no job
>not bringing money home
>struggle to pass driver's permit test
>don't know how to drive properly
>scared of driving
>no driver's license
>hate/refuse to go to college
>rely on family

That pic perfectly describes me.

Anonymous 50138


>don't know jpn
>can't draw well or at all
>have no idea how integration or derivation works in a calculus two course
>general fear and sense of unease towards the possibility of failure
>blah blah untreated adhd (diagnosed) blah blah blah
>22 this year, can't drive and scared to do so
>22 this year, haven't had a friend since 2017 (and arguably earlier than that – highschool "friends" were cunts)
>22 this year, still living with parents
>living situation is unstable and uncertain. if they pass, i don't know what i'll do

Anonymous 50159

>no backbone
>extremely shy
>push over
>no social abilities at all
>scared of experiencing life
>scared of failure

Anonymous 50166

Didn't get in GME fast enough because of FUD

Anonymous 50182

S-should we invest in AMC/BB/Nokia in case we fomo?

Anonymous 50183


>homophobic and in the closet
>self-sabotages constantly
>poor and stupid
>adhd and bpd
>rarely feels empathy for others
at least my makeup is always on point

Anonymous 50184


>constantly irritable and miserable
>little things are always pissing me off like people driving slowly or people getting in my way at work
>addicted to junk food, sedentary, unhealthily high blood sugar.. probably prediabetic..
>wastes so much money on food with money I can’t afford because unhealthy food is the only thing that stimulates pleasure
>similtaneously horrified of getting diabetes
>just began college classes that i have no actual interest in or motivation to succeed in
>bf is ldr and the border is closed, mother threatened to kick me out when i tried to fly to see him a year ago
>shitty online training for job makes me want to quit because it was fucking inadequate and i dont know how to do my fucking job
>have to wait on the line for over an hour to speak to Medi-Cal because the fucking online websiye doesnt work for me
>thinking of quitting my current job(s) but i know i will hwve to wait on the line fot several hours on Medi-Cal to update my income andive never filed taxes for multiple jobs so im stressrd about next year
>cant stop starting stupid internet fights with people to let my rage out
>impulsive shopping problem even though i barely make any money but i crave instant gratification but i also have OCD and constantly return things i buy
>i just want to die die die die die die die die i litetally am always irritated and miserable and on edge

Anonymous 50185


>struggling with job, I work really hard but they push me to work even harder and for longer hours
>was promised a raise, of course I didn't get it
>sent hundreds of dollars to online guy
>will be 22 this year, still a khhv
>can only eat the same three foods, one of the things I eat got discontinued
>can only get off to hentai, cry after each masturbation
>unhealthy relationship with mom
>barely any savings, all my disposable income goes to manga, mom, online guy
>watch anime for 4 hours a day
>incapable of reading books that aren't light novels
>tried really hard to look nice, bought expensive skincare, learned how to do tasteful makeup, but the only guys who said I look nice are 10yos I teach

Anonymous 50194

Nah, GME only.
The other stonks being shilled are astroturfing.

All brokers have delisted GME though, so we are in uncharted territory. The powers-that-be are not even keeping up appearances anymore. Only billionaires are allowed to make money and short a stock to 140% FLOAT, average people are not allowed to make money.

Anonymous 50196

Basically giving into my introversion/avoidant tendencies has left me in a rough spot socially and in my career.
>graduate from uni in a year
>still have underdeveloped social skills
>have few and strained friendships due to lack of upkeep on my part
>ghosted professors
Otherwise I'm doing alright. I just dislike interacting with others…aside from when I do like it once a month or so, then I'm fucked over by mega-introvert-me.

Anonymous 50199


>sent hundreds of dollars to online guy
>disposable income goes to online guy

Anonymous 50225

I know these feels. Stay strong, sis

Anonymous 50226

Thank you anon i love you

Anonymous 50247

I am so anxious about the pandemic and catching corona that I have cut off nearly all of my friends for not being safe enough or posting on social media about traveling or going to parties because I have messed up lungs and would die from getting this so I do not go outside and I feel like I'm being gaslit every time I see one of these fuckers acting like everything is normal.

I used to have a nice loving relationship with my parents and my siblings but they're being stupid too. The only person I can talk to is my bf that I live with.

I'm so tired of this. I just want a vaccine. I'm tired of hating everyone. My doctor put my on antidepressants because of this but they aren't working well enough.

These stupid fuckers going outside and dicking around are ruining my life.

Anonymous 50368

>mentally ill
>no income
>low education
>haven't seen family or friends since rona

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