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Sorry please help fic admin Anonymous 48415

For some reason it says I look like a bot when I go to reply anywhere and the captcha is not even available for me to complete anywhere but here on feels or I would obviously ask in meta.
Can this be fixed I cannot reply to anything I am using google chrome and when I started posting here I had to get a ban appealed for being a bot so assume someone was IP hopping…
Should I just change IP? I was posting here fine the past few days.
>click on thread
>no captcha avalible
>cannot reply it says I am bot if I try
>no other board has the captcha for me to post a thrad on to troubleshoot

Anonymous 48416

You're not the only one anon, it's happening to me too. There's a discord server I think, maybe you could ask there?

Anonymous 48417

I think it's global, that's why there are no posts today outside of the boards with captchas. I don't think there's a server anymore but admin's discord tag is available at the bottom of the rules page.

Anonymous 48418

Ok thanks I guess I will just wait for it to be fixed.
can someone msg her becaus I do not use discord

Anonymous 48419

Yep, happening here too. Definitely happening to everyone what with how dead the boards have been.

Anonymous 48420

even norm chan is dead? weird….
Anyone know some doomer websites or depressing communities aside from discord?
Sanctioned suicide is full of normalfags even..

Anonymous 48421

earlier today I couldn't even post on /feels/. all the boards were missing captchas for a while, then they magically reappeared here and on /b/.

Anonymous 48422

I'm the reason this is happening.

Anonymous 48423

hi heidrich >.<

Anonymous 48425

>Anyone know some doomer websites or depressing communities aside from discord?
There's wizchan/dep/ but it's only for males. You could just not mention your gender. Plenty of scrotes lurk and post here as well as on lc so it's only fair.

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