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Anonymous 48622

I'm half mexican half white but i have a goblin black-tier nose and tan skin. I was thinking about getting a nose job and bleaching my skin after i lose some weight

Pic related is the ideal look I'm going for, I kind of feel guilty for wanting this. Does this mean I have internalized racism? or does it mean I just want to be more attractive.. idk

Anonymous 48624


I second this. OP needs to educate themselves on the issue of colorism and how it can brainwash people into believing that one type skintone is more prettier/favorable than another skin tone.
OP here is a good video I recommend you watch regarding issues of colorism in the Latinx community:


Anonymous 48625

the bleaching isnt that necessary. the nose job just do it if you want.

Anonymous 48631

I think it’s normal to want a tiny cute nose so get a rhino if you want one but bleaching your skin is unrealistic and dangerous. Tan skin hides flaws (hyperpigmentation, veins, uneven complexion) so much better than pale skin, that’s why so many women literally paint themselves tan. Lean into being bronze OP

Anonymous 48635

I mean this in a rhetorical way, because I get that this might just not be something that matters to you… but how could you stand to have a nose job when your nose is something you get from your (grand)parents? What happens when you have children and you look nothing alike? It would drive me nuts lol.

Again, I get that of course this just isn't something that occurs to ppl. But it's strange for me that heritage/family never gets brought up - it's reduced to just being about aesthetics vs antiracism. I'm half non white and I take a lot of happiness w my ethnic features because I look like a combination of my grandmothers. I really love carrying around that connection to my heritage despite not being personally close to them or their homeland.

Anonymous 48640

>how could you stand to have a nose job when your nose is something you get from your (grand)parents?

They would have gotten plastic surgery too if it was as safe and affordable as it is now. Especially the chinless ones. It's always 'nose job this' and 'nose job that', but getting a chin when you weren't born with one can literally save lives.

>What happens when you have children and you look nothing alike?

Start a plastic surgery fund right next to their college fund. If they grow up and decide that they're fine with being ugly and busted, they can use the money to buy a boat or whatever. You should do this even if you're naturally gorgeous and never had work done, in case the genetics dice game shakes out badly for them.

Anonymous 48648

don't do it. for a million reasons, tanned skin is better, and those type of nose jobs are the most botched, hands down. nose jobs that build projection are notoriously difficult and look so weird most of the time. you're also not going to seamlessly turn into a very white looking girl through skin bleaching and a nose job. white girls want to be tan ffs…

Anonymous 48649

> black-tier nose

can we not

Anonymous 48659

As someone who got a nose job: RESEARCH YOUR SURGEON. Make sure they're one who specializes in ethnic noses since your nose type indicates thick skin, which, without good technique will make it heal larger than it started. Recovery is as if you are very ill for about a week, and it may take weeks for swelling to go down. Nose jobs are one of the most skillful procedures, don't skimp and get a third-rate surgeon especially since you don't have an easy case (easiest being a big nose hump to shave down on non-thick skin type).

Also, I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you figure out WHY you want to do it. I had a very prominent hump, and while I'm happy this insecurity I've been carrying is now in the past, I can't say I feel any better about myself. Just lose weight in a healthy manner. Eat well during this holiday period.

Anonymous 48663

I have a jew-tier nose and I wish I had a flat one like OP, it'd be so much easier to sleep on my face and I'd be much better rested. no wonder my people are so neurotic.

Anonymous 48667

>got green eyes, lighter skin and blonde hair from my dad
>tfw still cursed with goblin facial features from my mom
I'm in the West and Western beauty standards are what I'm surrounded with each day. If that's internalised racism, then sue me, but I still want a nosejob.

Anonymous 48675

I don't really get the nose job = internalised racism thing. Skin bleaching sure, but as for noses, white girls who also have big noses or humps get theirs done too, just like non-white girls.
So do what you want. You only live once and all. Just make sure to do your research so you don't end up with a botched one.

Anonymous 48726

get a rhinoplasty to remove the bump, all you need to remove is the bump. The bottom is usually fine with a jew nose.

t. ex-jew nosed

Anonymous 48735

I mean you'd probably do well to avoid sleeping on your face for at least 3 months after your hypothetical nose job. Seems like an odd resaon to go through the trauma of surgery unless you're oddly long-term minded. Sleeping on your face is the worst position to sleep in anyway for ageing.

Anonymous 48893

You aren’t Mexican!' You are a European whose family moved to Mexico.

Anonymous 48897

If imageboards have taught me anything it's that Europeans don't want the European descendents from the Americas, either.

Anonymous 49216


>tfw beautiful big strong aquiline nose
stay mad hook-jew-nose havers and pug-nose havers

Anonymous 49224

i relate to you op like i genuinely really wanna bleach my skin to just be a bit LIGHTER not white but idk i wish i was lighter skinned (im black) like i just feel so bad

Anonymous 49234

>Does this mean I have internalized racism?

"Da racis" is not some magical disease that people catch without knowing it. Its merely used as an excuse and accusation for pretty much everything bad today, so no, you don't have da racis, you have da self awareness issues which is basically the starting point of any proper personality in their teens and early tweens.
So I'd strongly recommend you to give yourself time to grow a bit more (emotionally) and achieve some things and meet people who aren't superficial and that will severely change the way you see yourself and you will be happy no one butchered around in your face and literally chemically burned your skin.
I'd also recommend to stay away from that whole "race" thing in which color it might come because this whole embrace your race or muh genetics thing is the straight road to actual racism and specially you as mixed person will always not completely fulfill the standards of either "racists" or "anti racist racists" so you don't want to end up in there.

Anonymous 49235

Moid-tier post. (White) women are better than that.

Anonymous 49244

I'm using azelaic acid on my face due to acne hyperpigmentation. It made my whole face paler, so you might want to look into it.

Anonymous 49248


always remember that people are usually their own harshest critics.

you might not like your nose, or how tan your skin is, but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who's actually worth being around that would have a differing opinion of you for having those features.

i work retail in a very tourist heavy area, and(before covid) i'd see like 300+ people a day in my shift alone. i rarely ever think about how anyone looks unless they're doing some stupid shit and i have to remember their face to recall it later.
My normie coworkers basically are the same in this mindset.

but not liking your features isn't "internalized racism", after all, attractiveness is just your preference.

Anonymous 49249

i think you're pretty idk

Anonymous 49299

Sorry to ruin your white women fantasy.

Anonymous 53060

its not internalized racism.almost all men prefer light or pale skin because it looks more innocent and feminine. small noses are more attractive because they also look more feminine and neotenous. beauty is subjective but thats why more people find those traits attractive

Anonymous 53061

>almost all men prefer pale skin, pastel colors are biologically feminine and dark colors are biologically masculine!
Fair skin doesn't age as well as darker skin because it's more sensitive to the sun. There are men who realize this and thus prefer nonwhite women.
btw, black and asian women often have smaller noses than white women, unless by small you only mean thin but not short (which isn't more neotenous, babies have flat noses).

Anonymous 53062

Don't bleach your skin, tan is hot.

Anonymous 53449

i feel like you’re seeing women that look like this get more attention and compliments than you, and you think if you looked like them, you’d be just as well liked. you can from this point 1) learn some confidence and learn to work what you’ve got 2) learn to find beauty in what you have, because there isn’t just one kind of pretty. as long as you’re not completely facially deformed you’re not gonna find it hard to
be at least average looking. or 3) undergo invasive surgery and chemical treatments for a few fleeting seconds of beauty before you age out of it anyway.

Anonymous 54147

I mean latinas are hot

Anonymous 54149

ok cringelord

Anonymous 54150

>tan must mean leather
>hotter if pale
Some people are naturally olive or brown, anon. A lot actually. Whole countries.

Anonymous 54151

the point is that she’s already tan, if you’re worried about skin damage bleaching is not the path to go

Anonymous 54152

Just say “Latino” you fucking twitter autist

Anonymous 54153

>black and asian women often have smaller noses than white women
Why are you lying?

Anonymous 54154

I'm literally not, it's a well known fact that asian women have flatter/shorter noses than white women, a lot of kpoop starts even get surgery or nose bridge implant to make their noses taller and pointier.
There are racist japanese commercials that do white face, and you know one of the things they use for that? A tall prosthetic nose.
If you're trying to look neotenous, a flatter nose is better. Babies tend to have flat noses, not tall, thin, pointy noses.

Anonymous 54155

It’s so creepy how you keep mentioning that Asian women look like babies, and odd that you think makeup trends are proof of them having smaller noses (anyone with eyes can see this isn’t true.)

Anonymous 54167

I'm asian myself kek and I'm not saying they look like literal babies overall, just that one feature of theirs looks more neotenous than than that same feature on a typical white person.
Only reason I mentioned that is I was responding to a person who was saying that neoteny (LITERALLY LOOK UP THE DEFINITION OF THIS WORD) is the feminine ideal.
Also, having a flatter nose isn't a makeup trend wtf.
I think it's way creepier how people in this thread keep insisting that white people naturally have the shortest, most neotenous noses when that clearly isn't true, while also insisting that neoteny is the ideal (something I don't agree with).

Anonymous 54191

When people think of “smaller noses,” they don’t think of the wide flat black/asian noses. They think of the little upturned noses that white people sometimes have.

Anonymous 54198

Black/Asian have wider noses. To white people, this is a big nose.

White people have taller noses. To Asian people, this is a big nose.

Anonymous 69306

But anon think of the poor gender neutrals, "Latino" is very hurtful and damaging to society, my favourite white Americans said so.

Anonymous 69307

you woke up this ungodly thread for this, anon?

Anonymous 70437

I think that if you bleach your skin it might look off. No way of knowing what undertone it's going to have, how it's going to look around your mouth/eyes, etc.
My skin had been "bleached" from a native american complexion through race mixing and it looks off, kind of like yellow-ish green undertone that makes me look like I'm sick and makes just about any hair colour unflattering on me. Nothing wrong with race mixing, it just didn't do me any favours.

People with naturally light skin have specific undertones that, as far as I know, can't be matched. Thats probably why fake tan often looks artificial.

About the nose job, you will probably not get a nose like picrel, and even if you did it might look different in a mexican woman such as yourself. The bone structure is completely different.

There is nothing wrong with trying to look better, just be realistic and find ways to improve your appearance that match your bone structure. Start with a good diet and exercise and then see if you still want comestic surgery done.

Anonymous 70801

white women spend thousands a year trying to get your skintone
dont get surgery youre fine as is

Anonymous 70815

I have hideous pale skin that has gotten me literal "you're pale as a corpse" comments (it's a saying in my native language) ever since early childhood. As a kid I'd spent entire summers baking in the sun obsessively hoping to get a tan (never did). From my perspective you're blessed with beautiful, healthy looking tan skin that doens't get you "ill" comments, cherish it.

Anonymous 70821

I can understand the nose job because as a latina myself, I also don't like my nose. But the skin thing sounds sad. I hate how obsessed the latinos are with being white. I've seen normie girls who talk about marrying white guys to have white babies, and they always joke about it.
I wish it would stop, but it doesn't seems like it will. Every young hispanic/latina girl seems to be obsessed with white people

Anonymous 70825

I love my pale skin. I’d be sad if I woke up and had tan skin.

Anonymous 70831

Same here, I get the "corpse" comment constantly. Even then, if I had nice clear skin, I wouldn't mind the paleness at all. But it makes the discolorations, acne, nasty irregular flat moles and prominent veins, all of which are plastered fucking everywhere on my body, ten times more noticeable than they would otherwise be.

Anonymous 70835

>But it makes the discolorations, acne, nasty irregular flat moles and prominent veins, all of … more noticeable
Disagree. People with darker skin get hyperpigmentation on all of those imperfections and it looks way worse.

Anonymous 70842

Same, I love being pale. With that said, the most important thing for the appearance of skin is how healthy it is. Glowing moisturized skin without blemishes is going to be attractive in any skin color.

Anonymous 70848


The difference between >>70825 and >>70842 is… telling.

Anonymous 70853

Wut do you mean?
They’re all pretty except for the overweight ones.

Anonymous 71490

yah like DON'T get a nose job unless it's a medical thing and don't bleach your fucking skin ffs ;-;

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