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Single and alone on the holidays? 48666

I've grown sick and tired of seeing all the bragging threads talking about special plans people have for the holidays, so I might as well start my own thread.
Anyone out there gonna experience the pain of being single and alone for the holidays? If you are, share your stories of what you're planning to do to cope with the pain and help pass time. Maybe instead of buying presents for others you're deciding to buy some special presents for yourself.

Basic Stacys and other girls in relationships are NOT welcome to join this discussion.

Anonymous 48669

Hi Satan I personally am used to being alone and prefer it this way but I have to be honest it feels weird seeing people talk about all their plans etc..
I plan to do what I do ever other day on schristmas.

Anonymous 48670

I have no family and spent all my Christmases alone since I was 13. I've set up a nice shady spot with a mini-fridge, reclining camping chair, fan, laptop and speakers. I'm just going to spend most of every day trying to landscape my yard with some music playing, and a nice cool, comfy place to retire to on breaks.

Currently digging out a place for a nice relaxing fish pond and using the soil, as well as some giant rocks left here by the former owner, to build a kind of raised, rocky flower bed I can see from the kitchen. Might run some solar-powered lights around it. Next to it I'm going to tear down an old shed and put up these hydroponics racks my neighbour made for me, then grow some vines over them to make them blend with the fence where passion fruit vines have covered it. Finally going to cut out an old, ugly bush that only blooms for a couple of weeks a year and replace it with some dwarf lemon, lime, orange and mandarin trees.

Hopefully this should completely distract me right through to the new year.

Anonymous 48671

I prefer being alone on Christmas and similar holidays as well. The idea of having a huge family gathering on Christmas or Thanksgiving gives me a headache. I'll probably also just do what I normally do but probably get some chocolates and other Christmas goodies and enjoy them myself. The only holiday I usually feel alone on is New Years Eve. I always wish I could find a party to go to but I don't know how to get invited to one. Never been to a party past middle school.

Anonymous 48672

Most people at work take off two weeks for Christmas. I'll be back working on the 28th. With no people nagging me I might actually get things done. Work the sadness away hahaha

Anonymous 48677

I don’t know if I’m just a miserable person but honestly I much rather prefer staying at home and doing my own thing than going to Christmas parties and whatever. Maybe I’m just not a very festive person. I’m just gonna buy myself some snacks and wine, watch some of my favorite movies and read some comfy books. It’s honestly a better time when I just stay home and do all of my favorite things rather than go out and have to try to make conversation. As for the boyfriend thing, I don’t know how having a boyfriend would make my comfy alone time any more enjoyable than it already is!

Anonymous 48678

Never celebrated Christmas or winter holidays so it's been another day for me. Never been in a relationship either. I'm honestly thinking of killing myself, seeing people talk about buying stuff for their loved ones makes me realize that I'm barely a person.

Anonymous 48681

No I grew up Muslim. Relationships aren't the only reason why I'm going to die, other life circumstances are. I don't enjoy anything anymore.
I second this on going out by yourself lol, I went to see a movie last year and the amount of uneasy looks I got from people who brought their families or partners was awful.

Anonymous 48684

how old are you?

Anonymous 48685

sounds dope

Anonymous 48686

also exmuslim here anon, drop your discord if you ever want to talk

Anonymous 48697

for the past two years now i feel extra lonely during the holiday seasons, specifically starting november/thanksgiving time.

i do have family to be around and celebrate with but it’s the same thing every year… and i just want to bring a significant other to my holiday festivities or even just mention that im dating someone. i feel so lame and lonely because so many other people in my family have brought over their boyfriends/girlfriends to meet and celebrate with for the holidays and i still haven’t.
i always start thinking about what ifs during this season, like what if i was dating someone and how fun it would be to spend this time with them.

i dunno. it sucks.

Anonymous 48738

I relate to this feeling anon, you're definitely not gonna be the only one who's single for the holidays.

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