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Anonymous 48714

>24 year old
>no BF
I thought there was no such a thing as Womcel, what is happening with me?

Anonymous 48715


A life. Get it.

Anonymous 48716

do you talk to men? why don't you have a bf?

Anonymous 48717

Me too anon.. I talk to plenty of men but they all already have gfs and I can't go anywhere new in the pandemic

Anonymous 48720

There are tons of ugly, desperate men out there. Lower your standards or raise your self-sufficiency.

Anonymous 48723

holy shit 24 is still young, hilariously too young to call yourself an incel. also you're going through a pandemic, give yourself a little credit.

Anonymous 48725


filter all the butt ugly bald old moids, put in your bf recruitment post that you want a bf around your age, youthful & healthy looking.

Then stalk that moid, get into his hobbies and tell him compliments he will fall for you. Get his discord open up with "heya cutie". Act like you are ZeroTwo from the Darling in the FRANXX anime. Be an alpha female don't let any moid out flirt you, you need to get into character, you will get cute angelic bf like this 100% someday I assure you.

Anonymous 48727

This just sounds creepy I would want someone I actually like..

Anonymous 48730

Moid spotted

Anonymous 48733

Since I know you were not in that thread. Shrek yourself look:

Anonymous 48734

Well waiting around is proven to not work. So when are you gonna do something girl? You either become assertive in life and make your own choices based on your tastes or grow old waiting till you get picked up by somebody that you don't actually like. Work on it, I believe in you.

Anonymous 48737

A relationship founded between two desperate people who think "better an unattractive gf (or bf) than no gf (or bf) at all" will not turn out well. You don't make friends with anybody, so why would you make an exception when it comes to romantic relationships?
Permasingles or whatever you want to call them need to stop whining about their lack of love lives and think hard about why they aren't dating or fail at dating. If they aren't even trying, they shouldn't be complaining.

Anonymous 48739

i can show you how to get one quick if you want

Anonymous 48741

I want to wait and find someone I actually like because the last 2 times I went out with someone it was because I was so scared of loneliness it ended horribly…in one relationship I literally just ignored him cheating on me because that was better than being single. Right now I'm just telling myself it's better to be alone than miserable and manipulated, but I wish literally any type of love would come my way besides men who will hurt me.

Anonymous 48752

if i were to actually fall for a guy, i would feel he deserves someone other than me so he can be happy in life; and i'd rather be alone than with someone i don't like.

complex feel. i know i'm the engineer of my own misery and yet i can do nothing to stop myself from continuing this doomed thought pattern. it's not even a matter of low self esteem because i border on narcissism. i just have suicidal ideations and know i'm not a good person and can't give a guy anything but my company and physical pleasure. if i actually liked a guy i would want him to be happy, and he won't be happy with me. i'll ruin his life. so instead i just ruin my own.

Anonymous 48765


>Get his discord open up with "heya cutie"
Doting on gfd moids is very effective since they don't know how to handle it.

Anonymous 48782

>hilariously too young to call yourself an incel.
have to disagree here, it's old enough. not old enough to be perma-incel, but old enough that it's not a meaningless term like it would be if a teenager called themself that.

Anonymous 48783

>it's not even a matter of low self esteem because i border on narcissism
why do you think those are incompatible? you're pretty obviously dealing with both things, it's not that rare.

Anonymous 48787

I think it's too young to call yourself an incel if you've dated before but just are in between relationships. But if you've literally never had a bf or gf then yeah op is kinda valid.

Anonymous 48833

Yes but the inevitable mommy shit is weird.

Anonymous 48835

The trick is to let him not call you mommmy but miss.

Anonymous 48843

Incel is only associated with the cheeto dust covered nerd who's a mod on two different chan boards, but it's only an association. The definition is anyone who's involuntarily celibate. Someone who is sexually abstinent against their wish. Nowhere in the definition of Incel is a certain age necessitated, you can be 16 and an incel or 70

Anonymous 48852

Just find a word you like to be called and tell the dumb little moid to use it. It aint rocket acience. But def you should use cutie on him his brain will melt instantly and crush on you hard.

Anonymous 48853

Not all femdom moids call you mommy. My sub bf is a manly fit himbo, and when I dom him he calls me miss

Anonymous 48911

>hopeless about dating after two horrible relationships when i was a teenager
>can't see myself in a relationship without conflicts and compromising and killing parts of myself to adjust
>constantly having dreams of rape so vivid my day gets ruined
>doing everything i can to find a guy that i connect with but miserably failing
>tfw femcel

me too, girl, me too.

Anonymous 49082

Its not that bad to be 24 and with no bf
I am 26 and the only men who will date me are literally mentally ill and ugly, so things can always be worse.
Keep trying to work on yourself and improve your mental/physical state and chances are you will find a half decent person.
It's never too late or too hopeless.

Anonymous 49086

>It's never too late or too hopeless.
As long as you lower your standards accordingly, but at some point it becomes preferable to stay forever alone.

Anonymous 49087

you dont have to lower standards though if you make yourself great, right?
people find life partners at different stages of their life even though OP may feel hopeless now. and being alone is NOT the worst thing ever when you enjoy who you are as a person. eventually someone else is bound to see that too.

Anonymous 49088

>you dont have to lower standards though if you make yourself great, right?
You can't be serious. Did you forget that people age?

Anonymous 49095

people keep dating into their 30s and 40s

Anonymous 49117

Do you see a lot of young boys chasing grannies?

Anonymous 49119

Why do you want young boys when your 40. If you want cheap sex that's still prime age for cougar hunters but if you want a partnership a young boy isn't good be good for that when you're 40

Anonymous 49120

Unhappy and lonely people usually do

Anonymous 49128

>doing everything i can to find a guy that i connect with but miserably failing
what are you even able to do? covid has ruined this for me

Anonymous 49231


>my birthday is tomorrow
>i'm turning 24
>still no bf
thanks for the reminder, OP

Anonymous 49254

happy birthday anon <3

Anonymous 49287

Start the new year with the affirmation: "I am going to go do fun stuff with like minded people. I might even meet some cool dudes that are into the same stuff once this COVID situation gets dealt with."
1. Pick something that you enjoy or want to try and take a lesson or three first.
2. Join a club for said activity, IF you like it. Hiking, Skiing, Sailing, Kayaking, and Shooting sports are all heavily male over-represented so you will meet a bunch of (mostly) dudes who are relaxed and having a good time. (Sailboat Sailors are an eclectic group and generally more tolerant of the personal quirks of others.)
3. Every club has a social component and even if you are new to whatever you can stand out by bringing some awesome homemade food or drink to their pot lucks to share. If you don't already know learn how to make a couple great mixed drinks figure it out now. Jello shots are supper easy. Sharing is caring and even if you are newb at X you can make a legitimate contribution to the after party.
4. Take your time figuring out who is available that strikes your fancy in the group.
5. The older ladies will at some point inquire about your relationship status and delight in the mere prospect of setting you up with a guy in the club. They will also have known the guy in question for a while and you benefit from their prior knowledge.

Relying on trusted Elders within a community to help get relationships kindled is still valid.

Anonymous 49292


Happy birthday, Anon.
Wishing you and everyone who doesn't have a bf will get a cute and empathetic bf this year!
Thank you for your post, Anon.

Anonymous 49297

No don't do that, don't enter in an already established social circle just to flirt with someone. Everyone is going to see through your game and everyone is going to hate you for it.

Anonymous 49309

tenor (2).gif

Happy Birthday, anon! I'm rooting for you

Anonymous 49447

I always wonder what happens if a date or set up desert work out. Isn't it awkward to keep doing that activity with those people? That's why I never look for dating in any hobby I have.

Anonymous 49449

This is something I see arguments pro and con for. On the one hand, mutual activities is where people used to meet partners before online dating. On the other hand, it shouldn't be the reason you go to them nor should you be "on the prowl"… or maybe you should?

I definitely have a lot of friends who do indoor climbing for the social aspect, including dating. While they don't hate climbing, the have no interest in getting better at it and stick to the easy climbs.

Anonymous 49523

>kissless virgin
>zero bf experience
Is life worth living at this point?

Anonymous 49537

As someone in the same boat, no. The only thing stopping me from killing myself is that I would probably fuck up and then be in constant emotional AND physical pain.

Anonymous 49539

My mom was a kissless virgin with zero bf experience when she was 30 and met my 44 year old dad (he's pretty rich). What I'm tryna say is there are still some older divorced childless rich men out there willing to marry. (I'm assuming he valued her virginity so try not to lose it if you plan on ever marrying)

Anonymous 49556

That’s scarier than death tbh. Pain is okay if it ends for sure.

Do you have siblings?

It would be immoral and against everything I believe for me to give birth, so finding an older man looking for a incubator is not the best option. But not wanting kids would have made finding a husband difficult even in normal circumstances.

I just hope I can start my cat collection soon, because there is nothing else to look forward to in this life.

Anonymous 49562

of course it is. both of you are probably romanticizing the whole having bf thing since you have zero bf experience. relationships are pretty stressful.

Anonymous 49564

>ha ha, you don't understand how hard it is to be loved by another person!
>dump my bf? oh, gosh, never, he's such a sweetie

stacy pls

Anonymous 49565

like I said, you're obviously romanticizing it. no idea how you came to those weird conclusions based on my post.
I was being realistic when I said relationships are stressful and not as special as you make them out to be.

Anonymous 49568

>it's not special, it's totally normal and everyday
>guess you're the one who's special, ed


Anonymous 49571

Not her and far from Stacey (am khv) but she's right that it's just a lot of effort.
I used to be obsessed with getting a partner before reflecting on the fact that I can barely maintain friendships. People get annoying.
Fuck. Imagine having to please and consider someone else's opinion of you for the rest of your life. And that would be assuming your partner will always be decent! There's also a massive chance that they'll disappoint you by cheating or treating you like shit.

I'm not 30 yet, but even in my mid-twenties I know I've simply become too used to my own company to desperately wish to include someone else in it. Too much time that I could use learning new skills or raising animals.

Just jerk off and better yourself, anons. Not needing someone also ensures if someone decides to get to know you then you know for sure they like you. The perks of being a grumpy recluse.

Anonymous 49572

Ignore Stacy, I recently got my first bf and even before that happened I knew that it would be very nice if I had found the right person and we were in love. But I guess it can suck pretty easily if you didn't know well your partner before and things turn out bad, like he isn't as much committed to the relationship as you are.

Anonymous 49573

I'm the anon here >>49572 , I mistook you for Stacy too, sorry.

Anonymous 49592

sadly women say this too. there's no slang for female masturbation that doesn't sound weirdly gross (flicking the bean, schlicking, etc) so we have to resort to male terms if we want to be casual. i recommend "getting off" as a neutral term.

Anonymous 49593

It's okay, anon. But honestly I feel worse for women who have reached this conclusion after having been hurt by men they trusted.
Technically you still jerk your hand. But also what >>49592 said.

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