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Mixed/Biracial Thread Anonymous 4891

Probably going to cause drama because people can't just let others have things but is anyone else here biracial/mixed?

I thought it would be a nice place to post stories, ventings for dealing with family or others, etc. I feel like people are maybe going to say to go to Tumblr but that site not only doesn't really promote discussion but despite what they project they're not friendly towards mixed people at all. Just interracial dating to "stick it to white people". I also feel like a lot of them are american because they think mixed means white and black.

Anonymous 4894

I guess I'm technically mixed but people just see me as white and I identify as white too because of that. It's not a big deal in my country though, no one really cares much about that. It was never a problem in my life and I didn't grow up weirded out. I can understand why some people from other countries may see if as a problem, but i wasn't affected by it at all.

Anonymous 4895

I'm half European and half Latin America, but look pretty white so I identify as white. My cousins do not look like me at all (a lot more ethnic looking) and people can be pretty shocked when I tell them that I'm part Latin American and that most of my mom's side of the family speaks fluent Spanish. Being mixed was never a rly big deal for me as well, very much accepted from where I'm from. I just wish people would acknowledge the other parts of race instead of assuming I'm ignorant about parts of South America, etc.

Anonymous 4897

I'm half Asian and half black. Since I live in a small city where everyone is white, I look extremely strange and stand out in a bad way. In big cities it's not a big deal, but it's not like I'm going to live in one anytime soon. I identify more as Asian (I was raised more by my Asian family than my black family) but only my family will accept me as such. I'm not going to lie, it kind of sucks and I had a lot of angst about it growing up. Not fitting in anywhere and getting "wtf" looks all the time doesn't bother me as much anymore though.

Anonymous 4898

Asian/Italian heritage, raised in Canada here. I do understand what you mean. I've had a somewhat easier time in Canada than America. My father's side (asian) accepted me more than my mother's side. Years ago the latter was really openly discriminative towards other ethnicity and now suddenly they pay them compliments in this way that just feels.. forced and disingenuous.

Anonymous 4911

Anonymous 4913

Same combination here. You're lucky to be accepted where you're from because I kind of feel like a freak. My existence upsets both /pol/tards and overzealous SJWs who try and fail to put me in a box and categorize me. Depending on the day I'm either a mongrel or just a white person who has no right to complain about racism. Fun!

It's interesting because my face and skin tone are pretty much "white" with the slight exception of my almond shaped dark eyes. To the average person I look like a slightly ethnic (think Italian, Bulgarian, Serbian) white person and am read as such until people see my surname. That's when I get to see people completely change their demeanor towards me or get really annoying about how caucasian I look to them, even though I personally think it's pretty obvious that I have something else in me.

I'd love to live in an area where people are completely unfazed by me but I'm too broke right now. Oh well.

Anonymous 4916

I'm black/white mixed. I've always been considered white by the local black community and my dad's side of the family which is fine because that's what I identify with anyway. I'm not bothered by it(I was when I was a kid though but grew out of it) but I used to know a lot of people who were cause I knew a couple of poltards and then retards who'd be all "why do the white women steal our black brothers". My dad's side is black and my mom's is white. I think grandparents on both sides are secretly bitter their kid married someone outside their race but they seem to have moved past it(with the exception of my grandmother on my mom's side).

If anything the one thing that does piss me off is my younger sister. I don't like drawing attention to race but she does for some reason. She whines "why aren't there any black people in this place? Why do I have to talk white?" blah blah blah blah. She considers herself black which wouldn't be a big deal except she bitches about white people nevermind the fact our mom is white. She then tries to pass herself off as coming form the ghetto and like we had this hard, rough upbringing like "all black kids go through" when really we just live in a normal suburb where everyone is just normal middle class people. It's where we've lived our entire lives. We went to a school full of inner city kids which I guess that's why she feels the need to act that way but I really don't get it tbh. Does anyone else have that one sibling who has to act/think a certain way because they're mixed with a certain race? Why do they do this?

Anonymous 4999

OP here and its usually due to the higher rate of depression and mental disorders mixed people face. Being a teenager already sucks dick for most, so then imagine being a teenager and you're mixed and having an identity crisis because there's all of these "ways" you're expected to be both at home and out in the world.

Anonymous 5030

I'm half Native American and half white and very much look the part. Basically got the ethnic features (round face, wide nose, dark hair and eyes) with lighter skin. I've always been mistaken for a bunch of different races (Lebanese/Korean/Half Filipino/Brazilian), but I'm not sure if it's my racial ambiguity or the fact that Natives are 2% of the population.

I guess I went through the usual teenage self-hate race wise, feeling ugly compared to fully white girls and ashamed of my culture. Then it evolved into the confusion of "am I brown enough to speak on Native issues now that I've accepted myself?" This isn't helped by those 1/16 cherokee blonde-haired/blue-eyed people that lead everyone to believe we're actually all white or extinct.

To be fair most of these are complete non-issues and I haven't faced any real racism face-to-face or anything. And I didn't grow up on a reservation, just spent my first five years there, so I can't speak on that experience.

Anonymous 5035

I'm half black and half japanese and look fairly ambiguous. I had some issues growing up bc this was an extremely uncommon mixture for my area so people did the whole exotic zoo animal thing. It was an area that's historically more liberal and open, so they weren't rude about it but it was still fairly creepy. I have noticed that people who (un)knowingly have issues with black people really de-emphasize my black side or "forget" about it altogether.

Did anyone else ever have people try to guess which of your parents were which race? Or other stereotypical things about "why" your parents got together? My dad's black so it was always "you must be a military brat".

How much younger is she? For some younger people being black/brown/ethnic is kinda trendy now, and she's probably having some FOMO from not being raised stereotypically black.

Anonymous 5036

I’m half Russian Jew, and always hated it.

I got shitty hair and teeth from that side of the family (look like the stereotypical Jew). Had to get braces and have my jaw reshaped due to my shit teeth being just that shit. I now straighten and bleach my hair. Thankfully I got pale skin/blue eyes/normal nose and am mistaken for (non-Jewish) Russian and German usually…

I don’t practice Judaism and have zero interest in Jewish practices…but I’ve had people make antisemitic statements around me quite a few times, and it makes me very uncomfortable. Including a nazi that fled during WW2, and remarked “Who is this cute little German girl?” I was too young and freaked out to say anything because anti-Jewish sentiment is strong…

I don’t hate Jews, but I don’t want to be any part Jewish because they are universally hated…I’ve met people who hate Jews in countries that don’t even have/never had Jews!

So yeah…This might offend some anons, but it’s truly how I feel and have felt my entire life. I’m just grateful to look “white”
(Since quite a few people don’t consider Jews white or even human…) :(

Anonymous 5046

OP here and yes. I am of Italian and Japanese descent, but we live in Canada. People always assumed my mother was the Asian one.

Anonymous 5049

She's 18. I'm 20. I feel like if she lived in an actual ghetto and had a real rough upbringing she probably wouldn't survive. She probably does it so she fits in with certain people but it's odd since she's still a weirdo like I am(she'll try to act "black" as possible but likes things like anime which, outside of Naruto or DBZ, black people here claim they don't watch anime). She's basically full of talk but could never live the stereotypical life. She's probably somewhat self loathing I don't know. She probably is on the trendy train.

I've had people try to guess which parents are what race. If I ever said my dad was black they would refuse to believe it but they always assumed my mom was black and that was somehow believable. When people saw my mom, they assumed I was lying about being half black. My dad worked a lot so it was pretty hilarious when he would show up to old high school events and my classmates' jaws would drop. I was still considered white of course because I "acted like it".

We were generally told to act different at home. I recall when I was about 14-15 my sister was trying to be all yolo swag and our parents told her to stop because we talk like we're educated in this house kek. She still talks like it and gets irrate when she has to use proper English with people who don't understand it. She could pass for white if she wanted to but I suppose it just feels easier to fit in. She's in college now and wishes there were more minorities. Hearing her whine about it drives me crazy. I get identifying more with one part of your heritage but she seems to make it a bigger part of her identity than it needs to be.

Anonymous 5051

>We were generally told to act different at home. I recall when I was about 14-15 my sister was trying to be all yolo swag and our parents told her to stop because we talk like we're educated in this house kek.

Are you American? I'm asking you because I feel like black people don't behave any different than other races where I come from. I've only ever seen that happen in the US, but what the fuck do i know? I'm not American or black, it's just a question.

Anonymous 5052

Lol it's ok, you didn't come off as rude or anything but yes I'm American. I don't know what it's like to be black in other countries but the U.S has a lot of emphasis on race as you've probably heard. That's been my experience at least. I always hear about this stuff on the news and it never really comes from other countries. Just us.

Anonymous 5054

Yeah, it's kind of weird to me that it even says what race you are on your ID…
I live in France and there's a few working class people who idolise the whole gangsta culture thing but they usually get side eyed a lot. Otherwise there's no difference between their behaviour and anyone else's.

Anonymous 5079

> people thought your parents were white dad/black mom
That's pretty odd, where I'm from the default is the opposite. IME, if you have one black parent they always assume it's the dad. Though, I suppose it's because of your socioeconomic status and being white-passing.

Yeah it sounds like she wants to be apart of some trend or something and is overcompensating. She sounds kinda tumblr and they really hate white-passing minorities/mixed people lol.

Anonymous 5093

>She sounds kinda tumblr and they really hate white-passing minorities/mixed people lol.

Can confirm. They and other liberals harp on with their signs about LEL UR GRANDKIDS R GONNA B BROWN XDD and pushing interracial relationships yet they never talk about biracial/mixed children. We don't mean shit to them. They ignore the higher rates of depression we're subject to and the identity crises, they ignore any bullying and instead take to bullying us themselves.

Its funny how the people who claim to be fighting against racism are pretty fucking racist themselves.

Anonymous 5099

What do you think of the fact that 1-5 guys shit posting non stop everyday made people think that hapas are unhinged?

Anonymous 5102

>the U.S has a lot of emphasis on race as you've probably heard.
nta but I think America puts way too much focus on race and nationality. In Europe if you're French, you're French. If you're German, you're German. It doesn't matter what you look like, if you feel you're from a certain country then you are. Europeans take a lot of pride in their countries.

In the US however, nobody wants to be American, it seems. Like it's not good enough just to say "I'm American." Like it would be bizarre here for someone to say they're "African European" or "Asian European" but that's common in the US. And every white American I've ever met goes into the "I'm quarter Cherokee, quarter Hawaiian, 1/8th Italian and I'm pretty sure I've got some Irish in me because the sun burned me once" immediately after meeting them. Uh, so you mean you're American then?

Just a weird observation I've made.

Anonymous 5104

>nta but I think America puts way too much focus on race and nationality. In Europe if you're French, you're French. If you're German, you're German. It doesn't matter what you look like, if you feel you're from a certain country then you are. Europeans take a lot of pride in their countries.
Can confirm this as being true for SA as well. I wonder if Asian countries do the same.

Anonymous 5106

Wow, cool to read that Europe is an actual colourblind, racism-free utopia. And I thought I was lucky to be a Canuck.

Anonymous 5108

NTA and i know you're sort of joking, but it's not really that perfect. They do care way less about color and race than any other American generally speaking though.

Anonymous 5134

I was pretty disturbed when I first came upon that subreddit. I thought I finally found a hapa community and instead it was a bunch of angry dudes..

I've had varying experiences so I don't really know what to make of things. I've seen Americans actually get upset and tell others (myself included) to "stop heritagefagging" and to just refer to oneself as American or Canadian and never talk about your ethnicity. I've experienced more with Americans actively trying to police how I refer to myself as hapa, citing their JAV and idol as the basis of what makes a "true asian" in terms of looks, and when I was in Massachusetts I was asked how could I be mixed if I'm not black.

Also, being American is a nationality and not an ethnicity and it seems like people forget this when they shout others down on how dare you talk of what you are.

Anonymous 5137


Lol Europeans always try to pull this bullshit and it's totally false. Why can I, as a person who only speaks English, google "Racism in X" with x being any country in Europe and get pages after page of both first hand accounts and academic or news reporting of racism, the cultural differences between different ethnic groups and how they're treated, and how non-white Europeans police themselves in white Europeans presence, basically everything talked about in this thread but you,
an ~enlightened~ European apparently don't know what the fuck is going on in your own country/continent?

Anonymous 5138

Not her but she's right for the most part (also she didn't say racism doesn't exist there). As a non American who has traveled a lot and having family from and in different countries I can tell you Americans really do put way too much emphasis on race/what you look like/roots whereas most countries aren't nearly that obsessive. I'm tired of eurofags trying to spread lies too and I know people who have dealt with problems regarding this matter in Europe, but in general they're way less obsessed with color and ethnicity.

Anonymous 5180

Lmao ikr they like to pretend as if there hasn't been indian and east asian discrimination over there especially as of late.

Anonymous 5182

I find that the biracial "conversation" in the US especially is always extremely skewed to people who are half white.

Anonymous 5184

I've found that people in the US seem to think that biracial or mixed just means part black in some way.

And if you say you're anything else, such as korean and mexican, you're either a liar or "they don't see it".

Anonymous 5186

Im latina (colombia) not white passing but not very dark either and it always bothers me how the discussion of race is lead by the US folks, my country is pretty conservative and racist af but the way the US folks are so divided and focused on race is insane, the moment other people say they don't have it THAT bad on other countries they freak out and think you are saying racism doesn't exist fuck u get your head out of ur asses

Anonymous 5189

.. okay, but this thread is about being biracial.

Also you need to be 18 to post here.

Anonymous 5192

I didn't say racism doesn't exist here, it definitely does.

Anonymous 5212


So you're not mixed and you're here giving your opinion why exactly?

Anonymous 5215

wtf learn to read IM FUCKIN MIXED

Anonymous 5218

you dont know anything abou latin america don't you?

Anonymous 5219

Most people don't.
I'm not sure why you're getting snotty when the average person doesn't walk around with knowledge of every single country's plights mentally categorized.

Anonymous 5220

South America in general doesn't give a fuck about skin color imo since most people are mixed anyway. If you look white here, then you're white. In other countries you would probably be Latino but white passing, but still. Black people complain a lot about racism but I don't really think we have it as bad as other countries, but I'm ~white~ so wtf do I know

Anonymous 5221

uh? you sure about that? even brazil have a great deal of colorism, while its true south america have a whole deal of mixed people it prevails the idea of the more white you look the better, you dont need a sociological or antropological degree to see the fact that most places sells you the "white" image as the mos desirable, ads from food to clothes and even domestic cleaning have white looking fellow, tv stars are predominantly "white"and phrases like "yo era mas blanco cuando naci" ((i was whiter when i was born)) or "cuando niño tenia el pelo mas claro" CCi had lighter hair color as a child)) run among most people

Anonymous 5222

Well yeah, I am. I'm brazilian myself. Maybe I just have a different POV because I am "white" and my family members for the most part are recent immigrants, but yes. I don't think it's nearly as bad as in other countries (personally experienced with the US for example) but with this said I do live in a bubble so I don't know. I work with foreigners/deal with tourists and immigrants weekly also.

Anonymous 5230

My fiance is from Chile and that is how it pretty much is there. The only people who get any "discrimination" are the mapuche and that's because they act like how blacks do in the US.

Anonymous 5231

>I think grandparents on both sides are secretly bitter their kid married someone outside their race but they seem to have moved past it(with the exception of my grandmother on my mom's side)

based maternal grandmother

Anonymous 5233

Sorry that people tend to think about you that way anon. As stated before, my skin tone and facial features are very white. My hair on the other hand, is very thick, curly and dark (which is probably from my Latin side lol). When I was little one of my family members on the white/European side of my family called me "exotic". Back then I didn't know what to think of that comment, and even now I still don't know what to make of it.

I feel like a lot of my appearance is more exaggerated than a fully white girl's appearance which kinda throws me off sometimes and idk where to fit in/find it hard to relate. Also I feel like I don't look like either of my parents so thinking about my appearance can be weird sometimes lol

Once when I was on vacation a guy tried to guess my race/background and basically guessed everything EXCEPT what I actually am. Some people also tend to think I look pretty Jewish but I'm not.

And while on the topic of surnames, when people hear mine they don't think white or latin american - they think asian. That can REALLY throw people off.

Anonymous 5535

I'm Mestizo so Idk if I count or not but really I don't like Western mixed people, you are really entitled and low key racist, specially those that are Black/White or Asian/White.

Anonymous 5536

It's interesting that people are surprised at your dad being the Black one, considering Black men are the ones that date/marry outside their race the most.

Anonymous 5537

You forgot to mention your country conveniently invaded their land :^)

Anonymous 5538

im going to need some proof regarding that statement. I think whites are the ones that marry outside their race the most

Anonymous 5540


Whites are actually the least likely to do so

Anonymous 5541

Anonymous 5543

They're not, which is why the losers that screech about "da Whyte race R dying because of racemixing" are retards. Of course they seem to think that only white blood is diluted, and not the other races.

Anonymous 5544

And also the only reason why you think that is because of the internet and there is a brigade of Asian males shitting on Hapas and "race mixers" almost 24/7 on 4chan, r/Hapas and other boards. If you insult Hapas they don't care but watch them rage when you insult Asian males.

Anonymous 5545

Fucking lmao

Anonymous 5546

Anonymous 5547

What does that have to do with Black people, tho?

Anonymous 5548

America anons, please explain why being mixed is such a huge deal over there? I'm brazilian and in my country most people are mixed. Generally it's half white/half black or half white/half native american but we also have half asian(mostly japanese but there's also some koreans and chinese) and it just seems so… normal? I mean i am part native and part white myself and a lot of people are like that too, to the point MOST OF THE COUNTRY identifies as "pardo" which means something like mixed, to the point that people will go crazy if somebody has a pure white family for example. I never understood what the big deal about being biracial was.

Nobody is saying that racism isn't a thing in the south, it is, but our flavor of racism is more colorism than anything. Yeah, they say the lighter your skin is the better but they don't pick apart characteristics like hair, facial features etc because a girl with all stereotypical black features possible will be considered white so long as she has fair skin, for example. I have all features of a white girl but my skin is darker so people call me "parda", which is yet another thing that doesn't seem to be huge on other countries.. It seems racism just works differently here than in other places.

Anonymous 5549

I think part of it is because segregation still wasn't all that long ago. Iirc interracial marriage in the U.S was illegal until the 60s or something like that. People from that era are obviously still alive so I guess maybe that has something to do with it. I used to have a teacher in middle school who was mixed and born during segregation and he had to be put up for adoption just for being mixed. I don't know how big of a deal being mixed is in America as a whole but where I'm from there are people who pitch fits over it. Race came up as a topic of discussion in class once and a group of black girls commented it was wrong because "white women always steal their men". I guess you're expected to just be one race and that being mixed does not exist to a lot of people which is part of why I always got flat out told I was white and was lying about being half black when I was a kid. Another part of it could be that because of the "you can't be mixed cause x reason" that a lot of mixed people get an identity crisis and they don't know how they fit in. I know I mentioned it earlier on in this thread but I was only bothered about being mixed when I was a kid and got over it and the only people who care now are /pol/tards and really racist black people. I know everyone's experience may vary though since the America is pretty big.

Hope I could at least answer part of your question anon.

I guess it depends on where in America you'd live. Kids and adults were always surprised about it when I was growing up but I'm currently living elsewhere and no one seems surprised at all.

Anonymous 5550

The first meaning that comes to my mind with that word is always incest.

Anonymous 5551

Like >>5549 said, basically government mandated school segregation ended in like the middle 1950s. Obviously people don't just get over their issues just because the law says so.

The short of it is, being biracial is still not a common thing here. Obviously, if everyone was biracial/mixed like in Brazil, no one here would care like this.

Americans take race and culture at face value. I've seen people stare at a white hispanic/afro latino couple like it was the same as a white/black couple, when obviously they share some kind of cultural roots as latin/hispanic people.

In a lot of places in America, races of people tend to stick to their own. White people in the United "Melting Pot" States of America can still go their entire lives and only have to interact with other white people. For a lot of people, interacting with a different race of people is an option (I'm not just saying white ppl here btw). Since that's optional, meeting people who seem to want to meet others who may be very different from you is surprising.

At this time, imo, there are certain mixes that are now regarded as more "normal". white/asian, white/black, white/latino, and black/latino cross my mind.

Anonymous 5552

Ok I thought you meant the world, but that's only in the US. I guess it makes sense.

Nope. The reason is that Ive lived in 4 different continents and that is what I've observed.

Anonymous 5553

Um, it's the same in Canada and the UK, the rate in those countries is even higher lol

Anonymous 5558

This thread is for mixed races and interracial relationships, they also endorse BBC BMWF stuff, not just shitting on WMAF. If you 'll notice the BBC threads always have a similar format across all boards, it not just the same opening text. They just hate white men in general.

Anonymous 5564


I agree with you.

I think this is a bit misleading, because whites are still a majority in the U.S. Even though most white people marry other white people, that's only because there is a greater chance of them meeting and falling in love with another white person.

If we look at the makeup of most of these couples, white people make up the majority of the partners in interracial couples (pic related, and probably also to do with whites being a majority, so there again being a greater chance of both whites and minorities falling in love with a white person).

Anonymous 5565

I'm obviously talking in proportion to each group not total number.

Anonymous 5569


Whites are the majority in the US but proportionally, whites show the least amount of interracial marriage rates. And it's probably as you said, there's a ton of them and something like 70% of white people can live their lives without much contact with any other race of people.

Most interracial marriages consisting of one white person doesn't mean that white people marry outside of their race the most, it just means of nonwhite people who marry outside of their race, they're more likely to choose a white partner.

Even speaking proportionally, whites just don't intermarry as often as nonwhite races. You'd have an argument that whites are overrepresented in interracial marriages, but that's not the same as saying that whites are the most likely to marry someone of a different race.

Anonymous 6225

>Be me, a literal mutt
>Peruse 4chan for the first time in years out of morbid curiosity
>Le 56% goblino mutt face and assorted memes poking fun of mixed race people are now the norm and posted on literally every board

I know I should be butthurt because it's making fun of me and my kind specifically, but I'm not. Is that weird? Maybe I just like the feeling that my existence buttblasts /pol/shits that badly.

Anonymous 6227

That's probably a very healthy way to look at it. Those people are shitty and their opinions are only fueled by weird fears of us all becoming ambiguously brown. How scary.

Anonymous 6235

If you go in and insult Hapas they don't care but try insulting Asian males and see what happens. You'll see who is behind it. And I'm certain it's the same group of autists spamming it.

Anonymous 6532

Roaming Millennial…

Does anyone here watch Roaming Millennial? She's half Asian/European and lives in Canada. She makes lots of good discussion and points about culture and politics.

Anonymous 6539

a white race obsessed nerd dream

Anonymous 6614

Do Canadians have nothing else to do other than get into American politics?

Anonymous 6615

Perhaps they find our Socialist Hellhole(tm) to be a lost cause.

Note how they usually never immigrate to the U.S. kek.

Anonymous 13908


Anonymous 13917

Those memes poke fun at Americans for the most part.

Anonymous 13918

I’m a latina so I’m a literal mutt (mestiza) and those mutt memes don’t offend me at all. I actually have used it sometimes to trigger the americans kek. Maybe I’m so desensitized to this kind of shitposting that it doesn’t bother me.

Anonymous 13919

South America definitely isn’t as bad as the US but there’s still that idea that having fairer skin, light hair and eyes etc. is seen as more beautiful than someone with more “indio” features. For example, that’s why my grandma considers our fam friend’s wife beautiful just because she’s a gringa but she’s really just a generic looking white girl.

Anonymous 13937

and you aren't a generic looking brown girl?

Anonymous 13938

Lol I probably am but that’s not my point. There are pretty white girls but it doesn’t mean just because you’re white or have euro features you’re automatically beautiful which is how they kinda see it in South America.

Anonymous 13939

Can confirm this. Just having fairer skin there gives you lots of points even if you're uggo as sin.

Anonymous 14785

i'm a mutt and i hate mutts like you

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