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Anonymous 48988

I don't like being gay. I don't like other lesbians. I don't like when people tell me they wish they were a lesbian. I don't like my sexual thoughts towards women either.

Anonymous 48989

I don't fellow lesbians either. They make me wish I was born a man.

Anonymous 48990

Sometimes I wish I was a man, sometimes I wish I was straight. Both of those possibilities are highly unsatisfying for me, I don't really want either. But I don't like how things are for me now.

Do you feel like sharing any more feels? If you don't that's ok, I'm glad you replied to me.

Anonymous 48991

And I think about life and I think about death… and neither one particularly appeals to me.

Anonymous 48996

Join the bi mastersex.
You dont have to worry about anything, enjoy the pleasantries and you can reproduce if you want to.

Anonymous 48997

That doesn't do anything about my main problem. I want to have wholesome friendship with women but I can't because I won't be able to escape thoughts of sex. I can't have wholesome friendships with men because they might feel the same towards me. There's gay men but I don't relate to them or connect with them in my experience.

Anonymous 48998

Why not just get a wholesome best friend who you have sex with (aka gf)

Anonymous 48999

I don't feel like other lesbians like me or are maybe they're not like me. I have had a few relationships and it never feels like they lust for me the way I do for them. It's too much like just a friendship. I wish that could be all I need. Maybe I haven't found the right person but my experiences have discouraged me.

Anonymous 49003

Holy shit are you me? I'm hypersexual but legit didn't know until I realized I was bi (not lesbian) and started fucking men, because I just didnt feel that intense sexuality from girls. Hate this shit!!!!!

Anonymous 49013

I have two really close male friends and we have no sexual tension at all, just find cool people who won't view you as a sex object
maybe find a bi girl to date since they act different to lesbians usually

Anonymous 49027

I hate it too. I hate it so much.

I'm the problem. I'm the creep. I can't be around other women without my mind wandering to sex. I create the sexual tension.

Anonymous 49028

This place is mostly filled with straight/moid attracted women who might give a certain vibe when complaining about men, but please don't take any kind of message to heart that you should feel bad or creepy for having sexual attraction to women, it's not healthy. Finding a partner isn't easy but it doesn't make you bad for wanting one.

Anonymous 49033

I make myself feel that way. I'm not comfortable with my attraction to women. I'm anxious being around my supervisor at work because she's so attractive. That doesn't feel right to me. I hate glancing at customers because of their bodies. I feel like a sexbrained idiot. None of them would ever want me anyway because it's a statistical given that they're all straight and probably have partners. It feels impossible to meet other lesbians, and when I do, they're not sexbrained like me. They don't lust for my body the way I lust for theirs. It makes me feel ugly and different.

Anonymous 49035

Hi, I just wanted to say I completely relate to you. I'm bisexual but I'm much more attracted to women as opposed to men. The thing is, I've only dated men and even that's been frustrating because they never want sex as much as I do no matter how attractive they claim I am (and no matter how much attention I get from strangers for my appearance, etc.) and I have often felt like if even my boyfriends don't want me sexually as much as I want them, how will I go with a woman when usually, it seems women don't want sex as much as men? I know it's terrible to stereotype, but I feel so alone in that I would love to have sex a lot with a woman, but most women don't seem as interested in the sexual aspect of a relationship beyond the new relationship energy phase (1-2 years before the sexual passion tends to die down, for others).

I, too, sexualize women (not on purpose) all the time in public and such and I feel guilt about it. They wouldn't even want that from me.

Anonymous 49036

I'm sad you know these feels. Part of it is that I feel so grossed out when a man reveals any attraction to me, so in a way I feel grossed out by myself for feeling that kind of attraction for other women. The lack of being desired by other women is what really wounds my soul though. I'm so jealous of gay men more than anything, I wish there was a hookup culture of women who met up with other women just to fuck. I want that so bad. I want to swap pics of my body and meet up and be horny with people. But instead there's just nothing. Only loneliness.

Anonymous 49053


I'm a 90/10-for-women bi, and have the same yet opposite issue.
I'm horny as shit for women but it's made complicated by the fact that I hate the idea of being touched/sexually desired by anyone. Years of being a coomer have trained me to only get off on the pleasure of others and feel nothing about my own body.
So hetero sex? Obviously out of the question.
Gay sex? Forbidden and shameful because of the things you mentioned ITT.

After many years of consideration I've decided to just stay a virgin forever and get social fulfillment from my two friends. I'll just masturbate and work on my hobbies for the next 50 years and that will be fine. I mean…it will have to be.

Anonymous 49057

>Do you feel like sharing any more feels?
Most lesbians I meet in person are the 'if I'm having a son I'm having an abortion' or 'if you have fetishes or tastes that aren't my own they're disgusting' type. It feels like all the women that have likeable personalities are straight. I get that the loudest people aren't always the majority, but it sometimes feels like I'm the only sane lesbian in the world.

How does one meet cool lesbians?

Anonymous 49141

the cool lesbians are not the one whose the first thing you hear about them is that they are lesbians. First you think they are cool and then you hear they are lesbian. Sadly they tend to get rarer by the day.

Anonymous 49337

Consider taking a lesbian cruise when the boats start making trips again. Do a little people watching on board, live in the moment, and sit at a different table every night at dinner. There are women out there that you will relate to and it might help you fine tune your Gaydar.

Alternately get on Tinder and keep swiping. Having a (random) sexual outlet could help you relate to women in general better as you would be getting your sexual needs met elsewhere and could compartmentalize the non-sexual female interactions in your life.

And aside from your inner conflict and angst, know that putting the onus on yourself not to display interest in random women so as not to upset them at the expense of your own needs is a very considerate and principled act. You are acting in a very noble way, even though your situation hurts.

Anonymous 49532


Anonymous 49540

I have this feeling a lot too, I think I'm actually bi, but am just terrified and turned off by a lot of "real life" lesbains, so I have no idea if I just have curious feelings or if I'm actually bi

Anonymous 50352

you're normal
you just need to schlick more
or find a similar sex angsty gf
just get the "poison" out, and you wont be clenching your fist everytime your supervisor walks by

a lot of "lesbians" and bi's are more or less confused or just grossed out by most men, or they just dont have much of a sex drive to begin with

Anonymous 50364

it's Internalized Homophobiaâ„¢
takes years of therapy and lots of love to fix it. good luck anon

Anonymous 50369

no, its called low self esteem

Anonymous 50372

>I don't like being gay. I don't like my sexual thoughts towards women either.
>"oh you just have low self esteem"

Anonymous 50374

Okay. Sounds like a tough life to deal with, what can you do about it?

Anonymous 50385

youre not secure with the fact you want to go muff diving on every attractive girl you see
its who you are, you cant really change that
someone will feel the sameway about you and they will be lucky for you to be in their life

Anonymous 50619

How could I be ok with this? It feels wrong to feel lust like this.

Anonymous 50621

sexual desire is a part of being human, I've had to deal with liking girls my whole life, its not something to be afraid of

Anonymous 50622

It's gross to me. I'm not emotionally disciplined enough to separate my desire for someone from the rest of who they are as a person. Like when my supervisor speaks to me, all I'm thinking about it is how hot she is. It's creepy of me. I'm a creep.

Anonymous 50623

youre human

Anonymous 50822

relatable af. i don't know if i'm just a horny virgin teen or a hypersexual person in general. whatever it is, i need to find a fwb as soon as covid ends kek

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