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Anonymous 49247

>there are males on this board reading this post right now and they're just here to laugh at us


Anonymous 49255

Scrotes go everywhere online. I wonder what other women do with their time that they don't lurk on random websites all day like scrotes do. I'd actually like to know because I'm just tired of browsing the internet and want to become normal women like them. Anyway, it doesn't help that this is an imageboard. If I was making my own website for women I'd disguise it as a forum about a topic that scrotes don't give a fuck about like gossip or beauty.

Anonymous 49256

>If I was making my own website for women I'd disguise it as a forum about a topic that scrotes don't give a fuck about like gossip or beauty

All that does is make your site a target for scrotes in skirts. That's what happened to Lipstick Alley.

Anonymous 49259

I don't get why scrotes feel the need to out themselves if they are just here for "good reasons." Also fyi for all the lurking scrotes, the women here are fringe weirdos just like imageboard men and they do not represent the majority of normal women you'd meet by going outside.

Anonymous 49263

I haven't heard of TIMs being on LSA probably because of their anti-trans sentiments, but I have seen people suspect that some gay scrotes are on there pretending to be women. I wouldn't be surprised if that's true and if it also happens on lots of female-dominated websites. At least the gay ones usually tend to integrate better.

Anonymous 49267


The last time I checked malechan archives to find opinions about this place they seemed to be pretty divided. Half of them are happy to see "women like them" and the other half are angry for whatever stupid reason. It seems to very rarely come up though, so I honestly don't think there's that many lurkers. The most obvious and annoying moid posts I see are the blackpill fake replies that they screenshot and crop so they can continue to wallow in and spread their depression.

Anonymous 49270

they don't like to see women as people with feelings that are worthwhile it's p simple

Anonymous 49272


I'm on another chan that's quite tight knit and they've discussed this place before. it's full of scrotes and they all say they lurk or post on cryscafe and it's fucking disturbing it makes me feel dirty to even post here and i hate all of them but i cant leave either here or there cuz im not normal and all i do is browse internet all day

Anonymous 49276

Don't normal women just browse twitter or instagram or tik tok or whatever popular social media instead?

Anonymous 49280

>this image
i feel like you're a tranny lmao. i remember seeing this picture in certain online circles (like everyone revolving around k—ie

Anonymous 49291

Not sure why gay moids would come here over lolcow, which is faster and caters much better to their stereotypical interests, but there's definitely more trannies and straight moids here than there should be (more than 0)

Anonymous 49304


i genuinely find it hilarious when men view female only spaces with the "damn i hope most women aren't like this >_<" mindset when male only spaces are generally a lot more despicable in every sense

Anonymous 49305

i'd say gossip works, lolcow hates trannies

Anonymous 49306

I mean sure, it goes both ways

Anonymous 49307


I'm sorry but you must see how anons here are different than anons on r9k. It is reductive to say that the people here hate men for the same reasons and in the same way men tend to hate women, and furthermore, how women express their hate (generally, to stay away from men, and if they're in contact with men, they don't seem to assume men owe them shit) is very different from men (usually).

Anonymous 49308

Are you implying you are a fucking tranny, you fucking piece of shit moid?

Anonymous 49310


>mfw men are actually like that and they're just being honest


Anonymous 49312

They’re not pretending to be women, they’re openly saying they’re scrotes.
There’s a male option in LSA.

Anonymous 49314

dont compare women avoiding men or being distrustful of men to men actively being a danger to women, you sound like a scrote

Anonymous 49321

Imagine how pathetic you have to be to come to a place like this just to make fun of it

Anonymous 49322

The fact that anti-male threads always get deleted within a day makes me suspicious. Hating men is essential to being a woman.

Anonymous 49323

I think they get deleted because there are main threads for them.

Anonymous 49334

as long as there are no varyfications requiered there will be males here

Anonymous 49354



Anonymous 49355


>tthere moids laughing at us right nnow and calling us the 'crazy ggirlfriend'

wwhy alive

Anonymous 49357

The ones to do it are probably crazy themselves, so why even bother with what they think.

Anonymous 49358


this. our worth isnt decided by moids' opinions but our own.

Anonymous 49359

why do you type like a retard!?!?!??!!!?!? it tiggers me! it's like you are shivering from cold.

Anonymous 49360

Can easily be dysgraphia.
Why are you so hot headed about it?

Anonymous 49361

maybe theyre a homestuck kinnie

Anonymous 49423


Yea, just like there are a bunch of n*zis on /leftypol/ to laugh their ass off. It happens to any easily accessible community out there.

Anonymous 49490


tbh why even care that a bunch of neckbeared virgins who don't wipe their ass view cc? if I don't give men like that the time of day in real life why would I on an image board?

Anonymous 49497

What makes me feel uneasy is that some moids will come here just to lurk and never post. They'll just watch and observe and learn which somehow feels more harmful and scary than a butthurt scrote baiting or shitposting.
I can just imagine a pair of cold lifeless eyes absorbing and calculating the stuff posted on this site and judging.

Anonymous 49765

Anonymous 49890

>pointing out that men are rapists is the same as committing rape yourself

What is it about getting picked that makes women act like this?

Anonymous 49896

could you all just fuck off. or, at least be silent. i mean i lurk wizchan all the time but you don't see me posting regularly or trolling or asking them to "have a dialogue" lmao

just go away

Anonymous 49897

this, fuck off moids. This site is like a reservoir, look but do not touch, post but never out yourself. Not knowing who you're talking to is part of the imageboard experience.

Anonymous 49899

why the fuck are you encouraging maleposters? what we really need is a new male hate thread so these idiots know they’re not welcome here

Anonymous 49903


learn to stop replying to scrote posts. i realize thats basically what im doing now, too, but just pointing out this is specified in the rules. sometimes it's better to say nothing at all. report and move on.

Anonymous 49910

wizchan is actually hilarious

Anonymous 49912

One shouldn't lough at mentally handicapped people. I think its nice that even retards can have a little corner of the interned for themselves, where they can communicate with their peers and not feel so judged and alone in the world.

Anonymous 49913



Anonymous 49938

sure I guess but it's still hilarious

Anonymous 49999

talking about mintboard or 4chon, dogstralia?

do you still feel no emotion?

Anonymous 50012

I think she is talking about krautchan or better known as kohlchan

Anonymous 50164

Stop giving them so much attention. Isn' this supposed to be a place free of males? What must they think when they come here and see that so many of our posts are just about them? They'll think we're obsessed with them and can't even have one place/conversation that isn't consumed with thoughts or opinions about them. You're part of the problem.

Stop giving them so much of your time and energy and just enjoy the sight. For fuck's sake.

Anonymous 50176

this. ignore and report scrotums. simple as.

Anonymous 50178

Moids are somehow always in our business. Even the gay ones.

Anonymous 50192


Anonymous 50193

Well I do the same thing on 4chan, so.

Anonymous 50215

On the relatively better (by 4chan standards) boards, you don't need to hide your sex, 4chan is a male-majority website, not a male-only website. At least 50% of the anons on /cgl/ and /ic/, for example, are girls and women.

Anonymous 50244

Why do you not post on kc anymore dogi?

Anonymous 50428

Oh the irony

Anonymous 50429

Did you just call /cgl/ better?

Anonymous 50439

cgl is a shithole, the only worse board is s4s

Anonymous 50459

bro that dog is extremely cute

Anonymous 50509

God, I haven't visited that place in years. Shame, that the quality has gone down.

Anonymous 50514

/cgl/ is in the top 5 4chan boards by quality, if you think otherwise then you're underestimating just how much of a shithole 4chan is. Go on /pol/ or /v/ or /int/ if you want to see how bad the average 4chan board is.

Anonymous 50515

What is /cgl/ I never really used more than a single board on shitchan and quit a long long time ago.

Anonymous 50516

I haven't been on /cgl/ in years, but the petty hate and bullying was awful. Lolita culture is just toxic. Which is a pity, I would love to wear frilly pink dresses.

Maybe it's better than the shitholes like /pol/, but people are way nicer on other boards.

Anonymous 50517

/cgl/ is a board for cosplay and lolita, as well as conventions

Anonymous 50519

I agree with you that some anons on /cgl/ are mean, don't let them put you off lolita as a whole, I'm sure you can find decent communities on facebook or instagram or other social media, or conventions, depending on where you live, once covid lockdowns are over.
>Maybe it's better than the shitholes like /pol/, but people are way nicer on other boards.
Even on the smaller hobby boards such as /n/, misogynistic posts are far too common, and there's a general attitude of hostility that's maintained by most 4chan anons, to the deteriment of the quality of the website as a whole, when so many anons choose to go on take part in bitter flamewars on unrelated topics,instead of discussing the hobbies the boards are dedicated to. So many times I've seen anons admit that they actively try to make 4chan worse, and in doing so they incoveience the few anons who actually want to discuss their hobbies. I know,,it's 4chan, the "asshole of the internet", what did I expect,etc. But 4chan has definitely gotten worse over the years.

Anonymous 50530

Most nsfw boards are crap. And 4chan is overrun with coomers and normies

Anonymous 50531

I don't know if /pol/, /v/, and /int/ are just regular boards though anon. I surf other boards and everyone despises at the very least /pol/ and /v/. The blue boards aren't too bad.

/x/, /biz/, /cm/, and /a/ are boards I like and rarely do the threads devolve into off topic disgusting shlock.

Anonymous 50545

Oh yees, you are a woman of good culture as well!

Anonymous 50546


^-^ hear hear

Anonymous 50551

>emoji posting likea newfag

Anonymous 50554

This isn't lolcow anon

Anonymous 50555

>/pol/ or /v/ or /int/
those aren't average boards. they're as bad as /cgl/ though 4chan altogether is overrun with trash. somehow it used to be better with the original userbase, the more 'normal' the more toxic.

Anonymous 50559

What's wrong with emoticons… They're nice

Anonymous 50565

Anonymous 50568

only a man could get this angry at cute smiley faces

Anonymous 50570

emoticons are not emoji
emoticons are cute
emoji are soulless

Anonymous 50575

this is now an emoticon thread

Anonymous 50576

some people are so good with emoticons
i only know how to use 0_-

Anonymous 50578


Anonymous 50580


Anonymous 50589

Crystal cafe and its userbase at least by majority sees men as human, despite some of our pinkpilled opinions.
The vast majority of men on 4chan and fringe internet communities don't even see women as human, and their hatred is very frequently channeled into violent fantasies.
Most moid spaces like this are depressive/angry circlejerks mixed between layers and layers of pornography. I can see how easy it is to dehumanize females if you spend 12 hours a day switching between reading about how much other men like you despise women and jerking off to their nude bodies.

Maybe femcels and incels would be similar if this board was 25% pinkpill, 25% underaged moid rape fantasy greentexts, and 50% porn that objectifies men.

Anonymous 50600

hm is he winking? Did somebody poke his eye out? I wonder what's being conveyed


Anonymous 50606

lol 4chan is normie central and most boards don't mention women at all. stop dishonestly coping when like half the posts here are about men and constantly bringing up men in unrelated threads like incels do with women. this place would be so much better if you left because you are hostile towards other women for not conforming to your boring echochamber and moid hate obsession.

Anonymous 50607

>most boards don't mention women
oof citation needed… You don't browse 4chan huh?

Anonymous 51198

yes lol. I was thinking that if any men are here watching it’s not to laugh and judge.

Anonymous 51207

CC chicks that go to 4chan, do they all talk like this or do I actually know this scrote somehow? One day on discord, an autistic scrote bragged to me that he raided CC to post gore and ETC. I can't help but always think I might seem him pop up again to get back at me or something.

Anonymous 51209

so help me lord if you don't close that parenthesis.

Anonymous 51232

The post is deleted, but everyone who goes on /pol/ talks the exact same.

Anonymous 51250

Screenshot 2021-02…

congrats You're on /fit/

Anonymous 51284

rice and beef out …

Visited that thread in the archives and found myself a retarded /fit/ qt.

Anonymous 51285

could you link the thread? been trying to find it today

Anonymous 51287

Anonymous 51288

This is definitely part shitposting part fetish bait

Anonymous 51301

pathetic asuka ran…

>a moid could be reading this post right now

Anonymous 52055

Anonymous 52057

Are you saying that, then, they will post female-sounding posts to test the waters and see if they have successfully integrated, and anons then can't tell if it's a moid posting?

Anonymous 52058


I screenshotted this from LC awhile ago. Thought I'd share to ease worries and share her insight.

Anonymous 52059

that's just dogisaga. shes a woman

Anonymous 52076

what’s k—ie?

Anonymous 52077


Anonymous 52108

You might have a point if you were talking about total post volume, but do you really think moids spend all their time talking about women on the origami board or the music board?
Even if I grant that all the NSFW boards, all the video games boards, and all the anime boards are cesspools, that's still not even half of all the boards on 4chan.

Anonymous 55088


all you can you is call them what they truly are, a filthy mold or not give attention

Anonymous 55089

I love this and I love you anon

Anonymous 55091

male hands typed this

Anonymous 55262

>girls having thoughts and not being normies
Impossible, must be male

Anonymous 55270

It's pretty hilarious to get the "you will never be a woman" reply from them. I kind of enjoy that this has replaced "tits or gtfo", since it's less degrading and has basically no power if you aren't actually a troon. The moid ability to go into complete denial that women exist online is really staggering.

Anonymous 55316


Getting those replies makes me laugh cause all the loser moids hate each other even though they’re basically the same, wig or none. The moids who think women are fantasy creatures are no different from the trannies. They just have different ways of coping with being genetic and fastidious garbage.

Anonymous 55900


Damn moids shitting up the board again. I wish anons would stop making threads that mention /fit/ or /r9k/ because they always seem to start raiding immediately after these threads are made.

Anonymous 55911

Can we just ban threads about 4chin to prevent this? I wish there was no moid discussion at all sometimes but I know that’d probably cut the already small amount of traffic here in half…

Anonymous 55912

Someone (probably a lurking moid) posted a screencap, I don't see how not talking about 4chan would fix that

Anonymous 55929

The screencap was literally about 4chan.

Anonymous 56648

>Don't know if I will get a ban for being a man
It is really not that hard to read the fucking rules jesus christ, moids are retarded

Anonymous 56685

I agree, it's upsetting, but tbh you guys say a lot of pathetic and highly fantastical stuff that make you guys seem like womenchildren - albeit, womenchildren that have decent opinions on certain topics, which is cool. I say this lovingly.

Anonymous 56720

such as what

Anonymous 56866

>the other half are angry for whatever stupid reason.
These kinds of self-hating men hate the female version of themselves and it's obvious, really. And normal.

Anonymous 56872

>So many times I've seen anons admit that they actively try to make 4chan worse,
I do this but to lolcow kek

Anonymous 56902

Wherever there are female-only spaces, there are men who want to be inside those spaces. Most probably are probably just curious and want to know what people talk about here though.

Anonymous 56905

i hope youre at least nice here
lolcow is too negative catty and mean for me
i only lurk there now and autistically post here

Anonymous 56919

I'm nice here dw

Anonymous 56983


Let them come …

Anonymous 56984


/Adv/ is getting pretty bad. It use to be one of the "good ones."

Anonymous 56988

/adv/ was always bad

Anonymous 56992

Boney and clyde.jp…

/GIOYC/ use to be nice for love confessions. Now it's all simping.

Anonymous 57009

unnamed - 2021-05-…

why do moids talk like they think they're the joker
examples: those itt

Anonymous 57014



Anonymous 57110

They keep coming and I keep reporting.

Anonymous 57146

they don't realize how truly repulsive women find these put on personalities, that's what's so funny. people see that they have main character syndrome and it's usually so bad that they full on LARP but they still think women can't tell and think it's hot kek

Anonymous 57277

Let's just ignore them and report them. Larpers and scrotes hate being ignored because of their abandonment/psychopathy. Don't respond to them at all, that's the only way to deal with them. Silent treatment can be beneficial depending on the context.

Anonymous 57279

pink skirt.jpg

Silent treatment can be beneficial when dealing with jerks IRL too. They're not use to woman ignoring them. They want attention? They should go running back to their momma, body pillow, therapist.

Anonymous 57281

I don't know feel like the moids take getting banned or ignored as a form of a response too, they'll always cope their way into feeling like they "won" and epicly triggered us in one way or another.

Anonymous 57286

Trolls want reactions, don't give them a reaction. Indifference makes them seethe.

Anonymous 57287

True, but let them stew in their delusions while you move on to something more productive.

Anonymous 57292

>moid has a body pillow
>somehow isn't used to women ignoring him
Anon you gotta work on your hypotheticals.

Anonymous 57293

Right, they count their body pillows are silicon blow up dolls as woman. My bad.

Anonymous 57299

If it is any consolation, your suffering is actually deserved.

Anonymous 57352

serbians are the worst shitposters.

Anonymous 57354


Anonymous 57628


Anonymous 57629

So what? Let them laugh. We too can benefit from having a laugh at ourselves from time to time. It's better than taking everything so damn seriously

Anonymous 57825

You've got it wrong. It's not that women don't exist, it's that fourchinz has mentality ill men that are very talented at larping because they are sociopathic.
On fitness they are aware of this and hence doubt the sex of posters here.

Anonymous 58137

you've never been on the music board, have you? Anytime a female musician is discussed it devolves into misogyny and moids either start calling the musician a whore or projecting their fetishes onto her. It's a shame because I like to talk about music but the moids on 4chan are unbearable. I just stick to the tapmusic chart threads now.

Anonymous 58366

/mu/ is not any good for general music discussion in the trheads. I find that I can only gain by posting about music and hoping one of the other adults using the site with similar taste will decide to join in and make a quality thread. Reddit is much better for specific subgenre discussion anyway just avoid any of the big subs they are as much of a circle jerk as /mu/ is. Do not even mention Pheobe bridgers or any other female muscian on that place. sad

Anonymous 58417


Anonymous 58483

That's…not how it works anon.

Anonymous 58484

meds now

Anonymous 58502

this schizo larp is not doing you any favour

Anonymous 58504

Isn’t the politically correct term for schizophrenic…. neural-deviant? After all it’s just an extreme of normal function.

Anonymous 58505

How could it be...…

>there are males on this board reading this post right now and they're just here to laugh at us

Anonymous 58517

fuck off back to /fa/, schizo gook

Anonymous 58528


I see you often talking to people as if they’re the same person.
Do you have schizophrenia? No?

Everyone isn’t one person. Or are they?

Anonymous 58531

No, on a student work term in a hospital, they used the clinical term, which is schizophrenia.

Anonymous 58532

Wrong image board, friend.

Anonymous 58661

Yes, but 'schizo' isn't an acceptable term to use IRL (yes, I know this is an image board)
t. volunteer in a psych ward

Anonymous 59226

Fair warning, there are male lurkers in the letter thread on /feels/ One responded to a post, and I reported it.

Anonymous 59246

I dont care about them because I am literally like them - I regularly browse wizchan and incel.co to laugh at those losers and their depression. like they literally have no fucking reason to be so sad and suicidal and yet "muh much drama and angst", I cant help but lol. also sometimes they generate such an amount of salt and milk, its basically a crime not to lurk and troll :)

Anonymous 59247


uhgg its not really an "extreme" of normal function, more like a completely another way of it working. thats why they are called neuro-divergents in the first place - because they are _different_. In schizo ppl the mind is completely broken, normal ppl do not have any analogue of that ://// (well I guess you could call them "extreme" behaviour-wise, but not brain-function-wise, this thing is far more complicated)

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