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in need of advice/ Anonymous 49575

don't be mean, it's the last thing i need rn

i got in an online relationship w/ someone. she saw me irl my face caked with makeup a long time ago (long enough that she'd have forgotten what i look like) and i'm incapable of sending pics of myself n facetiming. recently it's been getting to me more and more, we're not able to have a normal relationship because i refuse to do this stuff that's expected of everyone and she lives in the usa n can't visit.
i'm ugly and i know she'd not be attracted to me if she knew what my face truly looked like. i know i should show her my face cuz i've been misleading her but i literally can't. it makes me fucking sick to take pictures and look at myself and i can't have her tell me she's not attracted to me, it would destroy me and my self esteem is already in the gutter.

so i feel like i have no choice but to end this but i don't know how to do this and i'm scared of losing her. this is my first ever romantic experience, i know it was dumb asf to get into this but i craved love and companionship more than anything else. look where it's gotten me

i have no friends or family around me. she's the only person i have in my life

Anonymous 49576

You could always build Sims replicas and torture them instead of trying to have relationships in the real world.

Anonymous 49582

Women know that women wear makeup, as well as what we look like without it. Unless she's a farmer from lc, but even then I'm pretty sure it's not the gay anons nitpicking other women to death.
Take the jump.

Anonymous 49602

It isn't helpful, but same, OP. I did the same thing with a boyfriend. i used heavy filters and photoshopped the hell out of every selfie i sent him, and refused to ever video chat. he only talked about how "so cute" i looked in pics where i was wearing color contacts, wig, and snow filers, and ignored the others i would take (lol). shit took a blow to my self esteem when he'd keep this pic where i'm wearing a huge blonde wig and talking about how lovely my "big blue eyes" are (lmaoooooo) i felt like a catfish

the thing is, you've seen her in person before. i know u said it has been a long time, but … i would talk to her about your insecurities and allow her to reassure u

Anonymous 49741

You might just be overthinking it, she fell for you due to your personality not your looks. Women can be a lot less picky when it comes to looks and this goes double for lesbian women who generally have tastes that are very separate from what straight men find attractive

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