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cute romantic fantasies Anonymous 49622

does anyone here daydream extensively about an ideal boyfriend to do romantic things with? like going on picnics, road trips, cuddling on the couch, relaxing on the beach or going to the movies. i'd be interested in hearing other people's visualizations of their perfect date with their perfect guy.

Anonymous 49626

Lord Alfred Dougla…

kinda but with dead people
>Lord Alfred Douglas with his brother Francis Douglas

Anonymous 49634

Might be the depression or poorly hidden masochism, but I honestly have daydreamed of a divorce. First I dream of a stable marriage with romantic moments but then it breaks down or abruptly ends in cheating, death or worse. I don’t allow myself daydreams of romance without a healthy dose of negativity.

Anonymous 49673

I don't think that's depression. It's just a recognition of the fact that men are incapable of lasting love. I likewise daydream about finding love, but then my future ex-husband inevitably cheats on me because he is a porn-sick diseased male animal, and then I put him out of his misery (male lives are not worth living.)

Anonymous 49855

I daydream about romantic fantasies constantly to give me some false sense of oxytocin, but my mind can't help but sabotage them in some emotional masochism too lol

Anonymous 49860

I wonder what guys fantasize about. Some guy confessed to me that he daydreamed I had a terminal illness and he would stay by my side nursing me. I don't know how to react to this lol.

Anonymous 49971

sauce for op pic its pretty

Anonymous 49997

I wish I could have sex with a man I'm attracted to before I die

Anonymous 50035

I was wondering this too and did a reverse image search. Best I could find is that it might be from a manwah:


A lot of the results show it as a random wallpaper though so it might not actually be from anything.

Anonymous 50311

every night before i fall asleep i daydream about meeting my husband. i imagine all sorts of scenerios.

Anonymous 50313

I daydream about such things very often, the thing is that I live in a foreign city where I don't know anybody and work from home. I'm at the stage of smiling seductively to sellers in the shop and ticket inspectors in public transport
I used to have similar fantasies but now I just daydream about stable, everlasting love
Cute, I'd love to nurse a guy too

Anonymous 50485


it's by park hee jung

Anonymous 50486

Thank you!

Anonymous 50532


I want to ride a train in the middle of the night, and I want all of the lights to go out just as it reaches me and a man's stop. We would stumble around, and make small talk in the dark. He'd take my hand eventually, and guide me towards the exit. On the steps, he'd let my hand go and go down first, then turn around and reach up for me. Help me down.

We wouldn't say anything for a moment. It would be so quiet, the platform empty and the lightless train pulling off, headed for the next station. Then he would slide his hands to my waist and pull me close, and say something pointless and stupid but weirdly charming at the time. He'd kiss me, all absent and unhurried. It would just make sense to do it and that's all. He'd let me go and lead me into a night of adventure after that, even though I had something important to do.

We'd leave the dark platform and wander towards streetlight lit sidewalks. I like the yellow ones, as opposed to the energy saving fluorescent beam-me up-Scotty variety. The former strikes me as warm… I guess after that night we'd never see each other again. There wouldn't be any sex, or any names. Just a really nice night with a stranger who kissed me.

I guess I'm gay as fuck.

Anonymous 50547

we love trains
trains are cool

Anonymous 50548

>random stranger takes your hand and kisses you
That's technically rape

Anonymous 50549


please no bulli for my fantasies..

Anonymous 50550

what kind of train is your favorite ..

Anonymous 50553

OP reminds me of this clip, but gender flipped.

Anonymous 50566


this is so adorable don't be ashamed of your fantasies because after all they're just fantasies. though it would be awfully nice if they could be real.
I want a masked man to whisk me away in the night and take me out dancing under the moonlight.
2D > 3D
no one can ever compete with a perfect fantasy man I've envisioned for myself in my head ok

Anonymous 50574

Dancing with a masked man seems so romantic anonette. Is there any song in particular that would play, or would it just be quiet?

Anonymous 50863


as of late i personally just really want to let a man cry in my arms… i want to feel some emotional vulnerbility from a man that is true and pure and i want to be able to comfort
>mfw i cant go mommy mode on any guys because most of them scare me anyways

Anonymous 50868

I always daydream of scenarios where i am a future pilot of some EVA like robot and the world depends on me and while i'm on missions i meet other pilots and one turn out to be some popular Japanese idol lol. We have a very healthy and loving relationship full of thrill and excitement and have the same humour and stuff. In those dreams i often end up sacrificing myself for him out of love or something

Anonymous 50876

NTA but maybe this one?

Anonymous 50885

>Drug him, chain him in a basement, electroshock him, cut his hair, make him eat it until he pukes, beat him until he crashes into the puddle of blood, hair, and vomit
I hope my fantasies aren’t too sissy… ⁽ˇ˙ˇ˵⁾

Anonymous 50891

Do you have a spouse/bf that you dream that of

Anonymous 50908


cute except for the vomit part. that's how you get a boy with rotting teeth. replace that with mints and it would be perfect.

Anonymous 50918


Is this train general now?
I miss trains

Anonymous 50920

I’ve never comprehended the appeal that trains have for young autistic boys

Anonymous 50923


I don’t, but I visualize him having a somewhat twink complexion and not being a twisted fuck that jerks off to gore, otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting. The guy being truly scared and shaken to the core is what makes this fantasy romantic to me.
I’m a bit of a retard, what should I do with mints?

Anonymous 50925


>I’m a bit of a retard, what should I do with mints?
Give them to your basement bf, of course.
> The guy being truly scared and shaken to the core is what makes this fantasy romantic to me.
Also if this is the case, it would be better to switch off being kind and hostile towards him so he doesn't know when to expect it. Then he'd be more afraid rather than helplessly complacent.

Anonymous 50926

Imagine also gaslighting him, with the help of drugs and medicine care, into thinking that the bad things happening are just nightmares. That would be pretty cool.

Anyway, what is your cute romantic fantasy, fren?

Anonymous 50927


any fantasy would be ruined by the inclusion of me in it.

Anonymous 50928

You don’t have to include yourself into a fantasy for it to be pleasant, I think. For millennia 13 year old girls have been moisturizing themselves with yaoi, which by definition doesn’t involve women at all.

Anonymous 50929


oh. well then my cute romantic fantasy would be everyone being shrunk into figurines and stuck in snow globes and i would keep them all in a brightly lit winter wonderland closet.

Anonymous 50936

That is actually really sweet and quirky, nice.

Anonymous 50983


i think a romantic song like liszt's liebestraum (lovedream) or schwanengesang ("swan song") would be fitting. or the sailor moon opening.
oh that's such a nice song. reminds me of an island paradise honeymoon

Anonymous 51028

i fantasize about me and my male best friend having a life together..getting married, having kids and growing old together…my biggest dream is to be a mom so i guess that’s where it stems from

Anonymous 51059

I feel. This is actually why like other anon said, yaoi is cool. I think I would be at my happiest if I didn't really exist, and I could watch other people fall in love. Like television. I just want to watch television without ever having to move or breathe or eat.

this is beautiful, holy shit… I might cry.

Anonymous 51104

New fantasy:

Making dinner and taking it to your hubby who had to stay late at work that day.

Wish I had someone to smother with my awkward gestures of affection.

Anonymous 51105

Of course I do.
I feel you sis, sometimes it feels as good to give affection as to receive it, as long as it's going both ways.

Anonymous 51106

I am personally a givegivegive person, be it gifts, help or love. It feels awkward for ME if someone returns the favor.

Anonymous 51585

are you autistic? I'm not asking to mock you. I'm genuinely curious… Other anon was either joking or trolling. Or, yanno, equally autistic.

Anonymous 51586

>unwanted kiss
uh, what? If some moid gave me an unprompted unwanted kiss I'd slap him AND destroy his life. It is not ok to invade other people's bodies like that. It's not rape, but it's still pretty gross and disrespectful. Don't fucking touch people who don't want to touch you, it's not hard.

Anonymous 51588

Autistic or male, likely both

Anonymous 51590



Anonymous 51610


One of my favorite date fantasies is waking up early next to my ideal boyfriend, then going out and getting coffee. We'll go to the beach and sit and drink our coffees there. Then maybe he'll go out and surf and I'll play in the water. After we'll drive home and shower and make lunch together. Then maybe we'll nap, cuddle a bit, then walk to the beach again to watch the sunset and make out in the sand.

Kinda basic and cheesy but thinking about this always warms my heart. I always do some of these things on my own, and just doing them with my ideal boyfriend is my dream. Watching the sunset by yourself gets kinda boring.

Anonymous 51612


Our ideal boyfriends are waiting for us. You only have to close your eyes.

Anonymous 51621


this is such a perfect ordinary day and so cute! all you need is a real boyfriend and then you can live your dreams!
i want to have a picnic on a cliffside overlooking the ocean. and we will cuddle as the sun sets over the water. there will be candles on rocks so we don't accidentally set the forest behind us on fire. and beautiful wildflowers surrounding us as we share a bottle of wine or champagne.

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