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Anonymous 49674

What's your favorite thing to do when you're drunk and alone?
The answers I find on Google are male-oriented.

Anonymous 49676

pick at my scabs and do sit-ups

Anonymous 49707

i get tired when drunk so i fall asleep

Anonymous 49708

Having a bath or diving into the pool while dressed because wet clothes feel amazing and I don't feel cold at all. Falling asleep is also quite easy.


Anonymous 49713

play some games and laugh at how bad im on it, dress up/put on makeup, impulse buy shit online

Anonymous 49714

watch random videos on youtube, maybe try out different perfume blends

Anonymous 49715

Play walking sim RPGMaker games. I get really really immersed if I am even a little bit drunk.

Anonymous 49717


Regretting life decisions, laughing, contemplating suicide, trying to determine how severe the hangover will be, trying to act sober while making phone calls, giving away money to drunk homeless people so they would act like my friends, walking city streets aimlessly at night and taking shitty pictures with my shitty phone, smoking, vomiting, sleeping.

Anonymous 49747

i lay in bed and listen to either bladee or black metal. impulse buying on aliexpress has gotten to be a problem recently too lol

i also draw and play noita for hours (rlly good game btw)

live by the sea so sometimes i go out and get mcdonalds and lay wasted on the dock

i also get suicidal but thats besides the point

Anonymous 49751

Watch funny videos because I will think they are much funnier, read about conspiracy theories and play games.

Anonymous 49753

watch stuff that i find funny when sober because it's even funnier that way. i always watch out not to get too drunk so i dont have any other fun things to list

Anonymous 49763

Oh I love Finnish arson simulator!

Anonymous 49785

When I get drunk enough I watch concert videos or sometimes movies. Something about being alone and drunk and having the audio play through headphones makes it more immersive to me like I’m there kek. also based op pic the blahaj soft toy shark has unironically changed my life

Anonymous 49813


Watch comfy videos of fall drives or so, and then cry myself to sleep since it is very unlikely that I will ever experience riding those parkways that I like.
Something about being drunk really makes me appreciate nature at a whole new level.

Anonymous 49879


Like, totally alone loser-style when life is being a bitch and it's 1 AM?

I just get emotional and use people for my enjoyment. Making friends online is a huge meme tbh, since most people just won't give a shit about you in the end, as is the case vice-versa, so might as well use people for fun - men or other women - for a one-time comfy, possibly deep conversation, as most people probably feel the exact same way about me.

Plus, I am somewhat conversational sober if I'm feeling like it, but while drunk I am a huge extroverted chatterbox that is both charismatic and therefore likeable, so people love talking to me while I know that it's all pretty much occuring due to my oversharing drunken self.

Anonymous 49908

Where do you find people to do this? I want to have fun talking to people but males are scary.

Anonymous 49923

Sending love through the net here. You never have to be alone if you're suicidal, we'll be here.

Anonymous 49934

are you the bladee anon from the /media/ thread?
you're cool, i'm sorry to hear you feel suicidal.
listen to rainbow to cheer yourself up

i listen to music and watch ridiculous shows on youtube

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