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collecting dolls Anonymous 49786

I am 22 and want to start collecting dolls like barbies and what not. They are beautiful and think it'd be fun to have. I just feel like a child for wanting to do this and know society would shame me for this. Should I say f society and go through with it?

Anonymous 49790

you right I always care too much about what others think

Anonymous 49797

fuck society, i collect sanrio merch its cute and makes me happy and what people think doesnt matter

Anonymous 49798

>society would shame me for this

If you film yourself unboxing them and upload it to YouTube, society will make you an influencer for this.

Anonymous 49801

No one cares. Or if they do then they're not worth your friendship.
Unless you're someone who craves normfagdom more than anything, just love freely. Maybe don't mention it professionally if you have a job that requires curating a mature image, that's all I can imagine. But tbh I'll likely still be open about my hobbies if I achieve a comfy office job.
In the end, what matters to most people who are nice is that you're nice to them.

t. doll, toy, and cartoon lover who is even supported by my normie stoner friend

Anonymous 49812

Just do it.
But just buy one first and see if you would like more after a few weeks or so. Certain kind of dolls ain't cheap!

Anonymous 49839

i mean its not like Society is going to barge into your house and point at your collection and laugh, do whatever makes you happy! join some facebook groups or something, doll collecting is actually a fairly popular hobby

Anonymous 49847

An image of those pop whatever figures and a mildly overweight late 20s Moid appeared in my mind

Anonymous 49851

some dolls are well made and look nice on a shelf, but funko pops are trash.

Anonymous 49853

You do you, anon. I wouldn't buy loads of them in one go though. After a few weeks you might feel differently, especially since some of them can get pricy.

Anonymous 49876

thanks guys, imma go through with it the support and advice helps me out! :)

Anonymous 49951


The Doll of Crepereia Tryphaena
>Crepereia Tryphaena was a young Roman woman, presumably about 20 years old, whose sarcophagus was found during the excavation works started in 1889 for the foundations of the Palace of Justice and for the construction of the Umberto I bridge over the Tiber in Rome. Among the items found in her sarcophagus were pieces of a funeral outfit, including a sculpted doll.
Reminder women have owned dolls for thousands of years, there is nothing to be ashamed of

Anonymous 49953

>intricately carved hands and feet
>gibbon arms
That's pretty cool though. I wonder if it was used for some sort of religious ritual or something

Anonymous 50099


There's nothing wrong with collecting dolls. I think that they're pretty neat and lovely! I'm also 22 and I've been wanting to collect more merch, figures and plushies.

Anonymous 50102

I was thinking maybe the long arms are to allow for intricate, frilly sleeves on the doll's clothes?

Anonymous 50103

I have a ton of figures like 15 nendoroids and some legit figures. But I actually want to collect dolls like barbies and BJDs and other dolls haha.

Anonymous 50278

Yes that is what it is like for some people, probably for most. Thanks escapism.

Anonymous 50293

There's nothing shamefull about that anon!
>Live in poor third world country
>Meets an old maid (>60 years) who loves collecting dolls.
>Tells me she never had one when she was a child.
>Shows me her collection and tells me she loves to play with them.
>tfw tears in my eyes. Be glad that parents bought you dolls as a child.

Anonymous 50294

Ok, what do you think is a healthy behavior to dissolute feelings of emptiness then?

Anonymous 50299

Creating things.
It doesn't matter if you fail at it or first, or it doesn't come out as intended, as long as you're engaging in a generative act that is using your energy to produce, rather than consume or destroy. Gardening, knitting, sewing, carpentry, even just writing your thoughts down, all constitute a creative act that adds, rather than destroys or merely conserves, to the world.

Anonymous 50300

To get into this point a little deeper, directly focusing on your feelings of emptiness: a creative act is an imposition of your will on reality. Your very thoughts, ideas, dreams, are being made reality. You are bringing into the world a physical manifestation of your spirit, which is not only a defiant act that says, in however small way it is, that "I am here, I am alive", but which reinforces your sense of self even further.
That's why you feel good when you make something, even if it's not exactly how you wanted it to turn out. You made something out of nothing, the world is added to, and that addition is yours. Even better if the thing you create is then something that gives pleasure to another being, because part of you has enriched the spirit of another.
This is all an overexplanation for the fact that when you, say, knit a hat and give it to someone as a gift, and they appreciate it, you feel great, not just in your work, but in the empathetic feedback of seeing someone appreciate that work.

Anonymous 50326

eating obviously

Anonymous 50408

>I just feel like a child for wanting to do this and know society would shame me for this
i wish people wouldn't internalize bullying like this. collect your cool things no matter what they are so long as they are cool to you. cool things are cool

Anonymous 50413

doll collecting can be a creative effort if you're into bjd, most bjd collectors modify & customize their dolls from painting face-ups to resin eye making to sewing clothes and etc

Anonymous 50414

>>50413 meant to reply to >>50299

Anonymous 50419

BJD is sick look more into it. If you become a good BJD doll maker you can make really beautiful stuff.

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