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Anonymous 49954

If you're conventionally unattractive, men will try to manipulate you. They seek girls with low self-esteem, build them up and dump them. This goes especially for the low-tier "virgin" men. Don't fall for their bullshit.

Anonymous 49956

thank fuck im sexy as shit then

Anonymous 49958

Lucky, you get to manipulate the men.

Anonymous 49960

free meals and shit is pretty nice, tbh any thin girl who takes care of herself could use men as wallets the same way

Anonymous 49968

Yea, manipulative men can detect low self esteem/naivety in women.

Anonymous 49983

This is true unless you are unhinged.
I am facially ugly and insecure but also strange. Men never harass, bother, or attempt to hit on me disrespectfully.

Anonymous 50003

Why does the raccoon have hearts on his eyes?

Anonymous 50004

no they thankfully just avoid me

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