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Trying to find a friend: L Anonymous 4997

Dear L, whose email started with ghosts(…),

I hope that someday you manage to see this thread, even if by chance, long after I post this. CC is small, but I have a feeling you'd love being here, so I hope you find it. I talked about you in the missed connections thread, but I think the chances of you seeing this here would be bigger. And I'm pretty sure you will someday.

It's been two years or so since we last talked. I don't even remember why I disappeared; if it was you or if it was me, but my closest friend wasn't comfortable with you because you know why, so back then I thought it was the right thing. I just wish I had managed to make things work in a different way. I really do. I apologize even for my excuses, they're not very good, are they?

Sorry it took me so long to try to contact you. When I emailed you last week and saw your account didn't exist anymore, I felt very sad. Now that I know you nuked your email I have no way to talk to you, and that leaves me broken hearted.
The last news I heard about you is that you got a divorce. If that's true, I am really sorry, but I hope good things come out of it.

Rereading our emails together is funny because we were so similar in many ways… And at the same time I was such an oversharer with you; you made me feel so comfortable.

I just hope you are happy, truly. Yesterday I remembered the song you sent me on my birthday and that made me laugh.
Wish you could understand my feelings, L. I wish we could have been closer friends. I hope your illness hasn't taken you away.

If you ever find this, even if you're not sure of who I am, please respond.

Wishing you all the best.


Admin said it was ok to make threads directed to people we lost contact with. I'm sorry if anyone gets upset about this, but I really have no idea what to do.

Anonymous 24317

what song?

Anonymous 64021

Who are these namefags

Anonymous 64025

It's just automated spam, this happens on many imageboards

Anonymous 64041

I wonder if anon reconnected with ghosts(…). I hope they did.

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