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Anonymous 50265

>cant stop thinking about ed thoughts again

kill me also i aint recovering until i get to a 17 or lower bmi

Anonymous 50266

me too anon i used to not give a fuck about my body image at all but nowadays i think about my weight 24/7 i’m tired

Anonymous 50268

same when i was younger i was pretty feministpilled but now the mentall illness has gotten over me

Anonymous 50269

same, being alone in my room for the past year has made it easier to drop without anyone noticing

Anonymous 50285

it's good to have some meat on your bones.

Anonymous 50291

What is ED

Anonymous 50292

Erectile Dysfunction

Anonymous 50681

i feel u.
used to think i would stop having these thoughts, but they just keep coming back. at this point i dont even think its bad anymore.
been fasting for weeks now, and im getting results.

im afraid ill never go back

Anonymous 50683

how do you do it for weeks?

Anonymous 50712

i basically sleep a lot to prevent getting hungry, so that helps. been sleeping at morning and afternoon, and late night i always call my friends, so i dont have to think about food.
when i say''fasting'' i kinda mean ''eat almost nothing'' so ive been eating 2 meals per day (which are basically snacks at this point) and been getting rlly slim!!
plz be carefull tho. wish you luck anon!!

Anonymous 51199

eating disorder

Anonymous 51234

this is more than i eat and it’s not fasting lol.

Anonymous 51235


This isn’t a competition to be the most anachan

Anonymous 51294


Anonymous 51445

just say restricting if you are. when you lie about "fasting for weeks" you are trying to make it competitive. stop complaining.

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