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separatism with super best friend Anonymous 50289

Hey anons

sorry if this is schizo or dumb it’s 4 am when i usually sleep at 12am and i just was thinking about having a relatable significant other that’s a retarded robot and getting through life together with her, losing our magical autism powers and growing old and living for each other

Anonymous 50435

Do i give off male vibes

What do yall think of dating women while being sexually attracted to men only

is it possible

Anonymous 50436

For what purpose? Does it come from an inability to find a male partner or an actual desire not to associate with men? You can look into political lesbianism if that's your thing, but it is widely criticized due to the unsaid implication of sexual orientation being a choice. But if you're not attracted to women, why do you want to date them? You can definitely spend your life with women as friends and/or cotenants without labeling their companionship as romance. This would be more akin to feminist separatism.

Anonymous 50452

>For what purpose?

Desire not to associate with men except to fuck them emotionlessly, idk i think i am attracted to women but in a non sexual way? i think romantic attraction is a word that describes how i felt once or twice but it could just be called a friendship love too like wanting a really good friendship that’s so good you live together, like cus there’s no sexual attraction/ it’s platonic, idk then again friends with benefits are still friendships too lol

I just want one person to share my life with i think and i guess it could be a rare chad high value moid but i havent felt that way with any man yet, then again i dont know many males well

i hope somehow there’s a woman i like who would accept me fucking guys on the side (coomer moment) at least until my libido goes away or something while being my? special gal friend

>political lesbianism

I used to use this label a bit but using the word lesbian when you arent a homosexual woman is convoluting the word lesbian i guess, plus there are people like julie bindel i think who really think sexuality can be changed, but I think yea this word works and i hope theres a political lesbian who doesnt want to try to have sex with me and just sees me as a really good friend to be life partners with

They exist right???

>feminist separatism

Ah yea i felt like using separatism in this way made sense but yea im gonna stay away from being emotionally involved with men in general so they dont fucking kill me

this thread is now my blog about political lesbianism since i just made a huge wall of text that is too long to actually read

Anonymous 50453

Male robots are 10 times more socially inept than female ones.
Things like remembering birthdays, or paying the odd compliment, that even robot girls manage to do, male robots cannot.

Pairing up with a boybot is very unlikely to work out IMO.

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