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running away Anonymous 50583

The title is a bit of an exaggeration, but I want to move out of my parents' home.

For context, I am over 18. My parents pressured me to take a degree that I didn't want. I did my best but I ended up failing and getting expelled still because it was a degree I wasn't suited for.

Because of being expelled I'm currently a NEET and I just want to not be one. Our home life is dysfunctional and I really just want out.

Even if I don't move away I at least want to get a job so I can spend all-day working instead of being at home.
I want to get a job and move out preferably but I feel overwhelmed, I don't know where to start.

Another thing is I can't really move freely because my folks are helicopter parents. Honestly I resent them a little for being so overprotective that I lack street smarts and turned into whatever "this" is. But that was then, it's not too late for me to learn and fix that now.

Our home has CCTV cameras too so I have no idea how I can even get a job that requires me to go outside.

TL;DR: I want to get a job and move out of our toxic home, but I have no idea how to concretely go about it.

Anonymous 50584

Apply for a job, then with that job in the bag, look for a place. That's it. Basically you just have to do it.

I highly recommend it, I was in a similar situation and it totally saved me. My parents still treat me like a little child, they can't help it but it fucking destroyed me.

Anonymous 50591

>My parents still treat me like a little child, they can't help it but it fucking destroyed me.

Not OP, but can you elaborate?

Anonymous 50592


Fast food joints usually are hiring, if unskilled labor is your ambition.

Anonymous 50593

They just think I am totally unable to do anything on my own. When I left my father was screaming at me that I am a lose who would crawl back because I had no idea on how to live on my own. Like they legit thought I was unable to go to a supermarket on my own. And they still are like this. I visit them maybe two or three days in a year and I am not allowed to cook, they insist on driving me everywhere because apparently it's impossible for me to take a bus. All my childhood they told me that I am scared of everything but I think they were the ones that were scared of everything. They did not allow me to get my A levels because they thought I was too scared to go to uni. When really, leaving them to go to uni was the best thing I ever did.

I guess it's kinda like OP, batshit crazy helicoptering coupled with hardcore conservative ideas about how live is pretty much predetermined in that everyone has to live exactly the way they did. Anyone who does things different is insane.

Maybe this sounds a bit harsh but I am actually being nice. To make an actual point, OP, you probably can't fix your parents, but I believe you can fix your life.

Anonymous 50594

Some parents can ruin someone by not letting you to be an adult.

Anonymous 50597

My parents were like that, it’s suffocating. I ended up taking awful jobs abroad just to get away from them. Now that I’m completely independent I don’t speak to them anymore, they will just try and control me again.

As for what to do, I recommend telling them you want to get a part-time job and see how they react. If they react badly, look for work online. Try and save some money and then walk out one day and don’t go back.

Get a job, then start studying what you want part-time. Then look for a professional job doing what you want.

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