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Anonymous 50620

>My biggest crush turns out to be vegan
I keep falling further in love with him as usual.

Anonymous 50631

Eat him.

Anonymous 50632


Anonymous 50633

Go vegan?

Anonymous 50666

good, vegans taste better. meat makes a guy's bodily fluids smell/taste like garbage.

Anonymous 50669

Cares about animals and the environment? Sounds like a keeper <3

Anonymous 50852


I've been a vegetarian since I was 13 and when I started all the backlash made me think I was going to be forever alone or stuck with a dude who consistently berates me for my dietary choices. Nowadays it's "oh you're a vegetarian? Cool beans" and that's it.

Sister is dating a vegan, my aunt and cousin are vegetarians, neighborhood boy who bullied me for it in school was a vegetarian for a few years. It's fucking based.

Anonymous 50932

It is certainly a big green flag if and only if >>50669 given the great commitment it implies.
But if he is doing it for the trendiness, then beware.

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