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Why is roleplaying and fanfiction weird but fanart isn't? Anonymous 50699

If you write a story about Harry Potter becomes the president of the united states, or roleplay it, you're some freak. If you draw the same thing it's suddenly funny and interesting. Why are people so dismissive of writing as an artform just because it involves someone else's characters?

I swear if you collaborated on a fan comic and it was drawn well, you could show it to everybody, but again, writing and roleplaying is just dismissed.

Anonymous 50700


Anonymous 50701


This but also I think people have a higher appreciation for drawn art. Like you said it has to be well drawn, nobody fawns over sonichu. Justified or not people consider drawing to be a more labour and skill intensive art form than writing.

RPing in any capacity is seen as weird tho - even to a degree historical reenactors are considered weirdos.

Anonymous 50702

I just don't see why people think that. Writing takes a lot more effort than drawing, and far more time. It takes energy and heart. If you're drawing a picture of a guy sitting on a park bench, it's far less labor intensive than writing about how he got there, what his life is like, etc.

Honestly I don't think it's a problem with the circle I run in, as my friends like to play DnD and that's rather close. It seems to be problem with general perception. You can easily show somebody a painting. If you showed them something you wrote, they'd just find you weird.

Anonymous 50703

I understand that writing takes a lot of practice, especially good writing, but general perception is it's something you learn as a 5 year old and are continuously forced to practice to some degree or another.

And while I don't want to go into BUT MINE IS HARDER arguments here I think you are underestimating how much time it takes to get even a halfway decent visual piece done. You're comparing apples and oranges with
>drawing a guy on a bench
>writing about how he got there etc.
You realize those are two different things, right? A fairer comparison would be a comic that does depict action. In a way a painting is more close to a short poem.

Anonymous 50706

also who cares about "Being weird". normies are retards

Anonymous 50707

I just don't believe painting or drawing is terribly difficult. You could practice for a short period of time and be able to do it. Even if you practiced writing your whole life, you might still be shit. Some people have a flair for it, some don't.

Anonymous 50708

Anonymous 50717

>Writing takes a lot more effort than drawing, and far more time.
Maybe in terms of artistic "quality," but from a technical standpoint writing has a much lower barrier to entry than drawing. Writing a detailed and accurate description of something is just far easier than drawing a detailed and accurate picture. I'm not saying writing a satisfying and interesting story is easier than drawing a satisfying and interesting drawing though, only the boring technical part.
That said, I think people put too big an emphasis on the technical parts of fan stuff when it'sall really just for fun anyway.

Anonymous 50723


I disagree, but I know that I'm only annoyed because I put a lot of heart into things I write, while drawing or painting is just… 'hm, I like the look of that object, let me recreate it on paper'. Even the most interesting works. Literally anyone could do pic related, for example.

But I'm just being bitter and rambling. Sorry.

Anonymous 50742

Drawing is one of the skills that take the most time to "git gud" at. You basically need to build a 3D renderer in your head. When you think about how 3D renders are slow, to the point that 3D artists have to rely on render farms, you can picture how getting good at drawing is laborious and ungrateful.

I think the fact that the skill barrier to make a good drawing is much higher than to write an accurate description plays a huge part in why fanfics are disregarded. If the harry potter president of the US was a beginner tier drawing, it would be laughed at, just like sonichu or sonic OCs.

Anonymous 50998

Fanart can be monetized and used to slingshot to a professional career, while official content creators are banned from looking at fanfic of their IPs for legal reasons

Anonymous 51002

Eh I feel like roleplaying in the sense of writing isn't seen as weird as it was 5 - 10 years ago. In the past it was exclusively kids doing it in the early eons of the internet age, but now those kids are 20 - 40 year olds who went on to be serious authors, creatives, or melded their writing with stuff like DnD (which somehow went mainstream in a lot of places).

>>50742 kinda hit the nail on the head If you get upset about not getting recognition and brownie points for a creative hobby that you're not even professionally good at, that's a you problem. If someone's actually going up to you and putting you down for a personal hobby that makes you happy, that's their problem. And if you throw a tantrum that you're ACTUALLY GOOD and it's the WORLD who doesn't see that and OTHER ART FORMS are EASIER, that is definitely a you problem. Shades of Gray made bank yo; fanfic is not dismissed when it grosses 550 mil.

Anonymous 51007

I'm sorry but you're just wrong about that. Those brush strokes are way too smooth for it to be something anyone can do. Whereas computers ensure that anyone who cares can have perfect lettering and grammar. That's what I meant by technical skill.

Anonymous 51062

Ah I dunno. I think you guys are being a little insensitive but okay.

Anonymous 51086


Roleplaying has always been weird. I cannot refute this simple fact, nor come up with an apology for it on why it isn't weird.
For the case of fanfiction, I think it has to be written very well in order for it to not be 'cringe.' As well if you want to do a funny fanfiction, you have to read and imitate postmodern comedy works as this is now considered the epitome of comedy.
Drawing funny works is very simple to do also, and yet, when someone does a very detailed funny fanart, it often gets criticized as tryhard, or so.

Anonymous 51088


>As well if you want to do a funny fanfiction, you have to read and imitate postmodern comedy works as this is now considered the epitome of comedy.

Anonymous 51092

Fanfiction: People think of famous bad fics like 50 Shades, My Immortal and that Harry Styles one. There are no household name good fics. Mostly written by women and for women but society sees female (especially teenage female) things as worthless.

Roleplay: Average person probably not quite sure what it is and thinks it is like a kid playing house or nerdy battle reenactments or something.

Fanart: Easiest to find and assess. Literally Google image characters and it comes up. First results are usually fairly high quality.

Anonymous 51101

I don't believe they are being particularly insensitive. They are replying to a post more of less insulting the work of a very technically talented artist but putting forth their arguments in a respectful and clear manner.

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