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Anonymous 50766

I want female friends who aren't woke or SJW. Who won't talk all the time about colonialism and transphobia. Who don't mind a bit of dark humor. Who don't BLM/ACAB their whole personality. I also would appreciate if she's into anime, literature, or videogames. Most girl I see online with "nerdy" hobbies seem to seek orbiters and not so much female friendship. Is there any way I can make online female friends who aren't pickme's, deranged, or SJW?

Anonymous 50767

look for pinkpill female only discord servers. if theyre in female only spaces then chances are they are looking for female friends.

with super liberal sjw girls you just have to sift through the bad ones and pick online spaces where they dont congregate.

Anonymous 50769

I want woke sjw friends who are also female. I am all of those things you don't want in a friend op, I wish we had a female only space too.

I think there's just a chronic lack of female friendship in our society at this point.

Anonymous 50773

i would say look for normie introverted girls irl but it's usually a hit or miss. that's how i got my bff for 6 years before she turned into a holier-than-thou wokey while i went to the way of terfdom

Anonymous 50774

how can i find them? i've never used a discord. also are they safe? i keep hearing about moids larping and

Anonymous 50777

tfw ear.png

I just want more female friends. tfw all your 'friends' are male orbiters.

Anonymous 50779

look for autistic women tbh, esp libertarians ive found. or religious women, devout and not Protestant is the way to go, they really value female friendships, even with people who aren't of their religion.

I also need female friends. I am fucking choking in testosterone and being around so many men sucks the femininity out of me.

we can be friends anon :/

Anonymous 50782

Are you american? Most of my female friends aren't interested in politics. Others are left wing but not SJW, and you can talk about actual political issues (geopolitics, lobbying, foreign policies, institutions…) that don't cause hysterical reactions.

I also used to have a "trad" friend but her bf was an obnoxious vikingaboo, so she cut me off when i told her that i was uncomfortable around him, lol.

I mean, it's pretty easy, I am simply distant with SJW types, or I simply state my disagreement with their views, so they never become my friends lol.

But again, it's better to meet your friends irl, which is hard at the moment.

Anonymous 50783

girl same… i have a male socialist friend who thinks feminism stupid and another male friend whose whole personality is being a gay sjw (both i can't cut off because of some personal reasons) i would trade them both for an online female friend without hesitation

Anonymous 50784

Sure, let's be friends anon. You got discord?

Anonymous 50786

>being so void of character that you use your sexuality to cope
Many such cases

Anonymous 50795

You probably won't make any friends but the type of people you are looking for are on KiwiFarms. They have some non-lolcow boards that you might enjoy.

Anonymous 50796

Why even interact with them?

Anonymous 50798

How do you even make friends in kiwi farms?

Anonymous 50799

they're not your friends.

Anonymous 50808

girl same. At this point it's a total crapshoot. I tried making friends with a girl recently but she was very very very trad and thus I couldn't do any sort of dark humor around her, plus we didnt' click much. She was very nice though and far from a pickme.
lol dumbass they don't really like you. you're seriously better off alone than surrounding yourself with orbiters who will stop talking to you once you're taken.

Anonymous 50817

lol I'm aware they don't really like me. I managed to turn one of them into my simp tho, now he buys me vidya geimz n shit without me even asking. Even though I give him nothing in return lol.

Anonymous 50818

This is going to sound really arrogant, but I know exactly what you mean. I just want a friend that is neither a trad country pumpkin nor a hypersensitive anti-gluten vegan warrior for whatever fashion is going through Instagram right now.

Anonymous 50820


I want sjw humanities uni major female friends who are too smart for me.

Anonymous 50821

dw chances are you are smarter than them.

Anonymous 50823

they're usually virtue-signalling idiots who only care about performative activism. or that's just my bias speaking because most of my ''friends'' are like that

Anonymous 50832

You don’t (no really, don’t) but OP might enjoy the discussions.

Anonymous 50837

Isn't she a youtuber? Her vid about being bi was recommended to me months ago and she's very cute.
Also same. But my major and lack of social skills friendcockblocked me.

Anonymous 50839

>try talking to female friends
>on several different occasions and different friend groups
>they start ranting about terfs and jk rowling and drumpf
>every fucking time
It’s amazing how they all have the exact same talking points they got off twitter. I had a girl send me a TikTok of a moid talking about how he wished he could break Amber Heard’s kneecaps. She thought I agreed with this sentiment. I’ve been relegated to talking mostly to guys and one or two female friends who aren’t insane.

Anonymous 50840

Yess that's so annoying. My friends either don't know shit about what terf means or joke about punching them and i'm stuck in between. I might fuck around and find a sane female friend from tumblr or discord or smt

Anonymous 50850


Yee, I watched a video of hers yesterday so she popped into my brain as a good icon of what I meant.

Her videos are somewhat pretentious but I like them, at least I'd recommend her video on lolita. Something about her though makes me feel incredibly inadequate. Talented, well spoken, pursuing a degree in her desired field, pursued by men and romantic flirations with women. Damn. I'm just home alone most of the time daydrinking.

Anonymous 50860

i could be your friend!! the only issue tho is that i dont use discord or any social media tho…

Anonymous 51058

iktf anon :( my only 'real' friend is my sister and she just talks about how much she hates white privilege, rich people, and how much she loves socialism, Rhu Paul, and Schitt's Creek.

Anonymous 51085

as sane as me at least…

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