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Anonymous 50984

i been playing shovel knight and its just so hard and not relaxing but i have to finish it because i had ASD even though im having a break down trying to beat it

basically what happened is im on the last level/area the castle and i just finished beating the first section

then i jump while swinging my shovel because im raging and i discover you can smash the check point globes to gain crystals!

wow lucky me and angry me i thought! i should have known this earlier in the game i missed so much gold! so i rage! then i go on and die

well then i find out if you smash the globes you dont go back to them when you die you start all the way back to the beginning

i raged so hard i went on instincts and tried to bite my wireless controllers cable like i did in the old days of gaming and bit my tongue so hard it started bleeding

then i just laid in bed screaming into my pillow alternating crying and laughing at my life until now

Anonymous 50991

ahahaha im so sorry but the mental image of you going apeshit on your controller and hurting yourself is really funny to me. try to just cool down, take a long break from the game, and then come back with all your learned knowledge from the game and breeze through it

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