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Anonymous 51267

Is it wacky if i think i have simultaneusly both add, bipolar and bpd heh

Anonymous 51276

in reality you probably have none of those or only one, and are just looking for answers on why the way you are.
you may only have onw of those, because these are very similar disorders and they often accompany things like short attention span, which is probably why you think you have ADD.

you could just have plain ol' depression too.

Anonymous 51278

Im honestly gonna go insane because im having such a hard time making sense out of what the fuck is wrong with me that i almost feel like i have a completely new kind of disorder. I would describe it as bipolar disorder but my manic episodes only last hours or a day.

Anonymous 51280

Not really I have two conflicting personality disorders at once somehow (not self diagnosed). I have so many of these labels I just do not trust they are real and consider myself mentally fucked as a self diagnosis. fml

Anonymous 51282

Generalized anxiety disorder
Social anxiety
…and paranoid schizophrenia

All diagnosed, fortunately no personality disorders, but how the fuck am I supposed to function with these?

Anonymous 51283

I have severe brain fog, anxiety and depression issues, motivation, concentration issues as well. One of the weirdest things is this shitty itching spells I get randomly all over my body… I'm so fucked

Anonymous 51441

They are real… the issue is that everything is on a spectrum rather than being black and white. And its definitely not meaningless to diagnose yourself considering that medication can help. Im not sure if youre baiting or not but ive seen people hold more absurd views than this so

Anonymous 51573

theyre real, just way more rare than they are actually diagnosed because rather than attacking the issues causing these problems they diagnose you with a disorder and put you on pills.
well i can tell you that you dont have all that. manic episodes for bipolar last weeks, and just being depressed can cause all of these things, its not necessarily an imbalance or true disorder.

Anonymous 51579

Go back to facebook

Anonymous 51599

someone didn't take her haldol today

Anonymous 51616


it's actually normal (heh) for adhd person to develop bipolar
just chill out and enjoy the metallic taste of lithium carbonate , anon

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